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Emotionless Anime Characters From Least To Most Expressive Face | Otaku Fanatic

Nov 09 , 2021

Characters in anime with emotionless faces. They hide their feelings behind their cold emotionless eyes, these anime characters are the worst at showing how they feel.

The emotionless anime characters are known to be KUUNDERE in the anime world.

They can be easily spotted due to their cold and dull eyes.

These anime characters mask their caring nature or their softer side with emotionless expressions. 

Their emotionless words don’t mean they are cold hearted but these characters are just bad at showing their emotions.




Hikkimaru from the anime Dororo is an emotionless character due to a childhood tragedy.

He is also a ronin. Due to his father’s pact with demons, he was born without body parts and limbs.

Hikkimaru does not have a cold nature by choice. His emotionless behavior comes from his inability to talk.

When he is shown love and emotion he is moved by it and wants to discard his emotionless aura but due to his curse, Hukkimaru is stuck with a cold expression. 

Katsuhira Agata 


Katsuhira Agata is the main character in the anime Kiznaeever. Due to the Kizna experiment conducted on him, he is unable to feel pain, ultimately resulting in his emotionless behavior.

It doesn’t matter if he falls from heights or gets beaten up by bullies, this anime character doesn’t feel pain or joy, rather he stays emotionless. 

The anime shows the journey of Katsuhira and his friends towards understanding each other’s emotions. 

Smile man 


How ironic is it to be named Smile Man'' and stay emotionless throughout the anime?

Smile Man from the anime One Punch Man is  A class professional hero in the Hero Association, not just that, he is the eldest and most powerful member of the Surly brothers.

Smile Man is often shown to be indifferent and emotionless wearing a red bodysuit. He is calculating with his moves and brilliant at his job. 

Smile Man is still a lot weaker when he is compared with Sitama but he has gained a fanbase due to his honest reactions.



Ebisu is one of the 7 gods of fortune, he is mostly shown to be emotionless and talks about profits, losses, and means to earn money.

Despite his cold and harsh behavior, he cares a lot about his friends and his colleagues.

Ebisu goes through great lengths of work just to cater to people he cares about  

Ebisu lost his emotionless behavior in the second season of the anime Noragami when he is reborn as a child and learns about his role in the world as a god once again. 

His new form as a child is more optimistic and opportunistic, without losing the hint of his older cold, adult form when it comes to ways of making money and increasing wealth. 

Mikasa Ackerman 


This anime girl is from the well known anime Attack On Titan.

She is known to have great physical strength and fighting skills.

This emotionless character only shows emotions when Eren is involved. Due to her love for Eren, Mikasa joined the survey corps for the sole purpose of protecting him.

She is known to be the best soldier for her cold and brutal techniques of killing titans.


Being highly intelligent has its pros and cons, while the pros include solving problems with precise calculating moves with ease, the cons show themselves as insomnia, weird sitting position, and emotionless conduct.

Such is the case with the antagonist of Death Note, L.

L is a well-known detective that takes up the case to catch Kira. Along his journey, he makes new friends and befriends Kira to prove his suspension is correct.

L shows his softer side to his closest colleague, including his hidden fears.

Many people confuse his cold eyes and dark circles with cold heartedness but it’s just his insomnia that adds to his emotionless expression.

Kyōka Izumi 



On the first look, Kyōka looks like a lost innocent 14 year old. In the anime Bungou Stray Dogs she single handedly murdered 35 people in 6 months. 

She used to work with the port mafia where she was ruthlessly used as an emotionless doll to conduct terrorist attacks with ease, using her ability Demon Snow.

Kyōka shows her softer side when she is recruited by the Armed Detective Agency. 

She is seen to leave her usual emotionless expressions and enjoy the delicacy of life as a 14 year child should.  



Kyoya Ootori


The rich dependable senpai from anime Ouran Highschool Host Club

He handles all the finances and business matters of the Host Club. He plays the role of calm and cold senpai that girls love.

Kyoya has an emotionless and collected expression that grabs the attention of girls that visit the Host Club to spend a good time with their ideal boys. 

Kyoya senpai is usually burdened with work leading to his emotionless and to the point conversations. 

Kyoya shows emotions when it comes to Haruhi, who managed to move his heart and make him smile unconsciously throughout the day.



Houtarou Oreki

Oreki is the protagonist of the anime Hyoka. He is a high school student with amazing deducing skills however, He prioritizes being lazy and conserving energy which is why he keeps his face emotionless.

Oreki is usually unamused by most things and prefers staying away from any drama that might make his life inconvenient. 

Oreki is a member of the Classic Literature Club and gets intrigued by the new member who joined the club due to her naturally curious nature -Eru Chitanda

Chitanda doesn’t mind Oreki’s emotionless conduct and forces him to participate in the little mysteries she and her friends discover in their daily lives .

Oreki may have the power to withdraw from anything that requires an ounce of input of energy but when it comes to Chitanda and her persistence, his cold conduct gives him little to no help refusing her demands.



Violet Evergarden


Violet Evergarden is the main protagonist of the anime Violet Evergarden.

She became an Auto Memories Doll at the CH Postal Company in order to under the words ‘’I love you ‘’ that were said to her by Major Gilbert.

Violet is a soldier who lost her arm fighting in the war. She was trained and used as an emotionless war machine which caused her to become completely emotionless, unable to feel or understand human emotions.

She is often referred to as cold hearted when she composes the letters for her clients. Due to her emotionless nature, she has a hard time understanding the intentions of people behind their words.

She desperately wants to know the meaning of the words ‘’ I love you ‘’ that were said to her during the war’s final battle.





This is a unique anime where the main protagonist - Tanaka is always looking for ways to laze off and minimize his work.

In the anime, Tanaka Kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge, Tanaka relies on his best friend Ohta to be efficient and active.

Tanaka’s emotionless face showcases his listless behavior to the point it inspired a classmate to practice laziness just like him.

Tanaka may be emotionless about everything except his true passion - listlessness. Throughout the anime, he goes out of his way to maintain his laziness and doze off from work as much as he can.

These anime characters don’t necessarily have ill intent or harsh pasts instead, most of them choose emotionless and cold behavior as their lifestyle. 

The list of emotionless anime characters isn’t complete without these honorable mentions 

  • Ayanokouji Kiyotaka
  • Hachiman Hikigaya
  • Decim

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