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Action Harem Anime Where You Wish You Were The MC | Otaku Fanatic

Feb 11 , 2022

The harem anime usually follows a certain pattern when it comes to the Mc. They whine, are listless, hate attention, and the most cliche part? They are loved by everyone they open up to.

What is Harem Anime?

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It is an anime where a certain character, male or female, is the love interest of the opposite gender. almost anyone they find falls in  love with them

Are there Types of Harem Anime?

Harem anime is divided into two main categories. 

Usually, the protagonist is male, and he is the primary interest of female characters, known as a harem. 


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But there is another category! 

A reverse harem, where the female mc is the center of attention between the male character of anime 

Harem can be combined with many other genres like romance, action, comedy, supernatural, and more!

So Let's Spill the Sauce for Good Action Harem Anime!

Highschool DxD

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How would you feel if you were murdered on your first date and then reincarnated as a demon by the demon goddess? 

That's the life story of Issei Hyodo, the guy who was reincarnated as a demon and served Rias Gremory - a demon that can easily be mistaken as the goddess of beauty.

Issei now serves as a soldier between the battle of fallen angels and the demons.

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The anime has four seasons, each season has its uniqueness, but the most popular season among the fans is the 1st and the 3rd season.

In terms of fanservice, This anime may have crossed some bounds as an action harem.

The anime doesn't lack anywhere when it comes to action, but!

Just a subtle warning for anyone willing to watch this anime, there is a lot of boob action going on.

Infinite Stratos 

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The anime is set in a time when women have evolved to be higher than men.

They can activate a combat skeleton known as Infinite Stratos(IS), which is mainly used for battle by the women army since women are the only ones that can operate the IS.

Ichika Orimura has a unique skill to activate the IS. Due to his special powers, he is invited to learn more about operating the IS and combat strategies. 

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What turns this action anime into a harem?

Ichika is the first male to operate IS, making him the only man in the whole class and school.

The fans love the anime for its concept of Infinite Stratos and action, while most of them complain about its generic aspects like:

Girls were spying on the Mc, seeing girls come out of the shower, having a rivery just for them to fall in love later, or having his life threatened.


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What happens when we mix a well equipped army with a medieval fantasy army and then serve it with a sprinkle of romance?

You get a good action harem anime with a unique plot.

GATE is set in a futuristic time where a mysterious portal known as ’’Gate’’ opens in Ginza, Tokyo.

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An army of monsters and humans barge through the GATE and start a ruthless massacre, claiming the land of Tokyo as their own.

Youji Itami is a skilled officer chosen by the self defence forces of Japan to explore the area beyond the other side of the Gate and convey the necessary information needed to form peace between the two nations.

If Youji and his team fail to carry out this sensitive task, both worlds are in danger of falling into the chaos of war.

Highschool Of The Dead 

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When humanity falls prey to a deadly pandemic, turning humans into zombies.

Komuro Takeshi and his classmates fight off the zombie herd and search for their families.

All the main characters have generic traits that any anime fan can observe.

The ratings for this anime went soaring through the sky because of its perfect release timing when people wanted to be fed, anything zombie.

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This anime portrays the panic in society and its ugly side when facing a pandemic. 

The hint of harem and romance amidst the actions takes our mind off the chaos and gore surrounding the anime.

Diabolic Lovers

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A reverse harem with a lot of vampires and action. The story surrounds Yui Komori, an obedient daughter who goes to live with the Sakamaki boys as per her father’s commands.


Yui discovers that she is sent to be the eve bride of the vampire brothers.

 The Sakamaki brothers now have control over Yui's life, and their intentions aren't just to sacrifice her. It's much more sadistic than that.

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The anime has a lot of filler episodes that rarely take the story any further, and some fans complained that the story is told in such a sloppy way that people are still confused about its plot.

The action in this steamy yet sadistic harem unfolds when each brother takes a sacred oath to claim Yui as their own.

Devil is A Part Timer!

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When the land of Ente Isla was about to be under the complete command of the devil and his armed forces, hero Emilia enters into the game; she forces the satan lord to retreat into another dimension.

In the haste of the moment, the devil teleports himself into a human dimension where he gains his evil energy by the ill intents of others.

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No matter how brutal the lord of hell is, he cannot keep up with the human world economy and must adjust his survival as a part timer at a fast food chain.

Being borderline action harem, this anime is a good choice when enjoying your meal.


Akashic Records of Bastard Instructor 

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A story that involves a dedicated nonchalant teacher who initially is least interested in teaching the youth about magic at  Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

The students protest on the indifference of their teacher; Glenn shows them the way to magic and its undiscovered dynamics.

This action harem feeds us the high school romance with the forbidden love of teacher and students.

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The anime has smooth action when it comes to magical battles. A hint of humor with a heavy burden on the mc is what we all want when we opt for a harem.

All these action harem anime are unique in their own stories and plot; they may have some aspects that ticks people off while the plot retains the elements that all good action harem anime must have.

Which one was your favorite, and which did you hate the most?

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