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Greatest Funny Moment of One Punch Man | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 23 , 2022

The combination of funny sauce from both seasons of One Punch Man! Remembering each of these moment will have you laughing till your stomach ache!

When looking for an anime with a fun plot and an overpowered MC, Saitama is always on the list. 

The strongest hero is funny with no effort, but the other characters leave a heavy impact of fun and humor with us. 

The One Punch Man fans cherish every funny moment, so here are the hilarious moments that made a list!

Put Some Pants On

Otaku Fanatic

In episode 1 of One Punch Man, a mad scientist transforms his little brother into a muscular giant. 

The episode teaches us a lesson. Having a colossal brain doesn’t make us smart.

Dont believe it?

Look at the monster roaming around the city naked.

Still hard to believe? He aimed to kill Saitama on his shoulder. He squished his brother into a puree. 

Dirt In Special Place 

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In a heated fight, with lives and the city at stake, only Saitama makes the villain pause his speech. 

Why is that?

Our superhero and protagonist have dirt stuck in his special place.

This teaches the Beast King a lesson. Come through the door when you want to attack Saitama. Breaking his ceiling may cost you your bones.

The Saturday Sale 

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The house of eolution created a monster named Ashura Kabuto. He made Saitama eager for the fight by turning Genos into modern art.

 The fight was the most stimulating for Saitama, not because he was being recklessly tossed by Kabuto, not because he finally found an opponent, but because Saitama’s mind was wrapped around just one thing: He was going to miss the Saturday sale. 

The fight ended with a funny face and one normal punch.

Rock! Paper! BOOGERS!!

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The day unravels another disaster. The city is under attack by a terrorist group, and our super strong protagonist is left alone facing his worst nightmares.


With a terrified scream, Saitama wakes up and says:

‘’Dont come asking to play rock paper scissors with boogers on your hand.”

When asked about the most remarkable One Punch Man funny moment, this scene is on everyone's tongue. 

Ouch Crotch 

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In episode 4 of One Punch Man. Saitama meets sonic for the first time and associates him with being one of the Paradisers because of his shiny bald head.

Sonic couldn’t break Saitama’s bones, so instead, he broke his spirit by saying he never heard about the guy who hero for fun.

Did I mention their battle ends with sonic’s ‘’special place’’ landing on Saitama’s punch 

Sassy Child 

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When a little girl starts dissing you about your life choices, what do you do? That too at an S-class meeting with heroes?

According to Saitama, you ask if someone lost a sassy child.

Someone Farted 

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One Punch Man has the element of humor embedded with the seriousness of the issue. The s class heroes are naturally funny. I guess effortless humor comes with great power.

What could possibly be going in the minds of the world’s top heroes during the introduction? 

It’s not about strategies. It’s not the planning. According to the hero watchdog man, it’s about whether someone farted or not.

Said and Ignored 

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During the debate in episode 10, every hero is looking to find a way to bring the spaceship down. The hero suggests waiting it out. Still, the terrible tornado is ready to take the enemies on by herself.

She declined Genos’s offer to get to the spaceship and save the planet together. 

He is… denied the teamwork. And all the other feelings are displayed on his face. 

Then to the left 

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The telekinetic alien is too scared of the power Saitama holds. He resorts to suggesting Saitama to march to the right to find his way out of the ship.

What do you think this overpowered hero does? He runs to the left with a creepy grin.

Don’t Ignore Me!

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A small child - The Terrible Tornado was calling Saitama baldy, boiled egg, light bulb, and an avocado! 

What will the strongest hero, who just singlehandedly defeated Boros, do to the person insulting him like that? 

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He tells his disciple to put her to place. The cost? Genos’s joints bend the wrong way, but it might be worth it.

Funky Cool Moves

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One Punch Man contains many faces of Saitama that show us how little he cares about his opponent’s moves and bragging. Saitama’s ‘’ok’’ face is embedded in everyone’s minds.

Only Saitama can observe the most extraordinary moves of martial arts, and all he absorbs is that martial arts is about moving all cool-like. 

It’s funny because Saitama’s pants fall when he send Suiryu flying by bumping him with his butt.

Dont Lose Hope Just Because You Lost Hair

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The strongest hero is in deep thoughts after fighting off powerful monsters. He takes a walk with his video gaming friend and shares his heavy heart and the emptiness that comes with immense power.

King’s best guess to solve the problem? Hair tonic.

Rotten At The Game? No, it’s a Shit Game!  

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The crown of best One Punch Man funny moment goes to the scene where Saitama loses to king continuously in video game despite king being handicapped to one finger on each console.

With 72 losses, our overpowered protagonist can only blame the game.

Banana For Me 

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As good friends, it’s our duty to bring fruits to our friends when we see them at the hospital. Saitama does exactly that. 

Like a fantastic friend, he brings Kamen Rider bananas, and just like a good friend, he eats the bananas he got for Kamen Rider.

Otaku Fanatic

Aside from the funny moments, One Punch Man pulls us closer to the unfair world and the life of someone who has gained all the power of the world. 

The hidden wisdom in funny moments of One Punch Man will stay close to our hearts, just like Saitama's funny faces.

Check out Saitama's most iconic and funny faces in our blogs!

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