Leading Romance Anime To Fill Your Heart With Warmth | Otaku Fanatic

Leading Romance Anime To Fill Your Heart With Warmth | Otaku Fanatic

Jan 14 , 2022

These romance anime are too good to be left unseen. From cute couples to hot chemistry, these romance anime have it all.

What makes a good romance anime? 

Is it the plot unfolds or the way the characters we ship connect with each other?

We can all agree that the second a romance anime starts we can see the red thread connecting two characters and subconsciously we start rooting for them.

Kyoukai No Kanata 

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Mirai Kuriyama, a cute girl with glasses who has the power to bend blood on her command has bestowed the task to kill Youmu, the demons born from the negative emotions of a person.

As she secretly carries out her tasks she accidentally crosses paths with Akihito Kanbara and half breed immortal Youmu. 

Mirai ends up joining the literature club with Akihito and his friends and their cute romance unfolds to state our hunger for action, fiction, romance, and thrill. all in one anime.

Tamako Market 

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The cute romance unfolds in the small shopping district where Tamako, a cute girl whose family runs a traditional mochi shop is selected by Drea, a cute chubby royal bird, for the hand of the good prince of his country.

Mochizo Oji has been a good friend of Tamako since childhood and has realised his feelings for her.

It's great to watch when looking for a completed romance anime series.

Akkun To Kanojo 

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Akkun is living his best life with a sweet and cute girlfriend. Non is a clumsy and cheerful girl with intentions too pure for her own good. 

This high school romance anime is about 3 minutes per episode.

It's worth it when you want to watch some wholesome romance between an extremely expressive girl and her boyfriend who loves her to death but struggles to express his feelings to his sweet angel.

Koe No Katachi

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The story of a bully, Shoya Ishida who used to bully Shouko Nishimiya, a deaf girl.

When Ishida got caught as a bully he turned into a social outcast. Ishida later reunites with Shouko and develops new bonds with her which he later recognizes as romantic.

If you are looking for an anime with new romance and recognition of self love for both characters, this romance anime perfectly fits the description.

Ways Of A Household Husband 

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The story of a former Mafia Boss who turned into a stay at home husband to help out his wife who is an office worker. 

This anime series is perfect to watch when you have a good meal waiting for your attention.

It is a short romance anime that shows the struggle of a husband that has a violent background trying his best to run everyday chores without trying to attract trouble towards him.

The anime has it all. A cute husband and wife relationship, a hot yakuza, and a good plot of savour.

Servant x Service 

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This romance anime is wrapped around the office of civil servants.

Lucy Yagami has the unusual reason to be a civil servant, she wants to get her hands on the civil servant that stamped the approval of her long irrational name.

Hasabe Yutaka is the easy going guy who joined the civil servant office to carry on his worry free life and get his daily dose of fun by teasing Lucy. 

Hasebe falls for Lucy and tries to date her but is shot down because Lucy considers dating as a hindrance in her way of revenge.

This romance anime has many interesting side characters with cute chemistry and an interesting spectrum of emotions to watch and enjoy.


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In the universe of highly developed animals, an uneasy tension between the herbivores and the carnivorous, a flower of romance blooms between a wolf, Legoshi, and a cute rabbit Haru.

Due to a mysterious murder of a friend, Legoshi is hell bent on finding the culprit. 

During this journey, Legoshi falls for Haru, and his urge to protect her increases as he proceeds to unravel the culprit's true identity.

If you are looking to watch a new romance anime with murder and mystery. Beastars doesn't disappoint you at all.


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Naho wakes up for her first day of high school and receives a letter.

This letter holds the unusual events that align perfectly with her day but, the unrealistic part of this letter is that this letter is written to Naho by her own 26 year old self.

As Naho continues with her life she learns that her future self is buried beneath the heavy weight of regrets that she wishes to correct. Especially the events involving Naruse.

Naruse may look like an unordinary cute high school boy but he is depressed to the point of ending his own life. 

To watch this anime is like a wild ride through gentle romance and anticipation as Naruse's friends all start receiving letters from their future selves to help Naruse back to loving life.


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An inseparable group of friends that no longer associate with each other after a tragic incident caused the death of Menma, the cute and sweet girl of their friend group.


The story takes a turn when the spirit of Menma is sent down to only Jinta who can see her and communicate with her spirit.

The friend group secretly believed that Menma’s death was because of their irresponsibility and each of them felt the burden of Menma's death. 

During the journey of Jinta reuniting the friend group, he starts to fall for Menma. 

This romance anime is heartbreaking and too good to miss out on. If you like a tragedy with romance this is the perfect pick to watch.

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

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Misaki Ayuzawa is a strict and stern student council president known for being good at her work while carrying out tasks with hard work and dedication.

Misaki has a secret that can ruin her well built reputation.

Our cute protagonist Takumi Usui discovers Ayuzawa’s secret of working at a maid cafe and that's when his mischievous instinct to tease our cute student council president perks up.

The mischievous and clumsy romance is to choose to watch if you are weak for a lead that thrives on teasing his best girl.

All these romance anime somewhat set out goals for the romance we want to experience in our lives. Let us know which of these you found yourself most connected to!

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