Manhwa With Best Husband and Wife Love | Otaku Fanatic

Manhwa With Best Husband and Wife Love | Otaku Fanatic

May 27 , 2022

The manhwa with a husband who loves his wife to death. These husbands are whipped for their wives. They are clingy husbands that would worship their wives if given a chance.

What do we want to read when we crave a romantic manhwa with husband and wife?

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We want inseparable chemistry, and we want love and lots of blushing. We want the couple to excel in their strength and complete each other. 

These power couples are not only entertaining but also the reason for raising the standards to skies.

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These manhwa husbands are the reason for raising the standards of a girl to the skies. They know how to treat their lady right.

 These manhwas include supportive wives and empowering husbands who love each other so much that they set new examples in their realms.

How to Get My Husband on My Side 

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The story of Rudbeckia, who was used as a pawn by her brother and father to marry a Knight of The North. 

The knight that's destined to kill her whole family.

The protagonist was killed in her first life and then resurrected to set things straight with her husband.

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Rudbeckia thought she had been married off to an unfeeling monster. 

When she got closer to him, even if it was to save herself and her family, she discovered his true side.

But is our protagonist’s love enough to stop a war and countless murders?

My Secretly Hot Husband 

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Letitia was mistreated by her uncle and forsaken to marry a man known to be the hideous and brutal beast. 

He wasn't rumored to be terrifying. Instead, he was called The Devil. The people feel their throats close when uttering his name.

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The events took a turn. The man who was rumored to be The Monster Lord for his merciless acts is a sweet man who cherishes his wife, is caring, and has a childish side.

Letitia hated her uncle for giving her off to a monster in human form, but when she saw her husband's face, it all changed.

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 He turned out to be a softie with no self-confidence. At this, the protagonist, who wanted a divorce, pledged to stay by her husband’s side and show Erden his worth to make him regain his confidence.

Under The Oak Tree 

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Riftan used to be a lowly knight. He married the Duke’s daughter, Maximilian, and left her alone in the house of the Duke, where she was tortured by her father regularly.

Riftan returned after three years as an honorable knight known everywhere and took Maxi to live with him.

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Maxi lost her confidence and self-esteem because of continuous abuse at home. Riftan helps her feel loved and regain confidence.

They slowly become closer, but Maxi hides another mystery about her identity. Will Riftan accept her as his wife after learning the truth?

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Will he throw her away back into the hands of her abusive father to be tortured after the truth of Maximilian?

Karina’s Last Days

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Katrina has the “Art Disease,” meaning she can draw and bring her creations to life at the cost of deteriorating health. 

Karina has always been neglected by her parents, and each of her accomplishments was ignored and put on hold. 

When she discovered she had a few months to live, she decided to run away from her toxic family, she confided in her fiance, who may look cold-hearted and harsh, but his heart melts for Karina.

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These two aren't at the level of husband and wife love, but as they work hard to battle Karina's disease, there is a chance they might get married.

How will Karina choose to live the rest of her life? Will she die in sorrow, or will she receive the love she has always longed for?

The Duchess’s Lewd Invitation

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This manhwa started from the demand for divorce. The Duchess feels no attraction towards her husband and turns to a brothel that satisfies a lady's needs. 

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The Duchess chooses her favorite man to be pleased with, completely unaware that the man under the mask is her own husband.

They develop a strong connection with the encounters at the brothel, the Duke’s heart filling up with love for his Duchess but is she ready to learn the true identity of her special servant?

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Will she accept the Duke after learning that he deceived her?

Positively Yours

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Because of a failed, unrequited love, Hee-Won decides to go all out at the nightclub and hooks up with the handsome man she meets.

 This impulsive decision leaves her pregnant.

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Do-Joon proposes to take complete responsibility and marry Hee-Won.

What will Hee-Won choose to do?

Because of Hee-Won's harsh childhood, she has lost her faith in marriage.

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If she decides to become Doo-Joon's wife, will the scars of her childhood let her experience the husband and wife love she has seen in movies?

Questions flood her as she debates her next action.

Darling, I'm Going On A Strike.

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After spending 10 years of marriage with no love, Cassia takes her last breaths. 

Laying in bed and making her last wish, she feels the sweet pull of death take over her and wakes her up with a gasp.

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The time has turned back to the first night with her husband, Zester. Realizing that she magically went back in time, she decides to live like there are no limits.  

She becomes blunt with her feelings and decides to rest all day rather than take charge of the duties of the house. 

The Empress's changed attitude unravels a new face of her husband that she has never seen before. 

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He isn't some distant beast. He is the softest creature that is ready to lay his life for the sake of his wife.

 Being captivated by her husband's true feelings, she decides to change the fate of her land and people. What actions must she take to do that?

The Villainess Lives Twice. 

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Artezia is the greatest asset of her brother to overthrow the government and become Emperor.

 She was double-crossed by her bloodline and thrown to death as a lowly pawn, Artezia promises to become the destroyer of her brother’s cruelty as she is reborn a few years earlier than her death. 

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Amid all the revenge and battle for power, will her romance blossom?

Will she be able to rebel and punish her own bloodline?

These manhwas share a unique plot, and with the same theme, the classic husband and wife love that we are here to be served. 

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Each of these mc has its own strengths, and their husbands play a significant role in highlighting them as they are supported and loved by their wives.

 A combo was deadly as poison while as captivating as the nightlight. They complement each other like the moon and stars.

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