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Anime Girl That Are Bigger Otaku Than Us | Otaku Fanatic

Nov 12 , 2021

These otaku anime lovers promote anime and otaku culture with a passion. These anime girl worship anime as much as we do and give otaku girl some representation in anime.

Otaku people are often portrayed as antisocial and closed off in anime.

Being an otaku is somewhat seen as a flaw which is why some of the anime girl hide their otaku side while the others embrace their otaku identity with pride.



Renge Houshakuji 

Renge Houshakuji is a rich girl whose father is a business partner with the Ootori family. 

She is a die hard otaku and obsesses over animated and sims characters.

In the anime Ouran HighSchool Host Club she often makes unexpected entries equipped with a stage and a speaker in her hand. 

She is known for being a loud and outspoken otaku. Being an otaku girl impacts her life to the point where she left her home and flew from France to Japan to meet her fiance who she thinks resembles a dating sims character.

She shows off her talent for designing costumes for cosplays and parties during the Host Club events.  



Tomoko Kuroki

Tomoko is the protagonist of Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

She is a stereotypical otaku girl with an obsession with becoming famous. 

She constructs ideas of becoming famous based on manga and anime but despite her attempts, She is unable to gain popularity. 

The anime progressively becomes darker for this otaku girl because of her failed attempts at gaining popularity and she slowly becomes a bigger social outcast than she already was.


Narumi Momose

Narumi is a closeted otaku, the only people who know that she is an otaku are her few selected colleagues and her childhood friend and boyfriend Hirotaka Nifuji.

Her past romantic relationships failed when her partners found out she is an otaku girl with a severe obsession with the yaoi and boys love genre. 

Her past failed experiences of opening up as an otaku led her to hide her anime obsession and put up a persona of work oriented woman.

Narumi is presented as a considerate and caring character in the anime Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, who meets people in her workplace that enjoy similar hobbies as herself.


Kae Serinuma


Serinuma Kae - A devoted otaku girl who worships anime and fujoshi or boys love manga.

She was always overlooked by her classmates due to her obesity, her life took a turn when her favorite anime character Shion died, She spent days weeping Shion’s death and lost some body weight, transforming into a completely different person.

Serinuma tries to hide her true identity as an otaku from her close friends but somehow ends up exposing her otaku girl side.

The anime Watashi ga Motete Dousunda revolves around serinuma who fights for her story to become a fujoshi instead of a harem 



Erika Karisawa

Erika from the anime Durarara is an openly otaku girl. She enjoys anime especially yaoi and fujoshi with her best friend Walker Yumasaki.

Despite being a member of Dollar and underground detective she enjoys cosplaying and occasionally quoting anime lines at any chance she gets.

She learned all her torture and interrogation techniques from anime. According to her, being an otaku is a secret move one expects you to have. 

Tachibana Sylphynford

Tachibana is an otaku who is better known as the classmate of Umaru chan from anime 

Himouto! Umaru-chan.

Tachibana doesn’t hide her otaku and anime loving side like Umaru chan.

She has a self proclaimed rivalry with Umaru chan and wants to compete with her in all aspects.

Although she takes pride in being an otaku, her hobbies sometimes become too severe causing her academic marks to suffer.

Hanako Koyanagi

Hanako is Narumi’s senpai at work in the anime Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii . She is shown to grow fond of Narmuni because of their similar interests in anime and yaoi.

Being a full-fledged otaku she is also a secretly famous cosplayer who loves dressing up for popularity as well as making her boyfriend jealous.

She is seen to have an upfront and blunt tongue, She is known to be a hard working woman with expertise in her field, She gets her way when it comes to being an otaku and her cosplayer. 

This behavior of hers impresses Narumi to look up to her and try out new things as an otaku with her friends. 

Konanta Izumi 

She is the leader of the lucky star crew and a mischievous otaku.

Konata became an otaku under the influence of her father who is also a devoted otaku.

In the anime Lucky Star, She is seen to be highly intelligent and athletic but her interests in anime are her priority which is why she refuses to join any clubs at school.

Being an otaku comes with its perks, such as the case with Konata, who can pull an all nighter with ease, which she uses to study a night before exams. However, her grades suffer because she refuses to put in effort in anything except anime. 



Umaru Doma 

Himouto! Umaru-chan is an anime that revolves around the schoolgirl who is looked up to by everyone because of her personality, looks, grades, and being top of a class student.

Umaru has a hidden otaku personality that only comes out when she is indoors. 

She avoids anything that might give away her secret of being an otaku girl at school and ruin the perfect persona that she has created and worked hard for.

Umaru enjoys lazing around at home with her snacks and her favorite anime at home where she can take a break from living the perfect girl persona.



Shima Nishina 

Nishina is a secret mangaka (manga artist), a famous cosplayer, and an otaku that not only enjoys yaoi and fujoshi but also draws boys love manga under a secret pen name.

She is a high school student who is competing with the boys to win Serinumas heart in the anime Watashi ga Motete Dousunda.

Nishina looks up to Serinuma as her drive and inspiration for the manga she creates.

Being an otaku proves to be a plus point for her goal to get closer to Serinuma.

She is shown to be a rich, calm, and naturally artistic character who is famous among girls for being a perfect gentleman.

These otaku anime girls have their challenges, they bring pride to the otaku community because of their charm. They may not be completely relatable but it sure feels good to see an otaku being recognized in anime. 

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