Horimiya Season 2 (Horimiya: Missing Piece)| The Cutest Horimiya Moments You Can't Miss!| Otaku Fanatic

Horimiya Season 2 (Horimiya: Missing Piece)| The Cutest Horimiya Moments You Can't Miss!| Otaku Fanatic

Nov 10 , 2023

Here is the compilation of the cutest moments in Horimiya season two! The remaining list of Horimiya: the missing piece with all the moments you will never get over watching!

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Horimiya to Miyamura Kun or as many of us know it, Horimiya, has taken the romance anime world by storm. Horimiya: The Missing Piece is a slice-of-life anime written by Horiki Adichi. Horimiya season 2 was aired in high demand of fans; Horimiya season 2 aired on July 1st, 2023, with the missing fragments of manga that needed to be animated in the first season.

The story focuses on Izumi and Kyoko, the two classmates who are polar opposites of each other but find comfort in each other's company. Initially, they both kept their real personalities hidden from their classmates, but an odd encounter changed everything. The anime is all about how Hori and Miyamura learn to be comfortable in their own skin.

The Horimiya season 2 is filled with warm and cute moments, and here is the long-awaited list of the second part!

Horimiya Season 2 Cute Moments (Episodes 6 -13)

Episode 6 

The Displaced Sengoku 

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In a sleepover with friends, we all try our best to provide our guests with the hospitality they deserve, but Sengoku here reached the limits of hospitality and crossed them far, far away.

After inviting Miyamura, Shindo, and Iura for a sleepover and adjusting them to sleep peacefully, Sengoku realized something important. He doesn't have any place to sleep.

The Misunderstood Class President 

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We all expect boys' sleepovers to be filled with some kind of chaos, but Horimiya: the missing pieces served us the funniest interaction of Sengoku and Miyamura after the head-butting scene. 

Sengoku's curiosity about Miyamura's reason for not exposing his skill got the best of him, and he was caught in the act of trying to look under Miyamura's shirt by Shuu. The misunderstanding only grew wider as Sengoku explained that he only intended to take off Miyamira's shirt. While Shuu received a major moral shock, miyamura's secret of having tattoos was preserved.

Sengoku will be teased forever for this stunt, but this won't stop him from working to find the truth.

Holding Hands 

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Remi and Sengoku have a completely different dynamic as couples; we get more of Remi x Sengoku moments in Hormimiya season 2, making all our hearts melt.

The couple has a softer romantic aura as compared to Hori and Miyamura. The moment when Remi gets pouty and asks Sengoku for his hand always melts my heart.

The sweetest part of it all? Remi wanted to walk slower so she would get more time with her favorite boy. They even gave us the most lovable and soft animated hug in the whole series.


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It's established very clearly that scenes with Shuu are bound to be a rollercoaster of emotions.

When Sengoku and Sakura were spotted together by Toru, discussing Remi's birthday gift, the news reached Shuu; before he could make up his mind, his loud voice was recognized by Sengoku, and he was ordered to shut up.

We haven't seen Angry Sengoku before, but this demand was animated with perfection by the Horimiya season 2 animation team.

Sengoku sneaked around with Sakura to buy cookies for Remi as a reward for doing her best for the test. The best part? Sakura imitating Sengoku.

Episode 7 

Sakura X Yanagi

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We all relate to Sakura. We rush to the newly released chapters of our favorite manga as soon as we get the chance.

The weekly shinobi magazine featured Sakura's favorite Konoha, but it was sold out; thankfully, Yanagi was there to save the Day. This episode gave us a little quibble between the two sweetest characters of Horimiya season 2. Yanagi and Sakura had a "pass- the -compliment" type of argument about who was the coolest among these two. The episode also gave us a glimpse of their wholesome friendship when Yanagi invited Sakura to come along and select glass frames with him.

The little adventure of this unique due was something the fans describe as not something they wanted but something they desperately needed.

The Warm Hands 

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We all know Yuki. She keeps her hands covered by mittens or her oversized sweaters to keep them warm. She is very particular about touching hands as well.

