Brutal Anime Deaths that Makes Us Curl Up and Cry | Otaku Fanatic

Brutal Anime Deaths that Makes Us Curl Up and Cry | Otaku Fanatic

Feb 03 , 2022

If you think death scenes in movies hurt, wait till you witness these brutal deaths in anime and experience real pain.

These characters are our ray of hope in the storyline that's filled with tragedy.

What Makes Anime Deaths Brutal and Traumatising?

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If we dig deeper, the anime deaths cause us trauma because we stand with the characters. We want them to have a happy end.

Even when we see our favorite characters struggling for their life and looking in the face of death, we are still hoping for a miracle to come forth and save them.

Here is The List of Anime Deaths That Can Leave You Traumatized!

Death of Miki 

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Anime: Devilman Crybaby

This anime reveals the ugly side of the most powerful being dominating earth. They can be selfish and mean to the extent of losing all their common sense.

Miki is a high school student that always preached hard work and righteousness. 

During the chaos of battle between the demons, the Devilman, and the humans. Miki chooses to motivate Akira to fight against the demons. 

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She was aware that people might hate her for openly supporting Devilman but still choose to do so in the hope that she might open the eyes of some people who were too confused to pick sides.

This biassed tweet of Miki made the savages rush to her home to celebrate setting her home on fire and chanting curses to the Devilman while waving a pole with Miki's severed head on it.

Death of Naomi Misora 

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Anime: Death Note

We can all agree that there isn't a cinematic piece that can compare to Death Note.

It has an alarming amount of deaths. 

The death of Naomi Misora was a traumatic experience for many, even L wasn't a match for Kira. Naomi was an easy target for Light.

We see the psychopath that lives within Light when he acquired Naomi's name.

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Imagine telling your name to a person you can trust and he trunks out to be Kira.

Light carefully timed telling Naomi he is Kira just so he can see her petrified face. 

He delightfully watches her face change from shock to the controlled stillness just as light planned as she walks to her death.

He could have executed his plan by not telling her the truth but he wanted the thrill of the kill.


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Saya Kisaragi is the last hope of the villagers to save them from the monsters that invaded their land. 

Blood c easily secures the title of most brutal anime deaths that can be recorded in one episode.

You now see where the author of Game of Thrones got the idea of killing multiple characters in a single chapter.

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The level of gore in this anime isn't for everybody, if you have a weak heart I advise you to not watch this anime.

It shows people impaled in the faces and necks by monsters. People are torn in half and then consumed like fish treats by the giant monsters.


Death of Shoji Kubodera 

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Anime: Another 

The death of this extremely dedicated homeroom teacher was traumatic for his students but it left our eyes wide open because of its brutal nature.

Imagine seeing someone commit suicide in front of you. Its trauma and fear of life.

This teacher was exhausted by the world and decided he needed to permanently end his exhaustion. He enters his class and delivers his last words to the classroom.

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As a teacher, he greets the students and then tells them to deal with today's events by themselves.

He whips out a knife and impales his throat, spilling blood all over the students.

Death of Junpei Yoshino 

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Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen 

Junpei gets consumed by vengeance for the death of his mother. 

He wants to tear apart the curses that caused his mother's death, for this, he seeks help from Mahito, the person who skillfully manipulated Junpei to fight Itadori, his best friend.

Junpei spent a gloomy life, being bullied by students and teachers.

The only light in Junpei’s life is his mother whom he cherishes with life and Itadori, the guy who is ready to kill for Junpei's sake.

When Mahito sees Junpei coming back to his senses and uniting with Itadori to attend Jujutsu Academy.

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Mojito holds Junpei's shoulder and deforms his body into a curse in front of Itadori’s eyes.

Itadori forsakes himself towards Sakuna- a higher curse residing in his body-  to turn Junpei back to normal but Sakuna refuses.

Junpei looks at himself as a monster, turned into an abnormality and suffering great pain. He says his final words “ why?” with tears in his eyes he dies, leaving Itadori scarred forever.

Death of Orphan Children 

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Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs 

Odasaku can’t fire a gun, nor can he kill people. He is loyal to the Port Mafia and can see 6 seconds into the future.

He is overall a good guy, he even takes care of orphan children.

One day when he visits his favorite little people he sees the curry master-the person who the children stay with - dead.

Odasaku rushes to their room and finds a note. He then gets a vision of the kids stuck in the van. 

Odasaku desperately rushes towards the van to save the kids but he is a few seconds late. 

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The van explodes. Odasaku is screaming and crying in pain. He lost the kids that he raised, the kids that loved him, kids that he cherished more than himself.

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