All Stages of Saitama vs. Sonic Fight | Otaku Fanatic

All Stages of Saitama vs. Sonic Fight | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 27 , 2022

The fight where the strongest hero used his unintentional punch for the first time. Saitama vs. Sonic is the most enjoyable fight of all time.

The beginning of the fight may seem like the moment Sonic met Saitama, but that's not where the confusion starts. instead, it started from the very beginning id episode 4 of season 1 

The News 

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The news channel displayed pictures of bald gang members called parasiders.

Their leader, hammerhead, issued a message to the news station.

“We will continue to riot until food, clothing, and shelter are provided free of charge to those who do not work.” 

It wasn't reasonable, but I guess these criminals were entitled. 

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Even when the b-class leader of the group was displayed, Saitama's only concern was

‘’They totally stole my look.’’

The parasiders had Saitama's reputation on edge by being bald. 

Bodyguard Sonic 

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Sonic was still in Zeniru’s contract as his bodyguard. Given the task to stop hammerhead, Sonic sets towards the forest that stands between the parasiders and Zeniru’s building- the golden turd.

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Sonic takes on the whole gang of Hammerhead, beheading them one by one with the speed of sound.

The Skull of Steel 

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Sonic managed to put hammerhead down using his ninja blade, but thanks to hammerhead’s thick skull, he was able to escape his death.

 The sad part is that his luck ran out when he met Saitama. The hero was out to erase the terrorists and save his image.

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 With an elbow nudge, the true hero sends hammerhead running for his life, butt naked.

Hurts Right in the Ego

As the strongest hero is looking for anymore pasiders he meets the ninja assassin who mistakes him for being one of the terrorist gang members.

This is the part where Saitama vs. Sonic fight gets the most interesting.

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Saitama tries to explain himself, telling the assassin that he is just a guy who’s a hero for fun. It's him, the hero, look closer!

 Sonic shuts Saitama up with his iconic words, never heard of you.”

Leaving the soul of our protagonist crushed and eyes even more dead than before.

Pick a Fight

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Having his moves read twice by the opponent, Sonic provokes and attacks Saitama to regain his pride and honor as a ninja. 

On the other hand, our protagonist is an innocent boiled egg who mistakes Sonic’s evil grin for an innocent smile and stands idle for a talk.

It Wasn't On Purpose

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Using his speed of light, he attacks our unfazed hero, who just asks if sonic is done and can go home.

The ninja tries to one-up Saitama using his long-range kick.

The hero raises his fist unintentionally, causing Sonic’s crotch to land on Saitama’s raised fist.

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Saitama’s reaction to the attack had no intention of damage, but it was still strong enough to make Sonic quiver.

Saitama apologizes for his quick reflex and the bad momentum that carried the attack.

The Warning 

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With hands protecting his special place from more damage and legs turning to jello, he warns Saitama for his return with better training and technique. 

The sole thing that Sonic took with him was the name of the guy who managed to read Sonic’s move and damage his crotch.

Worried for the man trembling in pain, all Saitama could utter was “okay” when threatened to be killed the next time they meet.

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Speed -o-Sonic runs vanish as he earns a “work hard” from the strongest hero.

The Second Fight 

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The Saitama vs. Sonic battle didn’t end for Sonic. He came back for another round. 

The Patrol Of Hero 

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As a B-class hero, Saitama had to report his duties and contributions to the hero association if he got fired from being a hero.

Saitama patrols the quiet and peaceful city with panic dripping from his face. 

 The strongest hero encounters Sonic.

The Forgetful Hero

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Saitama encounters Sonic on the streets of the city. We know that Saitama’s attacks and punches are precise, but he sucks at remembering names.

Calling the assassin Jack-o-Lantern Panic! before Sonic could offer another battle for the offense, Saitama takes off to look for bad guys that disrupt the city.

Initial attack 

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Saitama bites off the very blade that Sonic swings to Saitama's neck and moves on with the words, “ I'm pissed, so anyone who gets in the way Gets Punched.

The soul sucking aura of Saitama was enough to make Sonic feel the ground shake.

Tank Top Tiger 

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Tank top tiger comes to rescue the city being disturbed by a creepy guy. The little girl complained that a bald man had been creepily striding around the city.

Sonic attacks the tank top tiger in mid sentence. Defeating him with one attack.

Back To Battle

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To provoke Saitama back into fighting, Sonic attacks a city, causing disruption and chaos to unravel.

The Bad Guy 

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As Sonic soars through the skies, destructing anything insight, a light bulb lights in Saitama's head.

The bad guy Saitama has been searching for is right in his sight.

Like the past fight, the battle came to a swift end by Saitama.

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With a little nudge on the back of Sonic’s head. Saitama sends him down, smashing to the ground, defeated.

Saitama vs. Sonic fights is entertaining because of their dialogues, competition, and eagerness. Saitama is a strong hero with his intellect as strong as his fist. Because of his immense strength, he attracts the strong.


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