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Shiina Mahiru | Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten| Otaku Fanatic

Apr 01 , 2023

 To the public, Mahiru is the perfect girl or an "angel." She is kind, polite, beautiful, and intelligent, the protagonist of the anime Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten. Here is what you must know about her!

Who Is Shiina Mahiru?

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Her quickest introduction would be:

The protagonist of the anime Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten and the neighbor of Amane.

She is a people pleaser. She is perceived by everyone as an angel for her perfection, though she hates being referred to as an angel.

The voice actor of Shiina Mahiru is Manaka Iwami, the well-known voice behind Tohru Honda(fruits basket), Amber (Gin shin Impact), and many more.

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Mahiru is intelligent and cute, stays at the top in school, is honored, and is considerate. The perfect idol anyone wants to be. 

The public thinks perfection and Mahiru Shiima go hand in hand naturally; however, that's not the case.

She works hard to achieve her goals, learns from her mistakes, and works until she gets the perfect outcome.

What Aids Her Hard Work And Life Achievement?

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Here are a few reasons:

Her parents are super rich. 

She happens to be gorgeous. 

She Pure hearted.

Has Amane as her biggest cheerleader. 

A Little About Mahiru Shina's Childhood 

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Mahiru didn't experience a normal childhood like everyone else. Yes, she is rich and pretty, but that never accounted for the physical and mental absence she suffered from both her parents.

Shiina Mahiru lived her whole childhood craving acknowledgment from her parents while her parents ignored her existence and hard work.

Koyuki-San, her family housekeeper, raised her.

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Mahiru was treated like a fancy vase by her parents, kept in a luxurious house, maintained but important enough to spend time with.

She bottles up her emotions and copes with her feelings alone. This explains why her first encounter with Amane was sitting alone in a playground under the cold rain.

Her parent's emotional neglect caused her to habitually push people away and isolate herself whenever she was depressed.

What Are Mahiru's Character Qualities?

Let's start with her looks first!

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I can write a thousand-word essay on Mahira's beauty and still won't get to describe it completely.

She is gorgeous. She is too perfect. She is tidy, good at sports, cute, great in her studies, kind, a fantastic cook, and the list goes on and on.

Shiina Mahiru's character is so flawless that sometimes I want to see her mess up in the anime.

She surely has many qualities of a cliche rom-com heroine, but always being upfront about her demands and actions sets her apart from other anime girls.

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She is always kind, especially to Amane. She cooks for him, helps him clean his messy home, and cares for him when he is sick.

Mahiru is the center of attention for everyone. Her kindness and considerate behavior have earned her the title of "Angel."

Her Relationship With Amane Fujimiya 

Her relationship with Amane is pure and straightforward at first look, but there is more.

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Their friendship started with a kind gesture from Amane when he gave his umbrella to Mahiru to prevent her from getting soaked in the cold rain.

Next thing we get to know as the audience, Mahiru was Amane's neighbor. She helped him recover from the cold he caught after getting wet in the rain.

Amane Fujimiya has lived an entirely different lifestyle since Mahiru started caring for him.

Mahiru keeps herself and her surroundings tidy and presentable. Amane's careless and messy routine compels her to take care of him.

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At first, Mahiru cooked for Amane because of her guilt. She blamed herself for taking Amane's umbrella, causing him to fall sick.

These two gained closeness, and Amane became a person Mahiru felt safe with. She can be herself and speak her mind with Amane. She feels seen and more expressive about her emotions with Amane. 

Amane is Shiina Mahiru's spirit animal.

She Is Aware Of Her Beauty

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This is an obvious thing about Mahiru. She is gorgeous.

Her classmates always compliment her. The boys and girls all fawn over Mahiru's simple gestures. All this had made Mahiru aware of her cuteness.

According to her, she knows she holds good features and always maintains her looks.

She isn't interested in outer beauty, so she doesn't pay attention to cool and handsome boys at her school. Mahiru only values the pure intention of people.

She Hates Being Called An Angel.

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People call Mahiru an angel because of her perfection. Still, she shows irritation whenever someone refers to her as an angel.

Mahiru works hard to achieve perfection. She keeps a strict routine to attain her goals. She hates being called an angel because of her constant hard work and labor.

According to Mahiru, an angel will effortlessly have perfection without going out of their way or hard work. In contrast, she must give her best to reach her goals.

She Is Blunt With Amane. 

She can be overly sweet and bubbly with the rest of the world and maintain an unbothered persona with everyone else, but with Amane, she is different.

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She is blunt and honest with her feelings whenever Amane is involved. 

It's safe to say that Amane is the only guy who brings out genuine smiles from Shiina Mahiru.

We can always see this duo blunt and honest about their feelings for each other, separating them from all the cliche rom-com couples.

Amane is the only person who has seen the vulnerable side of Mahiru. She feels comforted in Amane's presence and secure enough to smile without any worries.

Gets Jealous Of Good Parents 

Mahiru's parents didn't treat her well, mentally and emotionally. They are a sensitive topic for her to bring up.

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Mahiru dislikes her parents for always keeping her on edge because she feels she will never be good enough, no matter how hard she works.

Whenever Mahiru sees other people having involved parents, she feels out of place and jealous.

Even when Amane called her mother snoopy and annoying for assuming Mahiru was Amane's girlfriend, Mahiru considered it a blessing to have a parent concerned about their child.

This sums up Shiina Mahiru’s character, but if I have left anything out! Let us know!

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