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Nagisa Kubo | Kubo San Wa Boku (Mobu) Wo Yurusanai | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 12 , 2023

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All the information about Nagisa Kubo, the special person that can easily spot Shiraishi and the sweet female protagonist of Kubo San Wa Boku (Mobu) Wo Yurusanai.

Who Is Nagisa Kubo? 

Nagisa Kubo is a purple-haired protagonist of the anime Kubo won't let me be invisible or Kubo San Wa Boku (Mobu) Wo Yurusanai. She is the typical famous character that never goes unnoticed by anyone.

Nagisa Kubo is a high school student with the special ability to spot Shiraishi. Since Kubo seems to have this special ability, she goes the extra mile to tease her favorite boy, Shiraishi. 

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Her character has a mischievous and playful side reserved for Shiraishi.

Based on Kubo's character design, she likes to put Shiraishi in nerve-wracking situations to find the extent of Shiraishis invisibility. Still, there are more reasons than appear on the surface.

Kubo occasionally hints at having a crush on Shiraishi, but like every male protagonist, he is too dumb to read her advances.

What Are Nagisa Kubo's Special Qualities? 

Nagisa Kubo has the most important quality: easily noticing Shiraishi, but what other aspect made her a perfect wifu and the best girl?

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She Is Considerate 

After her gorgeous purple, yes, the first thing you will notice about Nagisa Kubo is her mischievous and considerate core.

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Kubo is mischievous at the core and loves making Shiraishi go through new experiences, but at the same time, she is considerate. She always looks out for Shiraishi and tries to help him with his invisibility. 

She is always there when Shiraishi needs to open automatic doors or needs to answer questions from the teacher.

She Tests Boundaries 

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Nagisa Kubo is a brave character. She is not scared of the consequences her mischievous little acts may welcome, that being said. Her naughty little attempts are always innocent.

Kubo has a kink of driving Shiraishi to the edge, stirring his heart. After watching the anime, it is clear that she wants Shiraishi to read her advances, but he is too dumb to understand her gestures.

Upfront Of Her Feelings 

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Kubo isn't our ordinary anime girl who hides her true feeling and just hopes that the male protagonist will sniff up her true feelings and confess their love.

Nagisa Kubo is bold enough to drop every hint possible. She is so straightforward sometimes that she embarrasses herself with her upfront attitude.

Chrip And Cheerful

This sounds like a cliche aspect of the female protagonist, but an aspect that cannot go unnoticed. 

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Kubo is literally a ray of sunshine; for Shiraishi, this statement holds more meaning. 

 Kubo is always smiling with her friends, but she smiles more genuinely whenever she is teasing Shiraishi. She is invested in Shiraishi so much that smiling has become a natural response whenever she sees or hears about Shiraishi.

Innocent Devil

When we consider Kubo's mischievous attempts, we find one similarity, all her acts are innocent. 

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Her conduct throughout the series is innocent with automatic cute appeal; the bonus is when she tries to act bold.

When Kubo found out about Shiraishi's adult magazine, she was in shock; she even confronted Shiraishi about his preference but got shy from her own words and escaped Shiraishi's gaze.

Likes Honesty. 

We have seen the latest episode of Kubo-san won't let be invisible. We know that Nagisa likes truth and honesty. She prefers to know the truth even if the lie is trivial and for her own good.

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Kubo had everyone thinking that she just wanted to tease Shiraishi and gain her daily serotonin from that, but there is more to her than on the surface. 

She asked Shiraishi to hold his hand out in the recent episode and asked if she made him wait. Despite Shiraishi's attempts to convince Kubo that he didn't wait long, he was forced to tell her the correct waiting time.

 The cherry on top, she judged he waited long for her just by feeling how cold his hands were 

Kubo And Shiraishi Are Partners In Crime. 

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In my opinion, this is the best reason listed. 

Kubo's curiosity gets the best of her when Shiraishi's invisibility is on the line. 

She wants to explore all the limits until Shiraishi gets noticed, and Shiraishi goes along because he, too, never tested his invisibility superpower and wants to know its limits.

Their creative experiments together make the show fun and tickle our curiosity about the extent of Shiraishi's presence.

Bad At Cooking 

Some people have a knack for cooking, and some stay happy with the single skill of making ramen.

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Nagisa Kubo ranks as the worst cook anime character. Her sister says she can't tell the difference between cabbage and lettuce. 

Her cooking hardly matters because Nagisa Kubo puts her heart into it whenever she cooks.

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After many horrible tasting chocolate and numerous tries, she finally asks for her sister's help with valentine's chocolate; however, she delivers it to Shiraishi secretly, and we all know our innocent boy. He is still wondering who gave him the chocolate.

Loves New Experience 

What is life if not challenged with small and cute new daily tasks?

Nagisa Kubo is very bubbly and cheerful. She craves life's wholesome and new tasks to stay giddy and productive.

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In the recent episodes, she takes on the mighty mission of ordering a matcha latte by equipping Shiraishi's special invisibility help.

She succeeded, but looking at her happiness about conquering matcha latte makes me crave one for myself.

Has The Best Expressions 

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One of the most enjoyable parts of this anime exist because of Nagisa Kubo; she singlehandedly carried this anime with her cute faces and new chibi reactions. 

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It's easy to know how Kubo feels and what she is thinking at any moment because of her honest and cute expressions. She shows a new expression with each playful mischief, and it’s the best thing in the world.

Gets Her Way 

A girl aware of her charms and capable of utilizing them when the demand arises is a powerful asset, and Nagisa Kubo owns it.

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Nagisa Kubo is used to getting what he wants by using her pouty lips and puffy cheeks, she has her older sister and Shiraishi wrapped around her finger with it.

If I ever see her pouty face, I do what she says in a second.

Kubo Nagisa is ranked as the best girl, try and resist her charm and be engulfed by her sweetness! If you crave more content, visit us at Otaku Fanatic! We got the hottest anime update you are looking for!

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