A Sign Of Affection Episode 5 - The Answer- Review | Otaku Fanatic

A Sign Of Affection Episode 5 - The Answer- Review | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 16 , 2024

 In episode 5 of A Sign of Affection, Itsuomi invites Yuki to his apartment. They have a heartfelt conversation; many misunderstandings are cleared, and they understand each other on better terms. On the other hand, Rin and Kyouya move their affections a step further and have dinner together. 

What Happened In The Last Episode?

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In episode 4, Rin invites Yuki and Itsuomi to her on a double date with Kyoya; the two couples spend quality time together, and on their way back, Kyouya offers to give Rin a ride back home while Itsuomi invites Yuki to his apartment.

Yuki's Personal Space? Where?

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Some scenes in romance anime make you feel single even when you are in a committed relationship, and this episode of A Sign of Affection is always ready to make you feel single.

Itsuomi is always near Yuki, but now that they have some alone time, he is extra close to her; the best part is that Itsuomi swiftly slips into Yuki's personal space just because he enjoys seeing her frightened and nervous.

The audience loves how Itsuomi comes up with small methods and gestures to be close to Yuki. If you ask me, itsuomi's love language is clearly physical touch, like when he reaches for his phone while having his arm around Yuki; the whole scene makes me squeal internally.

Man Who Keeps His Promise 

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Many romance anime are inconsistent when it comes to commitment, which causes the anime couple to lose touch. A Sign Of Affection has this part covered.

Itsuomi kept the smallest promise he made in a conversation: to show Yuki all the currency he collected by traveling. This small gesture was to cheer Yuki from some sad confections. The small moments like these are the Roman Empire of a lot of fans.

Yuki's Voice 

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When it comes to wholesome scenes, this whole episode of A Sign Of Affection beats all the previous episodes; however, I like to call this scene "when Itsuomi's crush turned to love."

Yuki is insecure about her voice because she was bullied for having a weird voice, so when Itsuomi pulled out the mask and made her giggle, it meant she felt safe enough around him that she could laugh without holding back. This whole scene was so wholesome that it could make a grown man cry.

Moreover, I found it even more endearing when Itsuomi tried to make her laugh again just to hear Yuki's sweet giggle.

Squirrel Yuki 

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This is the winner of today's funny and cute face of the episode; Yuki having her cheeks filled with nuts and Itsuomi having fun feeding her is the most adorable. The funniest part? 

None of us remembers what Kyouya was lecturing Itsuomi about because this scene had us lost in enjoying the hamster Yuki.

Emma's Ship 

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Emma feels like that character who would feel jealous that her competition is deaf; while I respect her efforts to pursue her crush, I ship her more with the hairstylist. It feels like he knows Emma better, and Emma just doesn't realize his worth in her life right now.

Was Episode 5 Worth The Watch?

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This whole episode started with sweet and endearing scenes until the end, where it took a 180-degree turn for suspense. The audience feels the tension between Emma and Yuki, but judging from the main couple's progress, A Sign Of Affection may be one of the anime where the couple starts dating early. I rate my experience 9/10 because it could've used more Rin x Kyouya scenes.

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