A Sign Of Affection Episode 8 - One Small Step - Review | Otaku Fanatic

A Sign Of Affection Episode 8 - One Small Step - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Apr 07 , 2024

Episode 8 of A Sign of Affection continues from where it left off in the last episode; Itsuomi introduces Yuki as his girlfriend to Shin; on the other hand, a flashback to school days is revealed to the audience when Shin develops a crush on Emma. After seeing Itsuomi deep in love with Yuki, Shin decides to confess his affections to Emma despite knowing that Emma has always fostered feelings for Itsuomi. The plot is slow, captivating, and endearing.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

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In the last episode, while Itsuomi travels the world, Yuki starts job hunting but has yet to be successful with it; she also meets Oushi's sister and has a nice chat with her. On the other hand, Itsuomi returns back to Japan, and the two decide to visit Shin and announce their relationship to him.

Shin's New Look

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Being a passionate hairdresser must be fun, but being the almighty best hairdresser of the group with magic skills is Shin.

Seeing how Shin behaves with Itsuomi's long hair and dark hair roots, as well as Emma's hair, tells us how passionate and dedicated he is to his profession. 

The star of the show surely was Shin's new hair. This new look is perfect for confessing his one-sided love to Emma. Even though he said he would never date her in his flashback, we all know his heart didn't mean it. 

The Zero Brain Cell

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Being with your boyfriend and not using a single brain cell can't be explained too well; sometimes girls just turn off the bain from the world to enjoy the presence of their trusted boyfriend. The whole concept can be complex to explain, but this episode of a sign of affection has the perfect Yuki expression for it. 

Feeling Bad For Emma 

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Emma is The only person deprived of the news of Itsuomi and Yuki's relationship. Since we all know that Emma has had her eyes set on Itsuomi since high school, the fans think that if the news isn't told to Emma directly, she will find out about it in the worst way possible. 

This can stir up drama, but to me, it's the most cliche thing predicted to happen in A Sign of Affection. We still have to wait for the plot to develop, but we still feel bad for Emma in advance. 

All this raises another question: didn't Itsuomi have many relationships, and did Emma know about them? How will she behave when she finds out that her new rival is unable to hear?

The Lovey-Dovey Couple 

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The couple is giving us all the fan service we need. Yuki's heart isn't the only one leaping out of her check each time Itsuomi makes a move on her. Itsuomi is playing with our hearts as well.

Here are some moments in A Sign of Affection episode 6 that were my favorite 

When Itsuomi said that he would pinch Yuki whenever he kissed her, she should do the same. This made my heart skip a beat; he even told Yuki that she would get used to it soon.

When Yuki turned away from Itsuomi at the college campus, he laid his head on the top of Yuki's head. At that moment, Rin displayed the feelings of all the fans out there. 

When Itsuomi held Yuki's hand and assured her that they could leave Shin's house whenever she felt uneasy. That is the peak caring behavior of the best boyfriend !!

Kyouya Then Dumfound Bestie 

I feel like the reason Kyouya doesn't pay much attention to Rin sending him apparent signs of her love is that he is too occupied with solving his two best friends' love problems.

In the past episodes, Kyouya constantly worries that Itsuomi treats Yuki well and doesn't lead her on if he doesn't intend to date her and when this problem is solved. He is occupied with Shin and Emma. He is happy that Shin has decided to finally confess his feelings to Emma and believes that deep down, Emma is waiting for him.

We need Kyouya to become aware of Rin just as much as he is aware of his friend's feelings. Kyouya x Rin is my favorite ship, and I really hope it sails. 

This brings us to the end of a sign of affection episode 8 review. Let us know about new things for the next review in the comments of Otaku Fanatic! 

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