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Cold Hearted Anime Girl That Murder For Fun | Otaku Fanatic

Nov 01 , 2021

That one Cold Hearted anime girl who gets what they want, and setting examples of cold hearted selfishness. 

When we think about cold hearted characters, we often mistake them for someone poor at conveying their feelings. The anime characters showing their cold side and hiding their soft side are just kuudere. These two things shouldn’t be confused with one another.

The cold hearted anime characters, especially cold hearted anime girl see nothing more than their benefit. Their selfishness can devour your life if it benefits them.

These anime girls couldn't care less about watching the world burn, their psychotic ruthlessness makes them unpredictable and unmatched, making them the cold hearted  monsters they are.

Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro Otaku Fanatic

Rize kamishiro shows herself to be the perfect embodiment of the sweetest and kindest person you’ve ever met, She plays along with the role of your soulmate until she feels her appetite increasing and then ,with her cold and heartless stare this anime girl literally devours your flesh when you trust her the most.

Kaneki, the protagonist of anime Tokyo Ghoul became the prey of this cold hearted diva a.k.a ‘’binge eater’’ and suffered torture, memory wipe, and losing closest friends just because Rize wanted a good meal for the day.

Even after her death, Rize never left Kaneki’s subconscious altering his actions and turning him into a heartless cannibalistic monster like her. Why did she do that? She was bored obviously.

Yumiko Jabami

Yumiko Jabami - Otaku Fanatic

A rich heartless psycho with irreversible gambling addiction describes Yumeko perfectly. Yumeko Jabami the protagonist of anime Kageguuri attends a school where spoiled brats gamble away their assets for amusement.

This anime girl presents herself as the young naïve girl who can be easily tossed around like a rag – a trick that ultimately makes people fall into the trap of gambling with her.

In the anime her wealth is shown to be the largest source of income for the country, She aims to have a cold and heartless gamble that is capable of shaking the core of her existence with its thrill and randomness.

She will go as far as becoming the lowest rank and a ‘’pet’’ to quench her appetite for gambling.

Yumeko deliberately lost her money and refused to pay off her debts. What’s her excuse to do that? She longed for a chance to experience the thrill of Russian roulette.

Kasane Kujiragi

Kasane Kujiragi - Otaku Fanatic

A manipulative woman with a cold stare that rarely shows emotions but a bad liar when she has to lie face to face. Kasane Kujiragi from anime Durararax2 expert swords play. 

As the wielder of Saika meaning she can enslave anyone she cuts.

As a child, Kasane Kujiragi was sold heartlessly by her mother to pay off their debt to an organization led by the original Jinnai Yodogiri. Later she paved her way to controlling the whole organization by impersonating the leader of the organization and executing orders in her cold hearted ways as the leader's loyal assistant.

It is later revealed in the anime that Kasane Kujiragi is a false name she uses that hides her footprints and helps her hide the track to the black market where the heartless diva not only leads human and monster trafficking but also sells them off to buyers. 

She blames her monstrous acts on her childhood for sympathy and to get out of trouble but couldn’t care less as long as she can enslave people or sell them for what she wants.

Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai - Otaku Fanatic

An ambiguous girl in anime Future Diary with the obsession over Yukiteru – the male protagonist. She depicts a shy, gentle, and sweet young girl but Her cold hearted instincts see no bounds when it comes to her goals. 

This girl faces no hesitation in taking advantage of others and abusing their weaknesses. She always appears suddenly with a cold and calculating move, heartlessly killing the possessor of the diary and its followers in an instant with exactness and zero regret.

Her heartless psychotic behavior is the result of childhood trauma and abuse from her mother that seeded Yuno’s two-faced personality.

Her parents death drove her craziness . This heartless teenager kept the dead bodies of her parents and shared the details of her day with their corpses, She carried the heads of her parents to the hotel where she trapped Yukiteru, for them to ‘’meet ‘’ the man of her dreams.


Rachel - Otaku Fanatic

Rachel,the girl with cold and quiet stare in anime Tower Of God isn’t some powerful craze-driven diva but an ordinary girl with incredible selfishness. Her main goal is to climb the tower. She doesn’t hesitate to use anyone to attain it.

Rachel was introduced as Baams best friend, the girl who took care of him. Rachel joined teams with Baam and his friends just because she saw a bigger chance of winning by being on his side.

She used Baam heartlessly for her protection, when others accused her of dishonesty and cold hearted behaviour, she made everyone believe she wouldn’t let a hair on Baam be harmed for the sake of joining forces.

In the end, this heartless anime girl betrayed Baam by hitting his head and throwing him off. She reached the end of the test by herself and heartlessly broke the news of Baam’s death to his friends.

She is the optimum example of a cold hearted backstabbers in anime world 

These anime girls don’t need an excuse or trauma to be heartless, they simply have no consideration for human values , for them its is just the matter getting what they want which fits them perfectly into the description cold hearted monsters that murder for fun.

If we left out any anime girl that fits into the category of cold hearted girls let us know !

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