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Anime Characters Who Won Fame With Their Masks | Otaku Fanatic

Nov 30 , 2021

Masks are considered hot on their own but when anime characters wear them, they give a whole new meaning to masks and fashion. We get hooked on the mystery of what hides under their masks.

If we take a closer look we find many anime characters using masks to hide their identity while others are just too powerful; They use masks to tone down their powers.

We all know that when the anime characters with masks remove their masks, they only mean business.

Like any other plot, the removal of the mask by the anime character is considered to be the plot twist and the big reveal in the story. 

Kaneki Ken 

This gentleman from the anime Tokyo Ghoul was a quiet and down to earth good when all of a sudden he faced a ghoul that wanted to eat him - not in the romantic sense. 

Our best boy Kaneki faced challenges and changes that can only be defined as the worst luck.

Kaneki was recruited by the Anteiku group of ghouls that chose the lost and worried ghoul and showed them a peaceful path.

Kaneki was told to customize a mask to protect his ghoul identity from the CCG, who hunt down ghouls like wolves hunting farm chickens.

Ririka Monobami 

Anime: Kakegurui 

When it comes to gambling, She is the school president’s right hand. She survives her toxic household, thanks to her gambling skills. 

Ririka suffers anxiety when she engages with people because she was raised to be the replica of her twin sister. 

She grew up to become the image of her sister that no one could recognize. People even thought that Ririka’s sister was the only child their parents had. 

Using masks as an escape and a tool to interact with people, She paved her way to the top.

Kakashi Hatake 

Anime: Naruto 

When we talk about anime characters with masks, everyone knows his name. The biggest plot twist in anime was his face reveal; a lot of people waited for it.

Kakashi is the most talented ninja.

He has been wearing his usual mask since childhood. If you really wanna see commitment, this guy knows how to commit to the same masks his whole life.




From the anime movie Hotarubi No Mori e, Gin is the main protagonist with masks.

Despite having the appearance of a boy, Gin is a forest spirit who would die if he touches any human. 

This anime character has a bittersweet relationship with Hotaru who gets lost in the forest as a little girl. 

Gin and Hotaru shared a sad story and it’s hard to find any otaku who didn't cry because of Gin’s sudden death in the anime.

Gin chose Kitsune masks to hide his face but eventually gave us the sauce we wanted and an otaku’s biggest curiosity, the unveiling of masks.

Gojo Satoru 

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

This character is well known due to his popularity and his gorgeous eyes. The anime fans waited patiently for his eyes to reveal - no one was disappointed.

Despite being mischievous and jolly, Gojo has his problems to counter, like the powers that run through his bloodline.

Gojo covers his eyes with black masks because of his inherited ability called Six Eyes. 

In the anime he uses different props and masks to cover his eyes; if he chose to leave his eyes uncovered he would tire himself quicker than usual.



Celty Sturluson 

Anime: Durarara!

Celty is a Durahan also popular as the Headless Rider. She wears a helmet to cover the area of her head.

The main reason this character uses helmets as masks is that she doesn’t have a head.

Feeling the helmet weight on her shoulder makes her feel a false sense of her head.

Celty has had the motive of finding her head since the day she randomly woke up and all she knew was her name, her powers, and a faint connection to where her head is.

Celty believes that attaching her head back to her body will bring back her memories.


Rabo is the god of calamity from the anime Noragami. He came into being as a god who accepts the prayers of people who want revenge for others. 

He was known to fight alongside Yato and they became an unstoppable team until Yato decided that he wants to become a better god.

Masks in Noragami indicate that the being possessing it has been summoned from hell to bring destruction. 

Rabo having a mask similar to the mask of Ayakashi means that he was summoned from hell for beginning destruction.



Gin Akutagawa 

At first sight, Gin looks like the badass anime boy with experienced swordsman skill.

 It was a surprise for everyone to discover that out of all the masks, Gin chose bandaids to cover her face and tie up her hair. 

The Bungou Stray Dogs fans usually think it was because her teacher (Dazai Osamu ) used bandaids to cover his hands and face as well.

It was a shock for all anime fans that such a sweet girl with an angelic voice is the biological sibling of Ryunosuke  Akutagawa.



Sakonji Urokodaki 

The masks used by anime characters are all unique and different, this character from the anime Demon Slayer uses a Tengu mask to hide his face. 

The reason Sakonji uses Tengu masks may melt your heart or make you giggle. He hides his face because demons used to make fun of his delicate and calm face.

Sakonji was made fun of by people and demons for his baby face that contradicts his stern abilities leading him to pursue masks, he has never shown his face in the anime as well as the manga. 

His fans are still waiting for the big reveal but the chances of them being satisfied are low.



Jin Bubaigawara 

Anime: My Hero Academia 

This anime villain is known as Twice. His ability ‘’double’’ allows him to duplicate anything that’s living or dead. 

His power may seem attractive upon hearing but when he duplicated himself he fell into trauma questioning his own existence.

Jin’s existential crisis gets triggered when he sees his face, initially this anime character experimented with many masks to conceal his face and ultimately decided to wear a bodysuit with the face mask that completely hides every feature on his face.

It is no secret that anime lovers have a kink for masks and the attractive faces hidden underneath them. We love the mystery and the anticipation.

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