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Banana scandal:Taehwan Cute Moments | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 15 , 2022

A compilation of the cute, funny and soft side of Taehwan we witnessed in Banana Scandal season 2.

As the new chapters of Banana Scandal are released, the chemistry between Taehwan and Yeonwu gets hotter and we can witness the soft and cute side of Taehwan as part of his character development.

When Did Taehwan Show his Real Colours?

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As a fan of Banana Scandal, we can safely agree that  Taehwan was a toxic partner to Yeonwu; if it hadn't been jealousy or Yeonwu’s self love, Taehwan would never be able to realise his true feelings. 

The character development and the subtle cute gestures from Taehwan made us realise what character development really stands for.

Let's appreciate Taehwan’s cute moments in season 2 Banana Scandal!

Alex’s Number 

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Alex slyly wrote his number on Yeonwu’s hand in the hope of calling, in episode 23 ‘when he notices’.

Taehwan notices the smudged number on Yeonwu’s hand at the group discussion. 

This is definitely the first spark of jealousy we witness from Taehwan in Banana Scandal.

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Later, when our cute Taehwan notices Alex and Yeonwu volunteer at the library together, he involuntary shows a flirtatious gesture to Yeonwu by giving a gentle and soft tug to Yeonwu finger. 

Asking Yeonwu if his roommate is going to be around, let's just say it gets steamy after this chapter.

Lending Your Favourite Pants 

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Since when did lending pants get cute?

At the end of episode 27, we get a little cute and flirtatious moment from Taehwan, saying that he lent Yeonwu his favourite pair of pants and expects to have them returned the next day.

The cute Taehwan moment tells us the ulterior motives he has withYeonwu. Let's just say the pants won't be returned but taken off instead. 

Taehwan and his cute expression left Yeonwu speechless and stunned. Let's be honest here, if a man that handsome said it to us, we would be on the ground, struck with cupid’s arrow.

Back And Better Taehwan 

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Taehwan goes through the journey of self discovery and self love.

The biggest character development in Banana Scandal is Taehwan realising his harsh behaviour and his feelings towards Yeonwu.

After a bit of a fight with street thugs, Taehwan joins the classes back. 

We witness a cute interaction between Taehwan and Yeonwuin in episode 113 when he whispers his apology for being late to Yeonwu.

Later on, we see Taehwan following Yeonwu around like a cute puppy and wholeheartedly apologising for his behaviour, suggesting to give a new start to the relationship.

Little Fussy and Sick 

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Taehwan caught a bad cold in episode 50, one thing led to another, and his dearest boy Yeonwu was at his home with medicine and some porridge.

Taehwan finds comfort in Yeonwu lap, half of the audience may blame Taehwans actions on nightmares and medicines, but I feel that Taehwan finds Yeonwu to be his safe spot.

We witness Yeonwu powerless when he faces cute Taehwan with a child like attitude, asking Yeonwufor company and then falling asleep on his lap.

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Yeonwu couldn't resist seeing Taehwan in a vulnerable state and couldn't help but admire the tiny features that make him irresistible. 

Yeonwu even played with Taehwan’s hair which was sticking out.

Puppy Face and Fever 

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Taehwan is a man who knows how to work his charms. His charm mixed with a puppy face can make your heart squeal. 

In episode 50, Taehwan takes advantage of his fever, and like a child, he asks Yeonwu to stay with him and cuddle. 

He clings to Yeonwu’s jacket and suggests with big eyes and a cutesy tone to go back to hating him after his fever is down. 

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Our love boy finally achieved cuddles with his Yeonwu and used that time with him to apologise for his mistakes.

Taehwan doesn't miss a chance to convey his feelings, and maybe that's why we are obsessed with these two.

A couple with communication and drama is alluring to all of us.

Yeonwu Cussed

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We witnessed the most polite boy cuss after a few wholesome episodes and new character developments. We were not the only one who was surprised.

Yeonwu cussed because he realised that he loved the kiss he and Taehwan shared.

Because Taehwan has never seen Yeonwu cuss, he was scared for his life. 

If Yeonwunwu would've cussed again, I'm sure Taehwan would've questioned reality.

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Another thing that came out of a hot intimate conversation and kissed in episode 51 is Taehwans licence to be known as Yeonwu’s friend and not be avoided anymore.


Even Yeonwunwu was surprised by the cute reaction. As a fan, I cherish this cute moment where Taehwan is just happy to sit next to Yeonwu and get a reply to his greeting.

Whipped For a Smile 

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We know a man is in love when the only thing keeping him up at night is his lover’s smile.

In episode 56, Taehwan is convinced that he is experiencing puberty all over again.

Love can change a man drastically, but in the case of Taehwan, love makes him cute and bubbly.

Birthday Panic

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Even when birthdays aren't a big deal for many people but when it's Yeonwunwu’s birthday, Taehwan is in a panic mode. 

In episode 57, Taehwan and Yeonwu had a conversation about their pasts and their feelings. 

Even when Yeonwu never specified his birth date to Taehwan, he got fussy realising April was about to end, and he had yet to celebrate the existence of the most important man in his life.

Banana Scandal is not just about steamy scenes, and boys love, even as a manhwa. It gives us some valuable elements like being a better person in their lives, self love, not giving up and changing for the better.


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