Greatest Winter Anime 2024 Ranked List | Otaku Fanatic

Greatest Winter Anime 2024 Ranked List | Otaku Fanatic

Feb 17 , 2024

The 2024 winter anime has started and is in progress. This season is filled with more than 30 series with different quality and variety, bringing new twists to the running genre.

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2024 Winter is especially focused on romance and isekai, which has people hooked. While the new series has taken everyone by storm, with more than 500 episodes of 2024 winter anime scheduled this season, we will help you narrow your selection for this season's haul without further waiting. Let's take a look at the greatest winter anime of 2024.

Solo Leveling

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If you are in the mood for something similar to Dungeon and Dragons, this is the anime for you; out of all the anticipated winter anime 2024, Solo Leveling takes the top score. Fans have been waiting for its release, and the anime is finally here. 

The adaptation of the Korean webtoon tells the story of Jinwoo. The weakest hunter known to humanity, Jinwoo, gets trapped with a creepy statue and almost dies. He is now trapped in a secret game that only he can participate in and level up. This sounds cliche, but the top charts tell you this anime is worth trying. The anime is available on Crunchyroll.

Mashle: Magic And Muscle Season 2

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How would an anime look if one Punch Man and Harry Potter universe collided? Well! This anime is your answer. 

The anime follows the study of Mash Burnshead, a Lackmagic who wishes to become a grand sorcerer using his muscles.

Mash is in great trouble because, in his universe, the lack of magic gets executed. 

In the first season, Mash and his friends work hard to keep his mundaneness a secret, but in the second season, the truth about Mash and his zero magic powers becomes public. Now, his battle is with the government itself! 

What I love about Mashle: Magic and Muscle is that the humor stays intact and refined even in the most distressed plot! If you are recovering some emotional anime. this is the perfect choice for you!

The Witch and the Beast

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We all know of the conventional way to break a witch's curse. But are there other ways to break free of the curse?

The anime tells us there are three ways to be cured of a witch's curse, by the kiss of true love, by hoping that the witch has a change of heart, and lastly …for a temporary cure. Just smooch a witch. 

The story follows a witch who is trusted by the people, but it turns out she manipulates some ladies and turns them into keys that open the gates of hell.

The anime may sound like it has a lot going on, but it is easy to follow when you watch it.

The Apothecary Diaries 

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The romantic mystery is between an eunuch who is perfect in every way and an apothecary ( a physician ) who has an unhealthy obsession with poison. The Winter Anime 2024 is a treasure box for unique romance anime tropes.

The anime takes place in the Ming era in China, where Maomao gets abducted by some kidnappers and sold to the royal people as an ordinary worker. Maomao was living a simple, uneventful life when one of the emperor's favorite concubines' newborns started to suffer from an unknown illness.

As a good apothecary, she anonymously wrote the cure on a piece of cloth but was found by Enurch Jinshi, and the curiosity took root. 

The anime has two Cours and the second Cour is already smashing the charts so if you want romance mixed with suspense and curiosity this is the winter anime for you!

Sasaki And Peeps

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At first glance from the trailer, you might think that this 2024 Winter Anime is about a salaryman getting a cute pet and finding a new purpose in life, but spoiler alert! Its Isekai.

Sasaki and peeps added a new twist to the isekai world; instead of an unhinged 18-year-old, we have a very reasonable salary man named Sasaki who can travel back and forth from his world to Pi-chan's world.

The anime shows how Sasaki will blend balance existing in two worlds as a government agent and as an isekai character.

The first episode of Saski and Peeps is 40 minutes long, but just like Yoshi no Ko, you won't even feel your 40 minutes fly by when you watch this anime. The perfect mix of tranquility and Isekai must be experienced once in your life.

 Mr. Villains Day Off 

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Any villain needs rest after plotting world conquest; we need to have our work-life balance to have the best outcome from work, and our Mr. Villain, a high-ranking member of the league, believes in this ideology as well.

If you are looking for an anime to ease your mind or just some wholesome content to watch with your meal, Mr. Villain's Day Off is the perfect pick from all the 2024 winter anime released yet.

The anime follows Mr. Villian, who goes about his day where the villain takes a rest; he even chills with the pandas and calls a truce with the enemy on his day off just to enjoy himself. I feel like this anime will be something like Asobi Asobase, where there are no worries in the world, just plain old soothing fun!

Delicious In Dungeon 

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How many winter anime can you count in 2024 where they make you desire to eat questionable things?

Delicious in the Dungeon is a fantasy anime inspired by classic roleplaying games. Liaos lost his sister during a battle against the dragon; now, it's his mission to rescue his sister Falin. 

Liaos has gathered a party of adventurers consisting of mages, locksmiths, and elves to go through the Dungeon, but here is the catch: this adventurer party has to survive on what they find in the Dungeon. 