In Horimiya: The Missing Piece, we see short and sweet interactions between Yanagi and Yuki; as the backs of their hands touch, something clicks in Yuks's brain, and since we all know who Yuks's crush is, we see a cute moment of Yuki and too.

Yuki wanted to replace Yanagi's touch with Tooru's touch, which is why she lied about having cold hands. Tooru, being a little clueless about the sudden demand, teases Yuki by placing his hand over her face.

Sawada's Bullies 

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Sawada is a junior who has been adopted by Miyamura and his friends as their baby sister; they give her sweets to win her attention and baby her so much that Sawada's whole class thinks she can boss around Sengoku like a puppet.

Miyamura and Sawada's interactions became more precious in Horimiya season 2 when we found out about the death of Sawada's older brother, which brings out protective older brother instincts in Miyamura.

When Miyamura found Sawada looking for her card, she figured that she was being bullied. After confirming it with Sawada, he looked up at the bullies standing near the window, and like a good big brother, he mouthed "die uglies "to them. He even comforted Sawada and offered his support whenever she needed it. 

Episode 8 

Saved By A Message

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Our sweet boy, Yanagi, has an unexpected side. In full consciousness, he is the sweetest boy we know, but when he is half asleep, he has the worst temper(he even broke his alarm clocks subconsciously), causing him to be marked tardy.

Miyamura and the team decided to help Yanagi out. Tooru and Miyamura took the task of calling Yanagi to wake him up, and Sengoku was assigned to message Yanagi.

The next Day? An alarm clock was broken, and the subconscious, angry Yanagi abruptly shut all calls until he came across Sengoku's cute message. 

Turns out, the conscious Yanagi doesn't remember anything about half-asleep Yanagi.

Broken Hopes 

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"I am casual with my friends and people I wanna be friends with."

Can such a sentence break spirits? The answer is yes. 

In Japan, people only address each other rather than give names, and talking usually means that they are great friends and close to each other. That being said, Sengoku got his heart broken because Yanagi still addressed him formally.

The depressed Sengoku is sulking about wanting to be friendlier with Yanagi. 

Tooru and Iura found Sengoku smiling after a while. The reason? Sengoku learned that Yanagi was just shy, to be frank with Sengoku.

Yanagi's friends believe that he attracts airheads like Iura and Ishikawa. In my theory, Yanagi gets frank with people who can force out his extroverted side.

Horimiya season 2 is filled with Miyamura and Tooru teasing Sengoku; maybe this episode should be named "The Dum Boys."

Episode 9

Yasuda's Cute Hair 

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Yasuda, the homeroom teacher of class 3-1 and the most frank teacher among all. Although he has some obsession with high school girls, he treats his students like his friends. 

The level of friendship between Yasuda and his students can be judged in episode 9 of Horimiya: The Missing Piece when a few girls catch their favorite teacher taking a nap and decide to turn his soft, luscious locks into a cute hairstyle.

He went to his homeroom class, unaware of the cute pigtails, but none of the students had the guts to disagree with his new fashion sense until Yuki came to the class and handed him a mirror. 

Yuki's Hands 

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In this episode, we are introduced to another teacher who taught our favorite characters as first years, Nakamine sensei.

Nakamine sensei guards the keys, but he is usually so nonchalant that he keeps losing the keys he is trusted with, or he needs to remember where he safely kept the keys, which are usually the pockets of his lab coat.

Yuki noticed a trail of keys that led to Nakanime Sensi. She noticed his ripped pocket and offered to sew it for him. It's just a sweet interaction between a teacher and a student. However, Toru and Yasuda disagree.

This episode of Horimiya season 2 has Tooru sulking due to jealousy. These two are my favorite ships, and this interaction between Tooru and Yuki is the cutest moment of this episode.

Locked With A Monster 

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We all know Hori for her hot temper, and she isn't afraid to show it when she is with her childhood friend. 

