10 Otaku Anime Characters That Paint You Perfectly | Otaku Fanatic

10 Otaku Anime Characters That Paint You Perfectly | Otaku Fanatic

Dec 03 , 2021

The anime characters that depict us perfectly, otaku boy or girl in anime give us a sense of recognition that satisfies our internal fangirls.

Otaku anime characters all have their obsessions and careers but there is one thing in common. We all employ what we read in manga and anime in real life to a certain point. 

Otaku are often misjudged as obsessive and outcast but these anime characters show the world that otaku are found everywhere. Once you become an otaku you never go back.

1. Otaku characters in anime ‘’Love is hard for otaku’’



When it comes to this anime, the otaku characters are displayed in all their varieties like Narumi and Koyanagi who love to read yaoi and cosplay while their boyfriends Kabakura and Nefuji love reading manga and playing video games.

This anime shows a unique blend of nerdy otaku characters.

The romance in their lives gives us hope that we all can have a partner in life that will support our nerdy otaku side and love us. 

2. Kae Serinuma in the anime series Kiss him, not me 



Kiss him, not me is a slice of life anime that shows an otaku character that’s stuck in a reverse harem.

She is a sweet and caring character in anime, she rarely turns people down when asked for help.

Kae transforms into a hardcore otaku character when it comes to yaoi, shipping her male classmates together and discounted anime merch.

3. Otaku character who uses torture techniques in real life that she read in manga 



 Erika is a badass character that pairs up with her best friend Walker to buy anime merch and multiple copies of the manga

These two are known as Durarara! characters that are weebs but immensely talented when it comes to creatively torturing people.

Erika polished many different skills because she read about those skills in the manga.

She is employed by the underworld because of her creative, manga themed torturing skills and data collection.

4. The shy otaku character 



Mikoto Mikoshiba from the anime Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun is a closeted otaku character with a unique quality.

Mikoto is the only otaku that is shy, popular, and overconfident at the same time. 

He often regrets the cheesy lines he says to girls which he read in manga or in dating sim games that he plays.

People that are close to him know he’s shy and nervous side while he has a persona of being a popular prince at school.

5. Tamako Arai from Barakamon 



This nerdy otaku character reads manga and obsesses over its art. She loves anime and manga so much that she wants to become a mangaka.

The manga she wrote are mostly gore themed and even indigestible for some of her forced readers. 

Even though she forces people to read her manga she searches for genuine feedback.

Like most of us, she is also an otaku character that’s a victim of accidental yaoi reading.

6. Otaku working a job - Makoto Takiya


Being an otaku is expensive, looking at Takiya we can judge that we will soon be needing a job to support our obsessions.

Takiya is considered Kobayashi’s best friend and drinking buddy. They even unwind about their weeb preferences at the end of the day with a beer. 

Takiya mostly plays games with Fafnir - The powerful dragon who Takiya turned into a gaming otaku.

7. Megumi Chihaya 



She looks serious and stern but she is bad at showing her emotions.

Chihaya is a cosplayer otaku character in the anime servant x service, she loves manga and fangirls over the ‘magical flowers’ series to the point she made Lucy cosplay the characters with her.

She has a natural talent for sewing, she makes her own costumes and cosplays. 

She even made an outfit for Lucy so she could wear it on her date.

8. The celebrity otaku that loves anime  - Izumi Sena 



Izumi is obsessed with the ‘Lala-lulu’ anime series. This otaku character wanted to become a mangaka but he failed to notice that it will take him 100 more years to be able to draw skillfully.

Izumi is from a yaoi anime Love stage, he is born in a family of cinematic artists that support all Izumi’s hobbies, he wasn’t a big fan of filming but fate made him a celebrity that’s an otaku.

Being a celebrity he has to follow a lot of protocols to be able to purchase merch and watch anime.

9. The Nerdy otaku anime girl 



Umaru Doma is a nerdy anime character that loves manga and anime but because she is a top student who is beautiful and famous at school, she is afraid to tarnish her title and opts for being an otaku in disguise.

Umaru loves binge watching anime and reading manga as soon as she gets home.

Although she keeps her inner otaku tamed, she is constantly worried about her secret leaking.

10. The character that proves, no matter who you are, you can be an otaku 



Staz Charlie from the anime Blood Lad is a vampire otaku. His character is laid back and relaxed while others stress over their day and work, he spends time reading manga and obsessing over anime characters.

Staz is extremely driven and focused on things that interest him. 

He is obsessed with the lifestyle of humans and Japan because he reads tons of manga and watches anime.

Otaku characters are seen all over in every field and part of life, they are portrayed in anime like other normal people. Being an otaku or weebs makes us prideful when we see these characters represent us.

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