Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru [ Top 10  Funny Moments ] | Otaku Fanatic

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru [ Top 10  Funny Moments ] | Otaku Fanatic

Jun 06 , 2023

 Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo has stolen many hearts; he is the most powerful and mischievous adult in Jujutsu Kaisen; here are his top 10 funny moments.

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Gojo Satoru is an icon; he is known as the most powerful with the sorcerer powers of a god.

He alone is a threat to most powerful villains, but this vicious and fearsome sorcerer shifts his aura a complete 180 degrees, and we get an adult man who behaves like an undisciplined 7-year-old.

Here Are Some Jujutsu Kaisen Clips Of Gojo's Funniest Moves 

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1- Got To Take A Picture 

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As responsible as Gojo is, we all know what sensible teacher does when they see their most esteemed student at their lowest.

Yes, you guessed it right … they take a picture to diss their student's sorry state later. 

This scene is just a glimpse of Gojo's whole character. It shows his great skills and his carefree character. 

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Being the most powerful, Gojo knows he can handle whatever threat is on the way, so he behaves like a bigger child than his students and takes pictures of Megumi's beat-up face.

Not only that ! he even stopped for souvenirs on his way to save Megumi.

2- False Promises 

Have you ever been betrayed by your teacher? They told you the test wouldn't be hard, but it was. 

They told you they would only give you a ten-minute lecture but dragged it to an hour?

Well, such a teacher resides in Jujutsu Kaisen. Gojo Satoru led his favorite tro to believe they were getting a tour of Tokyo.

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He got them excited for the trip and then put them in an abandoned building to deal with curses.

He means the best for his students but traits them well, especially when we know that Gojo's mental age is lower than his student's mental age. 

3- Never Doubts 

Having great self-esteem is the key personality trait of Gojo. He never doubts himself. 

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Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru can easily be called the most goated and entitled member of the series, to the extent that it annoys his colleagues and students.

Gojo will always win; she is so sure that he bought Youji mid-fight with a curse to observe his sensei win.

Coming after Gojo means they have no sense of danger; Gojo's works, not mine. 

3- Yuji Jumps Out After Death

After being declared dead by everyone, Yuji surprises his friends by popping out of a box and screaming, ".Opappi." 

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Guess whose idea was that?

You are right. It's Gojo. He had better choices. 

To tell Megumi and Nobara about Yuji being alive or even let them meet secretly, but these options were clearly not dramatic enough!

How would you feel if you suddenly saw a dead person walk to you?

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Megumi and Nobara experienced all the emotions they had saved up in their hearts, and they all looked horrid.

Thanks to the chaotic sensei, we unlocked new expressions of Jujutsu school's best students.

4- Mr. Spoilers 

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How would you describe Gojo in a few words?

He is a handsome, passionate teacher, a powerful egoist, and, most important of all, he gives spoilers to movies he recommends

Sure, we like a teacher that entertains and teaches in unique ways, but Yuji had to suffer all the movie spoilers as he trained with a little punching teddy he got from Gojo.

5- No Sense Of Personal Space

There is no one in the anime that invades your personal space like Gojo.

Sakuna, Yuji, Megumi, everyone has experienced Gojo just centimeters away from them.

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The volcano curse had it worse; Gojo had a dull moment with him, holding hands like a romantic couple and telling him to lose his shyness. That's not all; he even let him get a head start for attacks. 

The fight ended in the same way it always has. No one can beat Gojo to resist his charms.

6-Great With Fan Service 

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Gojo knows he is an icon; he likes being flashy because he loves people swooning over him. 

The same is the case with our girl Kasumi Miwa. She represents all of us. She is a die-hard fan of Gojo and fangirls over every action.

Miwa represented us all when she got super excited that Gojo talked to her and even took a picture with her idol. Being in Gojo's godly presence made her forget her task at hand, grinding tea for the principal.

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Little does she know, she is Jojo's ideal type. The sweet girl with noticeable bangs!

7- A Total Tease 

There is a theory that as a young child, Gojo was burdened with responsibilities because of his powers, also known as limitless. Thus he never got the chance to behave like a child.

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Now as an adult, his responsibilities haven't stopped him from releasing his inner child and being a total nuisance to everyone he holds dear.

He bugged the principal and convinced them to hold a baseball match; he teased the principal by calling him old, messed with his senpai calling her weak, and then sneaked Nanami a nonserious message through a note.

8- The Stolen Skirt 

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Nobara searched everywhere for her skirt; she even beat up Panda only to find him wearing maki san's skirt. Take a wild guess about who took Nobara's skirt and pretended to be her.

 You have your answer! Its Gojo. 

According to Megumi, Gojo Satoru has no tact but still gets the most important jobs done. In short, you don't want to deal with Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo.

9- Megumi's Lost Lover?

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Remember the time in the Jujutsu stroll when Yuji thought Megumi was being hit on?

Yup. It's the most iconic scene of Jujutsu Kaisen.

So what would you expect a sensei to do in this case? And what do you think Gojo did?

You are right ! he pretended to be Megumi's violin teacher and his secret affair.

Gojo is Megumi's guardian. This explains why Megumi is more mature between Gojo and him.

10- Meet The Unmasked Teacher

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Gojo Satoru is the only teacher whose students refuse to recognize him.

After the long battle in the Jujutsu Kaisen move, Gojo rescued and helped his student. The only change was that he was wearing his mask. His student's first impulse? Ask him who he was. 

He may be the only teacher who had to introduce himself to his students after removing his mask and the only one that called himself good-looking in his introduction.

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This is it for the first season but stays tuned because season two of Jujutsu Kaisen is almost here, and you will find all the adorable compilations here at Otaku Fanatic!


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