Anime Characters That Own Purple Color

Anime Characters That Own Purple Color

Nov 23 , 2021

Anime characters with purple aura radiate a different type of energy, these purple characters express their charms with their purple hair and purple dressing or purple eyes.

When it comes to purple, this color is used in anime to show many emotions and expressions.

The anime characters having purple hair are often seen as bad-ass and different.

One thing about these purple anime characters is definite. they are not the basic bland characters, they always have something spicy up their sleeves.

Kanna Kamui 

Kanna is a young lolita dragon who is in love with Touru. 

From the anime Kobayashi san chi no dragon maid, Kanna is a soft and cute lolita who wears pink dresses that match her purple or lavender hair perfectly. 

Kanna loves food, she is just always hungry. She has a whole clip in anime dedicated to her “eating anything she sees” like ice cream, crabs, butterflies, and much more!

Kanna initially hates Kobayashi for stealing Toru away from her but eventually grows fond of the human world and Kobayashi.

Kanna is loved by anyone she meets. She has great friends including Sayaka- The girl whose pupils turn into hearts at the sight of Kanna.

Fuyumi Toda

Expressing herself and showing emotions is not Fuyumi but her efforts towards anything says a lot about how she feels. 

She is a supporting character in the anime Tseruzeru Children.

Fuyumi and her boyfriend Yoshiharu are like peas in a pod, despite knowing each other for a long time they are both shy to show expressions to each other. 

Fuyumi’s light purple hair and emotionless face are loved by her boyfriend. it is safe to say she only showed her smile to her boyfriend.


Hirotaka Wakamatsu 

Hirotaka is a tall and calm boy with purple hair and a good build. He is on the basketball team but is constantly terrorized by Yuzuki Seo.

Seo is the reason Wakamatsu has acute insomnia. He was so fed up with her that he went against his calm nature and challenged Seo for a duel.

Wakamatsu is a supporting character in the anime Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun who hangs out with Seo and constantly plots to get revenge on her for giving him insomnia. 

Wakamatsu is unconsciously falling for Seo’s charms but he is too busy plotting revenge to notice.

Hitoshi Shinso 

He is also known as ‘’ That tired purple hair guy in mha’’. Shinso’s messy bed hair and his tired eyes are irresistible to otakus.

Shinso has a quirk or ability to brainwash anyone that replies to him, this ability is capable of controlling the actions of his victims and rendering him useless. 

In the anime My Hero Academia, Shinso is one of the deadliest opponents anyone can ask for. 

He may not have a physical ability but with mind control on his side he can take down the biggest villains at will.


Saeko Busujima 

Saeko from HighSchool Of The Dead is a student at Fujimi Highschool known for her sadistic behavior. 

She has long purple hair that suits her combat uniform perfectly.

She found at a young age that she loves inflicting pain on others but despite her sadistic side, She has her morals and rules. She can be a brutal killing machine but her heart still stops her from killing zombie children.


Kyoka Jiro 

She is also known as the hearing hero in the anime My Hero Academia. Jiro has a quirk that makes her sensitive to music and noise which is why she wears headphones, to perform her everyday tasks with ease.

Jiro’s love for music looks hereditary as her parents love music as well. She gives off the aura of a tease and tomboy because of her short purple hair.

Her excellence in music gave us a song ‘’hero too’’ that awakened a will in us to become heroes in this ordinary world.


Hannah Annafellows 

Hanna is a maid of the Trancy household. She wears dark purple lipstick with purple hair and a purple maid outfit in anime Kuroshitsuji.

Anna lacks emotions because of being a demon but she is seen to have an obsession with making Alois happy. 

She was a bored demon until she made a pact with Alois’s brother Luka, who ignited warmth in her heart towards humans.



The god of calamity, who quit destruction and went on to pursue the field of the god of fortune. 

Yato is mischievous and sweet. He has royal purple hair with blue eyes, a godly combination.

In the anime Noragami, Yato wants people to believe in him rather than having faith in money to get what they wish for.

Yato has a childish personality but he always offers his best when it comes to his job and the people he cares about.


Tooru Ishikawa 

The second lead in the anime, Horimiya, didn’t get the girl. 

Like every character in Horimiya, Toru represents the color purple, it shows his softer side towards his friends and his brave and wise side that makes everyone feel safe around him.

Tooru is a good friend of Hori and a best friend to Miyamura.

After being rejected by Hori, Tooru feels disheartened but gets over her love fast, he is admired by Yuki who fell for him long before he liked Hori.

Tooru is seen getting over Hori and falling for Yuki but he is afraid to express his feelings because of the fear of rejection.


She is known as the genius who won chess against a god known as Ted.  

Shiro and her brother are called blank ( {   } ),  which is the name they use in video games to mark their territory.

Aside from being insanely intelligent, She is Lolita with purple hair in the anime No Game No Life.

She loves her brother, sora. This sibling duo is inseparable. She is so smart that Sora would happily let her gamble using his life as a bet because he is so sure she will win.

Shiro loves cute things and video games. She feels that video games understand her better than the mysterious world. 



She was a machine that was designed by the Japanese government to kill Kuro sensei.

She disturbed the class with her killing operations and was tied down by the students of the class. After some tinkering by Kuro-sensei in her system, She became self-aware, found a better place in class, and even after graduation.

She is a sweet AI that has reached the top of the internet world.

She shows off her long purple hair and her assassination skill in anime Assassination Classroom

Kae Serinuma 

Kae went from the background character to the protagonist of the reverse harem in a matter of nights! The anime is Kiss him, not me!

Kae Serinuma is an otaku that loves BL . She fantasizes about and ships the attractive boys that she meets in her school life.

Her purple hair and purple eyes are irresistible to everyone. Despite her new look and popularity, Serinuma has stayed the kind and generous girl admired by everyone.

We all know one thing about these purple anime characters that they are not classified as just one thing, they all carry vast differences in personalities.

The purple color in anime indicates just one thing. They are not your basic b**hes. They always bring new flavor to the whole anime.

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