A Sign Of Affection Episode 7- Let Me Introduce You To My Girlfriend - Review | Otaku Fanatic

A Sign Of Affection Episode 7- Let Me Introduce You To My Girlfriend - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 24 , 2024

A Sign of Affection episode 7 starts with Itsuomi updating Yuki about new places he visits. Meanwhile, Yuki tackles the job-hunting task with no luck; she feels left behind because all her peers have jobs. On the other hand, Itsuomi is back in Japan and introduces Yuki as his girlfriend to Shin. This episode's plot thickens in a sweet and sour way.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

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After Yuki and Itsuomi had a heart-to-heart talk at Itsuomi's apartment, Yuki almost passed out because Itsuomi kissed her hand. Moreover, before Itsuomi sets out on another tour, Rei and Yuki visit the restaurant bar. Itsuomi confesses his feelings to Yuki, and they announce their relationship to Kyoya and Rei.

A Touch Of Reality 

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This anime was all sweet fluff and games until Yuki started her job hunt, and the audience was hit with the reality check for this anime. 

When Yuki set out to look for jobs, she was rejected because of her disability; it is the harsh truth of the world. This world would never make efforts to accommodate people, and in some way or another, this scene relates to all of us.

The part I love the most is Yuki's enthusiasm; she didn't hold back from reaching out to her peers and asking for help and guidelines; moreover, she didn't stop her job hunt! 

A New Man To Drool Over 

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The new girl fanservice era is here, and A Sign of Affection knows how to sate the hunger of its female fans.

A new salary man is introduced in the anime; he is a colleague of Rei, and through the small screen time, all we know is that his name is Tsujimura, and he is a caring gentleman who would give you a yummy hot cup of coffee to keep your work enthusiasm high in tough times.

Oushi, The Best Boy 

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Even when we know he is not the main lead, we, as a fandom, can't help but love Oushi's small gestures. Plus, this episode gave us the cutest moment of Oushi ever.

Oushi's sister was visiting, and he was nice enough to interpret for his sister just so Yuki and his sister could have a nice chat. All these years, he kept his sign language polished just to be able to communicate with Yuki. This man isn't even the main character, but he is setting the bar too high to reach. 

The best part is when he covers his lips and says, "Praise me more," after seeing Yuki praise him. The gesture was so private and endearing that I wanted to give him a big hug and maybe even make him my boyfriend

Cutest Mistake 

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A sudden kiss, a sweet hand gesture, reassuring words, all these things are critical ingredients to cooking up the best romance anime, but as we all know, A Sign Of Affection is always a step ahead. 

When Yuki misread Itsuomi's lips and interpreted the kiss as a hug, it surely made her day; more than that, it made our day. 

The Sad Oushi 

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Even after knowing that Itsuomi and Yuki are dating, some fans still root for Oushi. Not all fans want to see him with Yuki, but we sure want him to end up with someone whose affections are as intense as Oushi's.

I love how the animation conveys Oushi's feelings; the colors fade from vibrant to grey, the sign gestures are sadder, and Oushi's eyes are hidden. The slight changes in animation helped us understand the depth of Oushi's concerns when he asked Yuki if she was staying over at Itsuomi's place.

I have to stop myself from hugging the screen each time this scene pops up. My condolences to the animator who finished animating this scene of A Sign Of Affection without crying!

This brings us to the end of the review of A Sign Of Affection, episode 6. See you next week with more fun reviews at Otaku Fanatic!

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