A Sign Of Affection Episode 3 - Someone Is Thinking Of Someone - Review | Otaku Fanatic

A Sign Of Affection Episode 3 - Someone Is Thinking Of Someone - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 09 , 2024

 A Sign of Affection episode 3 finds Yuki ready to be bold with her feelings towards Itsuomi and confess her affection, but after seeing another girl locking arms with him, Yuki is second-guessing her feelings for Itsuomi. The episode moves at a slow pace, which helps the viewers experience all small drifts in Yuki's feelings.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

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Yuki finds herself wanting to be around Itsuomi more than ever. She finally notices her feelings growing towards Itsuomi and wonders if these feelings should be labeled a crush or just an infatuation. On the other hand, Yuki's childhood friend is introduced, and Itsuomi takes his vacation to Laos. Yuki thinks this distance will help her understand her feelings better.

The Bar Is Set Too High. 

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As romance anime fans, we are aware of the high standards set by these animes like in My Little Monster, where Haru went above and beyond to let his girl succeed, and Maid Sama, where Usui set the bar of romance to the sky by always having Misaki's back, Ouran high school host club where Tamaki did all in his power to make Haruhi experience the most amazing days of her youth.

A Sign Of Affection had raised the already sky-roaring standard when Yuki hand-made a sign language guidebook for Itsuomi. This is one of the rare romance anime sights where the female lead acknowledges her crush and formulates methods to make him feel her affection.

Funny Face Of The Day 

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We all love the occasional out-of-the-ordinary art. We loved it when our high school host club showed us the chibi art and the funny faces Haru made in my little monster, but A Sign Of Affection has taken this a step further.

A Sign of Affection is filled with the most amazing facial expressions found in romance anime history. So this week's best facial expression award goes to Itsuomi and Kyoya for their dumbfounded faces. 

Romantic Moments 

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The sudden hand-holding scenes save the girl from oncoming traffic, going to the girl's job cafe, and becoming her loyal customer. We grew up on such methods of romance, but A Sign Of Affection has accelerated their game at this as well.

Itsuomi has no sense of Yuki’syuki's personal space. I am sure the whole fandom screamed internally when Itsuomi raised Yuki's chin to ask her, "What's wrong? "because she wasn't looking at him. He could've tapped her hand or shoulder. Instead, he made the cutest move ever.

Itsuomi treats Yuki's space as his own, which may sound bad, but his touch is so gentle and sweet that any girl in Yuki's position would melt just like her, especially when the man in front has the visual qualities of Itsuomi Nagi. 

Set Firm Boundaries 

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Itsuomi Nagi is the kind of character who never mistreats anyone but is also very vocal about his feelings. 

When he makes sure Emma gets a good sleep at his apartment but leaves to spend the night somewhere else is peak loyalty behavior. We want to hate Emma for trying to steal Itsuomi from Yuki, but at the same time, we can't blame her for trying to pursue her crush.

Was It Worth Watching?

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A Sign of Affection episode 3 is rated 10/10 for its cute interactions and the softest animation. The whole episode was a rollercoaster ride filled with cute gestures and cute progress between the second lead couple.

If you have not watched this anime, now is the time to run and binge-watch it! The introduction of a new female character has hooked the fans to the anime; see you next week for another review at Otaku Fanatic!

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