10 Romance Anime - Ranked From The Best To The worst | Otaku Fanatic

10 Romance Anime - Ranked From The Best To The worst | Otaku Fanatic

Jan 10 , 2022

Anime to watch and not to watch! romance anime edition.

We all have come across romance anime that reset our standards for our love when we watch them and even daydream of being a part of.

Then there is romance in anime that is not only toxic but makes us despise the chemistry of the couple. 

So here is the list of anime to love and to watch out for!.




Otaku Fanatic


In my opinion, Horimiya was worth the watch. The lives of young students not only respect each other’s boundaries. They communicate with each other honestly about the things they love, hate, their kinks, and their jealousy.

If there is trouble, you can always Hori and Miyamura to have each other’s backs.

 It's not just the silly romance and gesture that makes them the power couple, it's their healthy possessiveness that screams ‘GOALS’

It’s an anime that sets the goals for a healthy relationship

Tsurezure Children 

Otaku Fanatic


Tsurezure Children is a short anime to watch but it's filled with wholesomeness.

It gives insight about romance and the different types of romance that exist around us.

Just from this anime we learn that love can be mischievous, romance can be gentle, it can be caring and love can just be love. 

It doesn’t need to be specifically certain criteria. 

Being in love and being yourself is the best combination you can be.

My Little Monster 

 Otaku Fanatic


It's a mischievous romance anime to watch with Haru and Shizuku as the main couple. 

Shizuku occupied herself with studies and work because of the disappointments she faced as a kid.

She meets Haru and she experiences new things she never noticed before in her everyday life like her friends, love and jealousy.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun 

Otaku Fanatic


To watch this anime was a rollercoaster with unrequited love and side characters who are in love with each other but don’t know it yet, our favorite ‘’enemies to lovers ‘’ couple.

The romance between a girl whose confession is misinterpreted as a fan asking for an autograph and a mangaka is the main couple of this anime while the second couple includes a highly competitive girl and a boy who hates her guts.

There are no ill intentions or ulterior motives, just love and friendship to watch and stand.


Otaku Fanatic


Oregairu is about a guy who was forced to join a school club but has no interest in it.


We watch Hachiman gradually make friends and find love but I think it’s overrated at finding love through friends and a small circle.

Even when romantic life is bland, I'm sure the characters need more development to be considered as the amazing romance anime.

Angel Of Death 

 Otaku Fanatic


This anime is about Rachel Gardner and Jack who are stuck in a game.

Rachel wishes to die while Jack loves killing. Oh, we could never have predicted the plot when we watch this anime! 

Rachel’s bland expression is a turn off for Jack who only wants to finish the deed if he gets a good expression out of his victims.

 At this point we all know it's a cliche romance anime about a small case of Stockholm syndrome.

Diabolic Lover 

Otaku Fanatic


This anime is written to be about the romance between vampires and mortal innocent girl. 

I think it’s a good anime if you like to watch a reverse harem with vampires and no plot.

It includes vampires in search of the blood of Eve aka the very delicious pure blood.

Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji

Otaku Fanatic


This romance anime is just one step away from being toxic.

The anime is about a guy who bets a girl to be his puppy and since it’s a romance anime we know about the cliche where he falls in love with her. 

Even when the idea of the story isn’t too bad you might lose a few brain cells when you watch the non-existence of communication between the couple.


 Otaku Fanatic

The romance anime revolves around a guy who is looking for a girl with a necklace that has the key which the protagonist possesses. 

The memory of Raku is hazy and he can’t remember the complete promise he made in his childhood.

At some point in the anime we watch Raku believe that Chitoge is the girl who holds the necklace which in my opinion makes his feelings biased towards Chitoge rather than Onodera, Raku’s high school crush of a very long time.

Sukitte Li Na Yo

Otaku Fanatic


The famous outgoing boy falls in love with a conserved and introverted girl. 

It sounds like a good story to tell but when it comes to watch anime, it’s filled with the definition of toxic romance.

If we notice the guy in anime may be expressive we watch the girl saying  ‘’ok’’ and ‘’it fine’’ to everything and think that her boyfriend would come to know of the problem magically.

Well since her boyfriend doesn’t possess telepathy, this romance anime ranks to be at the bottom of this list.

How many of these have you watched ? suggest us more anime to write about!


  • 10 Jan 2022 Ydel

    What anime is in the intro picture?

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