Their food situation may sound like a buzz kill, but here is a twist.

These dungeon explorers will turn the most gagable googey-looking food into a five-star experience.  

This anime resembles a mix of Frieren: Beyond the Journey's End and Shokugeki No Soma. It's a guarantee that you can use this anime as a Mukbang while you have lunch!

A Sign of Affection 

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A Sign of Affection is set to win the Romantic Winter Anime 2024 Award. Yuki Itose gets a crush on Itsuomi Nagi, but they have a small language barrier.

Yuki is deaf and has learned to lip read; however, she isn't too good at it. Ever since Itsumoi helped out Yuki on the train, a connection has formed that has taken root in their hearts. The two have interacted, and now Itsuomi is eager to learn sign language to communicate.

A sign of affection will make you squeal internally with its creative romance strategy paired with the cute and soft artwork, making you fall in love with the whole experience.

If you want to be love-struck in 2024 winter, be sure to add this anime to your list! 

Blue Exorcist : Shimane Illuminati Saga. 

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Blue exorcist has made a thrilling comeback in Winter Anime 2024. Shimane Illuminati Saga. is finally animated! 

The fans have been spectacle about the new season due to the blue exorcist's reputation of going stray from manga sources. Since the second season was filled with story buildup, fans are ready to see all the epic fights that were toned down.

The Shimane Illuminati Saga started with a bang, and the anime has ranked in the top 10 anime charts. Rin and his team are stronger than ever. Plus, we have some long-awaited Yukio and Shiemi interaction that fans have shipped since day one. Better catch up on the episodes before it's too late!

7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!

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Talking about the top chart of Winter Anime 2024, the 7th loop villainess is an enemy to lovers of anime that is ready to make you addicted.

In her 6th life, The villainess was killed by the prince of an enemy nation; however, when she opens her eyes in her 7th life, she finds her mortal enemy down on one knee, declaring his love for her. 

The exciting plot of the 7th loop villainess is now happily married to the overpowered brutal prince capable of destroying nations. The prince is captivated by her manners and cuteness, and now we have a mystery anime in which each episode unlocks a new aspect of the villainess's life.

High Card Season 2 

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High Card is the most underrated anime known to us, but the loyal fans are here for High Card season 2!

High Card is an organization tasked to collect all 52X deck cards that grant their users special powers. Finn, a high card member, and cardholder, has a traumatic background; his family was targeted, and his home burned to the ground by a "Knightmare." Now that Finn knows the culprit, the culprit has acknowledged Finn and the hunt is on!

High Card's second season has all aspects of a great anime: the animation, the swift action scenes, the color combination, and the great character outfits! This is for all the people looking for action and mystery anime. This unfound gem is the best pick!

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki Second Stage 

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Are you an introvert? Do you want to be social and interact with your peers like an extrovert? This anime is your answer. 

The second stage of bottom-tier character Tomozaki is back with its well-known extrovert-making training. The story continues as our shut-in gamer, Tomozaki, grows from an extremely gloomy, self-reserved person to a social beast with the help of Hinami.

What kind of trick does he use?

Tomozaki was always a pro at gaming, so he teamed up with Hinami and treated his life as a game where he was the main character, and others were NPCs. The anime is centered around the high school, and it's filled with gossip, class clashes, love life, and how Tomozaki tackles every problem like playing a game simulation. It's an anime that entertains you while training you to be social.

The Demon Prince Of Momochi House 

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We all have heard about the demon boyfriend trope, but this romance genre has yet to be mixed with action! 

Himari is an orphan who inherits the Momochi estate to her name, and she is homeless; she decides to move into the haunted Momochi house. We all know this sounds like Kamisama Hajememashta, and it's true! If you liked that anime, you would also love this one as well because this winter anime has swit action mixed with the supernatural romance trope.

Demon King of Momochi's house is filled with mysteries like the fate of Himari, the secret behind the male protagonist's ability to shift forms, and most importantly, how this romance would proceed. This anime is a great start to Winter Anime 2024.

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 

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Tsukimichi Moonlit fantasy is an unconventional isekai anime. Its second season follows the journey of the Isekai world, where Makoto was called to be the hero, but the goddess of Isekai banished him because he was too ugly. Since then, Makoto has been living as a masked hero in the isekai world of Limia. 

In Tsukimichi season 2, two new heroes are selected by the goddess of isekai, Hibiki, the girl with perfect real-world life, and Tomoki, the beautiful young boy bullied for his beauty.

One of these new heroes will be selfless and cause unforgivable damage; take my word for it! You still need to guess. Tune in before it's too late to catch up to the new episodes!

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This concludes the list of all cringeworthy winter anime of 2024. While this season may be overpowered by romance anime and may not be everyone's cup of tea, they are still with the watch with their new ideas! Let us know your thoughts on Otaku Fanatic.

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