All About Carol Olston - Her Appearance, Character, Best Qualities | Otaku Fanatic

All About Carol Olston - Her Appearance, Character, Best Qualities | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 04 , 2023

Carol Olston is the cotton candy of the Tomo-Chan trio, including Tomo and Misuzu. Here is what you need to know about her!

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Who Is Carol Olson?

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Whenever we mention Carol Olston, we know things will get goofy. 

She is known as the rich airhead of the trio. Her unpredictable actions and pure nature gets her out of multiple problems.

She is rumored to activate every guy’s instincts with her charm; Carol has British descent, contributing to her blonde hair and cute accent. 

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Watching the anime gives us the sense that Carol Olston isn't a cute princess girl but a mischievous little devil behind an innocent smile.

 She loves messing with people and getting a reaction out of them. Despite being childish, she wants jun and Tomo-Chan to get together just as much as us. 

How Is Carol Olston The Best Side Character?

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Many pretty and giddy side characters sometimes get annoying in the anime, but 

Carol is much more than a rich side character. 

Her introduction may be late to the series, but she bought quirky and mischievous value to the anime. 

Carol is known in the anime for popping into the conversion out of nowhere and then disappearing, this sounds annoying, but it suits Carol’s role when paired with Misuzu’s personality.

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Carol’s unwavering personality makes her different from others. She can confront the problems face to face. Carol may seem too gullible, but she never lets anyone take her down. 

She dealt with the same energy as Misuzu before they were friends, proving this point.

Carol Olston: beauty with brains! Dont let this blonde doll fool you; I feel that Carol acts clueless to void conflict. She always knows what's up and calculates her moves accordingly.

What Makes Carol The Best Girl?

Tomo-chan, Carol is the most cheerful character in the whole anime with a small circle; Carol is always mindful of her surroundings, especially her friends. 

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Carol and Misuzu make a great team, and they can be called the blunt one and the sly one, respectfully. 

Carol and Tomo are in a healthy competition, and she clearly cherishes her friends. Think about it, Would you gift gold to your friend if you dont cherish them?

Carol Brings Her Own Twists 

Carol lives in her scenario of the world. On top of being smart, she follows her own rhythm, which keeps her unbothered about the surrounding negativity.

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Her blunt and straightforward attitude shows her superiority, while her soft voice keeps the opponents in her clutches.

Loves To Play With Fire 

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Carol is well aware of her sly remarks when she is around Tomo and Misuzu, but her inner sadist can't resist teasing her friends.

 It is clear from their reaction that Tomo and Misuzu let Carol have her way because of her cuteness despite being teased by Carol.

Crime Partners 

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There can be another series based on Carol Olston and her quirky quests. 

Other than helping out Tomo with Jun, the quests of Carol and Mitsuzu can always deviate from helping Tomo to Teasing Tomo.

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 Misuzu treats Carol like a pet, like pinching and mushing her cheeks. These two are the reason why many of us keep continuing the anime.

Sweet Cotton Candy 

Tomo-chan, Carol, and  Misuzu have entirely different personalities, but the award of best girl is handed to Carol. 

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The episode of the house date of the trio at Carol’s house is a comedic master art, and this episode gave us the entire quirky details of Carol’s lifestyle. 

We meet Carol’s mother, and now we know what “ like mother like daughter” stands for

The nickname “cotton candy” was given to Carol by Tomo because she was impressed by her girliness.

Teasing Tomo 

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After the misunderstanding with Tomo, Carol joins forces with Misuzu to tease Tomo and Jun. Tomo is Carol’s angel, but our cute devil can't help herself from teasing the dumb redhead.

Carol’s Crush 

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Carol holds romantic feelings for Misaki, her childhood friend and class representative. Unlike Tomo, Carol’s approach toward love is more direct and to the point.

 She leaves no room for doubt and bullshit.

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The secondary love interest of anime is always intense, which is why Carol’s love interest easily steals the spotlight from Tomo and Jun.

 we all have our fingers crossed for Misaki and Carol, not because we want another shoujo story but because we all want to see “in love Carol.”

Carol’s Jealousy 

Carol has a unique way of making enemies. It's cute, effective, and leaves the opponent confused. A similar happened with Tomo when Carol thought Tomo would steal away Misaku senpai. 

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Carol flaunted the news of her engagement with Misaki- senpai to Tomo to " claim Misaki senpai” but surprised Tomo with her successful love life instead.

Calling Tomo “baka” randomly throughout the day is a comedic piece showing off COarol Olston’s supremacy.

This ends our little briefing about Carol Olston; if you want more Carol content, stay tuned because the anime is ready to spice up even more!

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