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Hardworking And Studious Anime Girl | Otaku Fanatic

Nov 16 , 2021

These studious anime girl have set their priorities differently, they have put their school work on top of everything else, it helps them become the studious and charming girl of the school.

Studious. The word means someone who spends a lot of time studying.

Many girls in anime are not only known for their beauty, we admire them for their studious nature and hard work.

These anime girls set aside all the world’s work for the sake of a good reputation and being on top of the class.

Shizuku Mizutani

Anime : Tonari-no Kaibutsu-Kun

Shizuku is a timid and hardworking anime girl who rarely socializes or has any friends.

She is the best fitting anime character when it comes to being studious. She feels a sense of superiority when she stays on top of the ranking board.

Not only this, She gives a different meaning to being studious.

For Shizuku, her love interests take second priority to her studies.

Being a studious hard worker, She believes that she rather put her power and efforts towards her studies and get a better output than investing work and time in people, who she finds unpredictable and troublesome. 

Umaru Doma 

Anime : Himouto! Umaru-chan 

Umaru is a sweet girl that is recognized by her classmates for being at the top of the class, smart, studious, attractive and having a great personality.

Despite being the studious and charming girl at school, She can't enjoy her hobbies of being an otaku publicly. 

She has to hide her video game and manga loving side behind the perfect student she shows herself to be. 

She works hard to stay as the top student and gets amazing grades which help her not only academically but as a recognized student that her classmates look up to.


Anime :Tanaka-kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge 

Shiraishi is naturally smart and studious. She is looked up to for being attractive, sweet, and gentle.

Shiraishi manages to get amazing grades while being on the school committee and doing other extra tasks.

The only problem she faces is that she can’t completely expose herself as a studious dork that loves comfortable dressing rather than looking good. 

She usually waits for her classmates to leave and then transforms into her “comfy look” and carries out her work.

 Meeting new friends in the anime made her realize that people don’t only love her for being attractive but her true friend loves her regardless of her looks. 

Hori Kyoko 

Anime: Horimiya 

Hori is popular for being a smart and attractive girl who rejects anyone who confesses their love for her.

In the anime, only her close friends know the true side of Hori, this anime girl is not only studious but also cold hearted, she enjoys watching horror movies with her father and her boyfriend.

Hori is the ideal daughter that takes care of her little brother and completes her chores at home.

Even though she is admired to be studious by the teachers and her classmates, She takes no pride in it and thinks of it as the duty of a good daughter.

Eru Chitanda 

Anime: Hyouka 

Chitanda is the main protagonist and the president of the Classical Literature Club, She is described as childlike and curious.

She is the top of the class student. Despite being incredibly smart and studious, She is the group member that involves the other members to solve mysteries with her.

Chitanda joined the Literacy Club to solve the mystery involving her uncle.

Her curiosity led her to Oreki- The smart but non studious classmate.

Chitanda's qualities and active imagination solved mysteries.

Uruka Minami 

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul OVA - Jack 

Uruka is a ghoul also known as a Lantern. She is often seen wearing her school uniform and accompanying Taishi and Arima (her classmates) and constructing plans to capture and kill ghouls with them.

Initially, She is shown to be a top student in class who is incredibly smart and studious.

It is later revealed that she is a ghoul that’s out to hunt and eat people.

Despite being a ghoul, Uruka wanted to be a top student. Her last regret was that she wasted time and effort to study hard for the finals when she died.


Anime: Asobi Asobase 

Olivia is the smart and studious girl that aced her entrance exams and got into the school easily .

She is mischievous and daring. Olivia pretended to be a transfer student from America by speaking broken Japanese just so she could show off. 

Katsumi and Hanako are her two best friends with whom she carries out all her adventures. 

Her mischievous and dramatic personality hasn’t stopped her from being a top student while having fun. 

Kaede Kayano

Anime: Assassination Classroom 

This anime girl is not just studious, She carries her great studying skills while being an actor and an undercover assassin.

Kayano’s goal to join class E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School is completely different.

She wants to kill Koro Sensei and avenge her sister’s death.

She believes that Kuro sensei is the prime reason for her sister’s death.

Kayano continuously suffers pain from the tentacles at the back of her neck but despite all the pain and suffering, She carries out her tasks with gentleness and kindness.

All these studious girls capture our attention with their beauty and hard work. They also prove that studies can be enjoyed when we have good company around us . 

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