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One Punch Man- Best Saitama Funny Faces | Otaku Fanatic

Apr 21 , 2022

All of Saitama's top funny faces are compiled here! The true faces behind all the one punch man memes 

Saitama is known for having a large spectrum of meme worthy faces. His signature unfazed boiled egg expression has fans love him even more. 

We live for the moment Saitama's expression changes to throw a serious punch or when he makes a useless point with a straight face.

As much as we love his serious face, let's appreciate his top funny faces of all time

Guess I Will Go Left 

Otaku Fanatic

As a hero with the duty to save the planet. What do you do when the aliens invading earth tells you to go right?

You run to the left. 

Saitama’s face, along with his mischievous laugh when he decided to go left, holds a special place in every fan’s heart.

Trolling the alien is the evilest thing Saitama ever did.

Damn Mosquitoes!

Otaku Fanatic

Isn't it annoying when a mosquito chooses your ear as a place to hold concerts?

The world’s greatest hero faces the same problem! 

This face of Saitama exhibits what our hearts genuinely feel about the situation. 

The situation where Saitama is running around naked, chasing his bloodsucking nemesis simply wins the award for one punch man funny moment and the best face. 

Your Worst Nightmare Found You 

Otaku Fanatic

The Ground Dragon is running for his life to escape from the beast who shattered Beast King into tiny pieces.

What happens when he tries to dig his way out of the situation?

A little peek a boo from Saitama before shaking hands with angels in heaven. 

Say No To Nose Boogers!  

Otaku Fanatic

The hero in deep slumber finally wakes up as the villains destroy buildings in the city.

What do you think is the world’s strongest hero's biggest concern? What caused this worry on his face?

That right! 

Booger on the opponent’s finger when playing rock paper and scissors.

We might not know Saitama's secret of strength, but we now know his worst nightmare. 

Saturday Sale

Otaku Fanatic

Even when Carnage Kabuto raised Saitama's hopes for a worthy opponent, Carnage Kabuto wasn't able to get Saitama to lose his shit and make that expression.

What made the One Punch Man panic?

The thought that he missed the Saturday Supermarket Sale.

When Your Student Gets  Higher Grade Than You

Otaku Fanatic

Genos is busy praising his sensei for being placed in S class just like him, but it turns out his sensei didn't get the S class. He got C class.

So now he is just standing there, waiting for Genos to finish his praise and break the news to him.

Udon? More like U-DONE 

Otaku Fanatic

This is the only face of defeat Genos will ever witness on Saitama's face.

The Super Spicy Mega Monster Udon Challenge is the only challenge Genos won against Saitama. 

Probably the only challenge he can win against Saitama. 

Keep It Short 

Otaku Fanatic

This is another example of meme worthy One Punch Man funny face.

“When the teacher continues their lecture even after the bell rung.” 

This moment itself is iconic in its way. After getting his ears fried by Genos, Saitama finally tells Genos to shorten his backstory to 20 words or less. 

Saitama’s blunt confessions are another reason we love the Caped Baldy.

Bro. what are you worked up for?

Otaku Fanatic

Remember when Genos straight up cremated the whole building to get the job done faster?

Everyone, including Saitama, was surprised by Genos’s brutality, but all he could say was 

“At least see what the bad guys had in store for us…that was kinda mean.”

Maybe Saitama was sad he lost a chance to meet a worthy opponent.

Creepy Patrols 

Otaku Fanatic

The city is too quiet. There is no crime. Why is the hero panicking while patrolling?

He is about to get fired.

Saitama was desperate to save a citizen and get some hero action in his record, or else his name would be unregistered from the hero association. 

I guess that's everyone’s face when they are on the brink of being fired.

Sore Loser 

 Otaku Fanatic

How many times has Saitama lost to King in the video game? 72 times. 

Even when Saitama was promised that King would play with one finger against him, I guess the odds were still not close for Saitama to win.

All he could do was make that face and curse at the game.

Train The Face 

Otaku Fanatic

With a serious face, this man opened the vault of secrecy behind his immense strength to his subordinate.

Where does he get that strength from?

 100 push-ups! 100 sit-ups! 100 squats! And a 10 km run every day!

No one believes this to be the reason behind Saitama's strength, but Genos was impressed.

Saitama is the king of memes. He can face the biggest villains with a monotone face, but when it comes to everyday inconvenience, his expressions are the best. 

If you want a dose of one punch man funny moments, check out Otaku Fanatic for more! 

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