Miri Chan's Cute Moments And Funny Faces Anime: Buddy Daddies | Otaku Fanatic

Miri Chan's Cute Moments And Funny Faces Anime: Buddy Daddies | Otaku Fanatic

Feb 12 , 2023

 Cute and funny moments of Miri Chan and her buddy daddies, all the cutest moments from episodes released so far!

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What Makes Buddy Daddies Anime So Special? 

4-year-old Miri Chan was on a quest to find her father while the greatest assassins, Rei Suwa and Kazuki Kurusuwere hunting down their valuable target.

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This anime carries the story of two loving fathers and Miri chan, who met on a chaotic day and became a family.

Miri has a bubbly personality with the charm of cuteness, while Kazuki and Rei have only known hunting as blood-cold assassins. 

The smooth animation is dedicated to P. A Works while Vio Shimokura designed the cute characters. 

Santa’s Gifted Them A …. Child?

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Miri can be called the miracle of Christmas for these assassin buddies.  

Though her backstory isn't fun, Santa gifted her two fathers after seeing her devour his handmade dessert with glee. Now Miri sleeps with a worry-free smile.

A Hurricane Named Miri

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In all honesty, buddy daddies anime display an important lesson in everyday life. One kid is enough to turn the whole house upside down.

Bonus: Miri chan’s enjoying hamburger after causing the hurricane!

Good Morning Greetings 

Rei got the warmest good morning greeting, a dive straight to the critical hit. Let's all pray for our severely injured soldier. 

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P Is For Pressure

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How dramatic can a life with one child be? If you are happy to race against time and pressure and help them pee, you got no problem! 

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If Miri has two assassin buddy daddies, you must keep her away from the target’s home, or she helps herself to their toilets.

M Is For Monkey

The best assassins in the world have a new cutest team member and new habits. The sugary cereal is the next target, and major Miri, the cutest fighter, is assisting in this mission.

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The best part about raising kids is their behavior. Our Miri's cutest moment in buddies daddy is when her eyes shine when baited with a banana.

Bonus: Miri’s funny face unlocked!

Bathtub Sleepover 

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No training prepared Rei for the hunting skills of a toddler. They are immune to bluffs and diversion and will hut you down even if you hide in the bathtub. 

These cute creatures then snuggle up to you and sleep in the tub with you.

 A Rei Of Sunshine 

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Miri is the new famous anime cute kid, and her Buddy daddies are the new famous parents.

Rei seems like a lacking parent, but Miri trusts him when in need. And that's all that matters to Rei.

Fans also believe Rei is recapturing his childhood as he fulfills Miri’s playful wishes and protects her.

The Partner In Chore  

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Do you grasp the art of saying “no” to kids? Oh, you don't? You are doomed.

The kids are great, and they are very kind with helpful spirits. This is all fair until they demand to help with your chores. Saying no to those innocent eyes is a crime, and saying yes is a disaster.

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Speeding up the exercise machine, overloading the detergent, cleaning laundry by vacuuming, and filling the bathroom with loads of bubbles are all the cute tasks Miri completed with her buddy daddies.

The Fruit Of Love 

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Raising kids is hard work and constant struggle, but in the end, it's all paid back when you hear your dearest say the three magic words.

The buddy daddies have a long way to go for juggling work and raising Miri,  but all is well when it ends with love.

Like Father Like Daughter 

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Rei’s habits and expressions are rubbing off on Miri, especially how she reacts to the news of no more pudding, just as her daddy reacts to no more games.

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Episode 5 is filled with Miri Chan's new expressions and mischief; buddy daddies anime is gaining popularity fast with its cute little protagonist and the unique profession of her guardians.

I hope you enjoyed the list! Stay tuned for more because there will be another list coming up as the episodes of buddy daddies updates.

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