Popular Female Anime Characters that are Worthy Of Worship | Otaku Fanatic

Popular Female Anime Characters that are Worthy Of Worship | Otaku Fanatic

Apr 10 , 2022

When we talk about being badass, these female characters are on the top of the popularity list. It doesn't matter who rules in the anime. These queens rule our hearts.

What Makes these Female Anime Characters Popular?

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These characters are a delight to watch, they may appear on the screen for a minute, but they have the power to steal the show.

The ability that made them far more popular than the main character hides in the writer's talent.

The writer chooses to birth a character with a strong personality. Someone undefeated by the pressure of society, a skilled yet humorous character that holds their ground family.

Here are the Most Popular Female Anime Characters! 

Nezuko Kamado

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Anime: Kimetsu No Yaiba 

She is better known as the cute and sweet Nezuko Chan. She is the younger sister of Tanjiro. He cherishes his younger sister and even believes that she takes after their mother.

When Nezuko was 12, she was turned into a demon by Muzan. in a demonic trance, Nezuko attacked Tanjiro. Upon realizing her actions, she changed herself and protected her brother from the demon hunter.

She is just a natural at being her angelic self, but  When she becomes a demon, she has the urge to consume human flesh and blood. 

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Nezuko practices her willpower never to lash out again. For me, Nezuko is the prime example of having the will of titanium.

Nezuko is still learning to control her powers and use them better until she can get to a healer that can cure her demonic side. 

She was granted the title ‘’ Chosen Demon’’ by the Demon King.

Sakura Haruno

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Anime: Naruto

Sakura is the only child brought up in a loving and supporting family. As a young girl, she aspired to become the next Hokage.

She entered Konoha’s academy and became the victim of bullying by her classmates; they made fun of her forehead.

Sakura suffered from insecurities growing up, but she accepted herself and became stronger than she ever was as she grew older.

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Sakura was mocked for being nothing more than a Genin; she proved everyone wrong and trained herself to be the strongest. 

Some even say that she would surpass Tsunade, a remarkable Sannin, and The Fifth Hokage.

In the epilogue, Sakura married Sasuke, having a cute daughter. She not only married the most popular boy in the anime, but she also achieved the title of the strongest woman in the anime.

Sasha Blouse 

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Anime: Attack On Titan 

Shasha was a devoted member of the survey corps. She had a lively personality and vital combat skills.

Sasha is far more popular as the Potato Girl; she acquired the name when she ate a potato in the assembly as a rookie.

When confronted by the commander, she innocently sliced the potato in half and handed the smaller piece to the commander as an apology.

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Sasha always had firm rules:

  • Stand your ground and fight for what's right 
  • Always eat food like it is your last meal.

Sasha may not always be on the list of most popular female anime characters, but she ranks at the top for leaving an empty hole in the fan's hearts. 

Like any of her fans, I am still recovering from her death.

Touka Kirishima 

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Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

What do you think a strong female character looks like?

A female character with solid ground, an individual personality, and a prominent role in anime.

Touka has it all!

She used to be a waitress at Anteiku, a coffee shop that served both ghouls and humans. 

She chose the side of nonviolent ghouls that get their meals without hunting humans.

Touka is quiet, reserved, and observant. She is gentle and caring, but between the battle of right and wrong, ghoul and humans, she lost the skill to express her feelings. 

As a ghoul, Touka is known as The Rabbit because of the rabbit mask she equips to hide her identity.

Uraraka  Ochako 

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Anime: My Hero Academia

Uraraka is a high school student at U.A Highschool. She aspires to be a top ranked hero. 

Uranaka comes from a low income family, and, like many of us, she wants to provide for her parents and help them escape the life of poverty.

Uraraka chooses Uravity as her Hero name; it suits her a lot because she can alter the gravity around her, making things lighter or heavier.

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Uraraka always has a cheerful personality; her aura can motivate a rock to become a mountain.

In the anime, she always gets nervous around Deku even though Deku likes her back; at this point, the fans are only waiting for them to become cannon. She admires deku a lot and aspires to become as devoted as Deku.

Hori Kyouko 

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Anime: Horimiya

 A devoted and hardworking high school student at Katagiri highschool. She looks like a famous fashionista.

Many of her classmates think she is too proud to hang out with them after school, but the reality differs significantly.

She works hard to be the top student at school; she takes care of her little brother Shota while performing house chores because her parents work. 

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She is known to be the Ice Queen for being straightforward and rude, while her boyfriend disagrees. 

To Mitamura, Hori loves people for what they are and puts all her efforts into the tasks she is taking on. 

When we think of dominant and popular anime characters female, Hori pops in front of our eyes in a flash.

Misaki Ayuzawa 

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Anime: Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

The protagonist of Kaichou wa maid sama, Misaki, is well known as the demon president in her high school. 

She acquired the nickname for being tough and sticking to the rules.

Misaki had everything under her control until she met Takumi, who discovered the secret of Misaki, working as a maid in a maid cafe. 

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Takumi initially teased Misaki about revealing her profession to everyone for his entertainment but somewhere in the middle of all the playful teasing and an excuse to not be bored. 

He discovered himself falling for Misaki. 

Violet Evergarden

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Anime :Violet Evergarden

Conflicted by her feelings and purpose, Violet was raised as a killing machine to destroy enemy lines. Even as a child, she has only heard commands and harsh words. 

Being exposed to only harsh words, Violet heads to search for the meaning of heartfelt words said to her in mid war by Major Gilbert.

After the war, Violet heads to work as an Auto Memory Doll at CH Postal Services. The main focus of Auto Memory Dolls is to construct letters conveying the true feelings behind the words.

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Violet can hardly express her feelings; she pushes herself to new words and emotions.


The journey of putting feelings into words is hard for her, but she hopes to polish her skills to find the meaning of words that touched her heart, even without completely knowing the meaning of words that moved her soul during the chaos.

Misa Amane 

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Anime: Death Note 

A devoted lover who would surpass the boundaries of insanity in the name of love. 

Every death note fan agrees that Misa was the only ray of sunshine in the whole anime series.

Being happy and jolly doesn't mean you haven't seen bad times; as a child, Misa looked at tragedy straight in the eye as her parents were murdered in a robbery. 

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She believed that the robber was let off easy after claiming the lives of innocent people; this is the core reason she supported Kira and the crime free heaven he promised to create.

Misa’s cute and friendly character helped her learn various rules about shinigami and even befriended a shinigami. 

She helped light as much as she could, but her unbounded and unconditional love became the very reason for her death.

Haruhi Fujioka 

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Anime: Ouran HighSchool Host Club 

Filled with honesty and charm, Haruhi is a scholarship student at  Ouran Academy, a place that serves education to the nation's wealthy people.

Being from a low income family, Haruhi paid no attention to the ways of rich people, but the day her luck ran out. She broke a vase at the school’s Host Club.

Until she managed to pay back the damages, she was required to work as a host to entertain the wealthy ladies of the school.

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Haruhi is admired and loved by everyone because of her caring nature and eagerness to do her best.

In the anime, Haruhi is a popular host among the ladies because of her beauty and because no one other than the club members know the reality of Haruhi being a girl.

In a moment, Haruhi becomes the most demanded and popular member of Ouran Highschool Host Club, the undying crush of all girls.

All these female characters have their strengths and popularity; they aren't the best and are well known for their looks. They are famous because of their unique stories and individual personalities.

Which of these popular anime characters female was your first crush?

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