7 Best Anime Villains You Will Kill At First Sight | Otaku Fanatic

7 Best Anime Villains You Will Kill At First Sight | Otaku Fanatic

Dec 22 , 2021

The list contains the best anime villains with the worst deeds that went too far to get what they want. Their evil has no bounds whatsoever. 

As otakus, we have all come across anime villains that we hate with the core of our existence. 

They have no respect in our eyes but at the same time, they have the title of the best anime villain because of being the worst of all.

1. The anime villain who didn’t even spare his family


Otaku Fantic

Shou Tucker easily tops the best anime villains list because when he wanted fame and power he didn’t hesitate to use his family for his gain.

Let’s check the inhumane things he did to the people who loved him.

  • He made a chimera - A fusion of two animals, using his wife and an animal as samples.
  • When he was low on funds and wanted to win a higher position he made a chimera using his daughter and his dog. 


2. Anime villain with worst intention 


Otaku Fanatic

Sugou Nobuyuki from sword art online is who I call a pathetic loser.

He had impure intentions for Asuna since her childhood, yup! A pedophile.

Nobuyuki is the chief of the institute of research at RECT.inc , let’s look at his deeds.


  • Nobuyuki used 300 players of the virtual game sword art online, as human puppets for his experiments.
  • He wanted to alter human memory and change them just like he wanted.
  • He was rejected by Asuna which is why this anime villain intended to change her memory into loving him unconditionally.


3. The product of bullying 


Otaku Fanatic

Nomi Seiji was constantly bullied by his big brother that ignited vengeance in Seji and turned him into one of the best anime villains.

In the anime Accel world, everyone had chips installed in their brains that function like our phones which people used to play games as well.

Seiji looks harmless but his intentions were corrupted. In the game, he used his power stealing ability and took away the mc’s flight power.

He not only stole the power of people but mocked them for being weaker.

We found how twisted his mind was when we found out the game decided superpowers based on things the characters want the most in real life.

In Seiji’s case, it was the ability to steal what people cherished the most.


4. The Port Mafia from Bungou Stray Dogs 


Otaku Fanatic

This anime villain group easily wins the best villains award. 

They deal with human trafficking, black market organ dealing, terrorist attacks, dealing of chemical weapons, and much more.

Their most important task is dealing with the black market which is why they set the hunt for Atsushi, the white tiger with a 7 billion yen bounty.

This villain group is also known as the ‘night wanders of Yokohama’.


5. Mello and His Team 


Otaku Fanatic

Mello is one of the geniuses that L chose to inherit his work. 

Many otakus argue that he had good intentions while some think that his team is one of the best villains groups in the anime death note.

  • He quit collaborating with Near because he wanted to be famous for catching Kira.
  • Melo and his group stole people’s money for the sake of fun.
  • To kidnap Kiyomi, he uses Matt as bait, completely aware that Matt will be killed by Kiyomi’s guards.
  • Used the police chief’s daughter to find Kira and even used her as a bargaining chip to attain the death note from the police.


6. The Ginyu Force 


Otaku Fanatic

The name itself is enough to trigger the dragon ball fans anytime.

They made it to the list of best anime villains group. They are also known to be  Frieza’s mercenaries that went to different planets and conquered them for Frieza.

They loved to kill and torture for the sake of amusement and money.


7. Satan from Devilman Crybaby a.k.a. Ryo Asuka


Otaku Fanatic

This satan had no intentions of being good. He ranks as the best anime villain because he lacks emotions and sympathy.

From the very start, he wished that:

  • The world should be inhabited by devils only and started a holocaust.
  • Ordered war and stabbed his best friend in the back by seeding hate in people’s hearts towards the Devilman.
  • Murdered his best friend.

Many would argue that he learned sympathy and regretted what he has done but let’s all agree Ryo was a little late.

These anime villains and villain groups are loved for their brutality so much that we despise their existence. A good villain is a secret ingredient to making a quality show that gets us invested.

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