Anime Girl With Short Black Hair–The Top 10 | Otaku Fanatic

Anime Girl With Short Black Hair–The Top 10 | Otaku Fanatic

Apr 08 , 2022

Short black hair is a bold statement. A girl with short hair is a signature statement in an anime. It screams strong, independent, and attractive MC.

What's so great about short black hair?

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Short hair isn't just a hairstyle or a path to managing hair. It's also a statement. When we see girls with short hair, we know somewhat about their personalities.

Short hair needs guts and commitment. It needs maintenance and knowledge of style. 

These anime girls are out with luscious black hair to steal the show with their cuteness and confidence.

Here is the list of the cutest anime girls that can wear their hair short and rock the look.

Lucy Yamagami

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“ You need to be nice to everyone! equality for all!”

Lucy from Service x Servant has her signature look of cowlick short black hair and a black shirt. She is often seen jittering and nervous but takes her job seriously. 

She is a committed public servant—however, her mission isn't to serve the people.

Her goal is to find the civil servant that approved of her long irrational, and obnoxious name. 

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She is so determined on her goal that she refuses to have a love life to free herself from any distraction that might drag her away from the main goal.


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A B-class hero, Boss of The Blizzard Group, an esper, and a lady with style and confidence. Wherever she walks, she raises standards.


Fubuki from One Punch Man gives off the aura of authority and conduct that many of us expect anime girl with short black hair to have.

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Miss Blizzard wears a green dress with a pearl necklace. She recruits new B-Class heroes for her group to stay in power and be on top of her game.

 An attitude that one expects this intelligent lady to have. 

Akiko Yosano

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The goddess of authority. She takes no bullshit from anyone and follows the rules she designed—the icon for many girls watching Bungou Stray Dogs. 

Yosano has the ability to heal people with the condition that her patient must be a few inches away from death for her ability to take effect. 

Her dazzling beauty mixed with brains and humour overshadows the little maniac that lives in her.

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In my opinion, she plays an important role; she helped all Bungu Stray Dogs characters with their breakthrough.

Her best dialogue?

‘’ You have two arms?....that's way too many.”


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The essence of her name translates to ‘stray.’

Being the weapon of gods, also known as regalia. She serves different masters under different hence known as Nora.

Nora is an antagonist in the anime Noragami. She wants Yato to become the God of Calamity and bring destruction to the world while being on his side.

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She gets pleasure from inflicting pain on others, severing people’s ear, kidnapping people, killing are her hobbies.

She might look short, sweet, and pure-hearted, but she is the evilest anime girl with short black hair.

Marin Kitagawa 

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Marin from My Dress-up Darling is always passionate about cosplaying, especially the erotic anime characters. 

She is an outgoing otaku who attracts attention because of her beauty.

Many female characters lack awareness of their feelings; Marin faces her feelings with bravery and accepts them. She isn't shy to be herself and encourages others to do the same.

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She cosplays her favourite character, Shizuku-tan, a cute maid with short black hair.

This may be bending the rules of ‘’anime girl with short black hair,’’ but she is too cute to not be included in the list.

Chizuru Oshima 

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She is better known as the class representative who called the protagonist of the anime My Little Monster as someone without guts.

She is seen as anxious and reserved for her classmates and can be pushed around for approval.

Oshima has a hidden ability to be blunt and courageous for things she values, be it her love life or her preferences.

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The plus point of her inclusion in the club Short Black Hair is her glasses. They play an important role in her character.

 Her cute look with glasses convinced the protagonist to wear glasses as well, so he could look as smart and dependable as Oshima.

Mikasa Ackerman 

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Who doesn't know this anime girl with sword and black hair? Mikasa is an alpha female with a mindset of her own. She has great battle skills and style.

 To many people, she may look like she has unreasonable love for Eren, which is true to an extent, but it doesn't mean she has no character except simping for Eren.

Mikasa is the kind and soft-hearted comrade anyone needs. She consoles Sasha, Jean, Armin, Levi, and many others at the right time. 

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She plays the role of a supporting lead where it is needed and a heartless killer when the situation demands.

The beauty and grace of Mikasa are unparallel to anyone else in the whole Attack On Titan Series.

Ryuko Matoi 

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Someone who can use two weapons at once, cleave buildings with one swing of her sword, regenerate herself even after being sliced in half, and look sexy and cute while doing so!

Matoi is the protagonist of Kill la kill, her signature look being short black hair with red streaks and a tomboy attitude.

Otaku Fanatic

She is often regarded as a hot-headed main character because of her ‘attack first and asks questions later ‘policy. 

We can expect the 17-year old to have anger issues, but since the background of her story includes backstabbing from her own family members, we can for sure say that she is a little crazy.

Shuko Komi

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Rather than a girl, she is a short black haired lady with class and elegance. She is better known as the goddess that birthed Komi-San aka. Her mother.

At the start of the anime, Komi-san Can’t Communicate. We expected Komi-san’s mother to be as quiet and introverted as Komi-san, but she has the social skill of a talk show host.

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Like a protective mother, she tends to her kids and is always joyful; she treats her daughter’s friends well while still protecting her by visiting her daughter’s school.

Chiriko Tsurumi

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An extremely composed character of anime, Anohana. She is not portrayed as a natural high achiever in the anime rather a hard-working and dedicated student that ranks in the top 5 to keep up with her crush.

Even when conflicted with her feelings, she is a good friend to everyone and doesn't step back from offering help when needed.

The aura of an anime girl with short black hair and glasses explains her calm and collected personality perfectly.

Otaku Fanatic

Every time a strong and determined woman is portrayed in anime, she is likely to have short black hair. It is something about the hair that screams strength and a unique personality. 

Speaking of which, check out anime girls with purple hair for more female-focused content!

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