Sengoku and Hori fell asleep in class and were locked in; thanks to Hori and her quick thinking, they were rescued by Yasuda sensei. As soon as they were saved, both dashed for the toilet. 

When Miyamura heard about Sengoku and Hori being locked, he presented his concerns to the class president and asked him about his safety and well-being.

It was a reflex action for Miyamura; I mean, who would feel safe after seeing that expression on Hori's face? 

Episode 10

Hori, The Sniffer 

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At some point, all girlfriends go through the thoughts of their boyfriend being stolen by some other girl, not Hori. She has a bigger and unique fear. Hori thinks another man will steal Miyamura!

In Horimiya season 2, Hori's biggest threat is Watabe. Hori knows everyone's scent, and her possessiveness gets triggered when she finds Watabe's scent on Miyamura.

As a counter, Miyamura tried Hori's strategy of remembering scents but failed. All this led to a heartwarming moment that showed Miyamura's soft spot for Hori, where he felt sad that he wouldn't be able to detect other people who tried being close to her.

If we think critically, hori is a lot more dangerous than we perceive, and the funniest thing is, she only has a database for male scents!

What Was The Fight About?

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Horimiya: The Missing Piece is just a compilation of unimportant and petty arguments couples have. This is why Horimiya is so close to our hearts.

In episode 10, we get a skid of injured Hori and Miyamura, and the cause of their injuries is a fight. Now, an argument that includes injuries must be something to remember, right? Nope, it was so trivial they forgot the reason. And if this isn't peak couple behavior, then I dont know what is.

In the end, our favorite couple overcame their egos and made up. This episode clearly shows how Miyamura is the only man that can handle Hori.

Is Miyamura Copying Iura?

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Miyamura showed up with a hoodie, and there was only one more person who broke the school code like that - Iura.

The sudden change had everyone spellbound, and the only person who loved the "Iura-style" was Iura himself.

The scene ended with the cutest Horimiya moment. I better not spoil it, so now is the sign to go and watch it!

Episode 11

Iura? Someone's Crush?

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The most unbelievable incident in Horimiya season 2 has to be the one with iura being someone's crush.

As Valentine's Day approaches, all the girls and boys are buying and preparing chocolates for their loved ones. Sawada was preparing chocolates for her true love, Hori-senpai, when she was approached by her classmate and asked about a 3rd-year student she has a crush on. 

Sawda's first guesses of who her crush could be were Miyamura or Yanagi, but Iura was her last guess.  

The cute Kyohai just has a slight crush on the cheerful hoodie senpai and wants to gift him some chocolates. The act of giving chocolates is a courageous task, and the two make a deal that if Sawada's friend fails to bring up the courage, she will give the chocolates to Sawada instead.

This scene also marks Sawada's first step towards gaining a sincere friend.

Hori's First Chocolate-Making 

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The first time Hori made chocolate for Miyamura for Valentine's Day, both their gifts were basic and without any fancy decor; they enjoyed their valentine with each other's company, and their efforts weighed more than the fancy ribbons and boxes of chocolates.

It was Hori's first time making chocolate treats, so she was nervous. However, her efforts paid off when Miyamura finished his plate of treats.

Episode 12 

The Treat From The Past 

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We all expected small pieces of and skids of Horimiya season 2. Still, as a fan of Horimiya, I was genuinely excited to see the stories of the Hori family get animated, especially this one.

This episode shows who Hori takes after between her two parents. 

This episode showed Yuriko (Hori's mom ) as someone quiet who only minds her business. She is so timid that she looks like a pushover. This is why Kyouske (Hori's dad) helped her carry boxes and was ready to fight the student council president for not thanking Koyanagi.

Even though Yuriko was a timid teenager, she was the wildest girl in the whole school. Hori's dad has a crush on Yuriko, but that crush turns into love when he sees her stand up against bullying and tackle it with graceful violence.

This wraps up the list of cute moments in Horimiya season 2 ( The Missing Piece); let us know which anime moments you want to be listed next on Otaku Fanatic.

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