Sign Of Affection Episode 4 - What Kind Of Voice? - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Sign Of Affection Episode 4 - What Kind Of Voice? - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 15 , 2024

 In episode 4, Rin asks Yuki and Itsuomi to join her on an unofficial shopping double date with Kyouya. During their drive back from the shopping spree, Kyouya decides to drop Rin at her apartment while Itsuomi invites Yuki to his apartment.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

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Rin and Yuki spend time with Kyouya and Itsuomi at their restaurant; on the other hand, Emma makes moves on Itsuomi and convinces him to spend a night at his apartment. As Yuki notices the frankness between Itsuomi and Emma, she gets unsure about confessing her feelings to Itsuomi.

The Bold Moves 

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The supporting characters are always straightforward. They never seem to get in a messy situation, which makes their relationship progress faster. Like in Loving Yamada at Lv999, the second lead was straightforward about her intentions of dating with marriage in mind.

A sign of affection has a new twist; while we see the main couple thrive, the second lead couple is still finding the ropes to share their affections. 

However, I would say Rin is a brave female character. She might be too shy to spend the day with Kyouya alone, but she is bold enough to ask him out on a shopping spree. 

The Good Friend Kyouya 

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Kyouya is well aware of all the heartbreaks in situations involving girls and Itsuomi. He knows that Yuki is into him and wants to know Itsuomi’s intention toward her as well so that he can save Yuki from later disappointment.

He seems like he can pick up hints and read people fast, even though he is totally dumbfounded about Rin’s feelings towards him.

Although Itsuomi occasionally teases Kyouya about Rin, the fans are still waiting for bold moves from his side to confirm the Rin x Kyoya ship.

The Soft Side Of Oushi-Kun 

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We all love the second lead. They always find a way in our hearts with their cute yet unnoticed gen\stures. Sometimes, the second leads are selfless and even give dating advice to the female protagonists ( Shizuku and Yamaguchi in My Little Monster). 

Sometimes, they even put their lives on the line (Akura-ou and Namami), but the saddest part is that they never get the girl.

Oushi has liked Yuki since childhood but never dared to confess his feelings. To me, Oushi is the better match for Yuki because he cares about how people behave around Yuki and always looks out for her ease, and he also learned sign language for Yuki well before Istuomi did.

A small detail I noticed is when Yuki ignored Oushi on the commute, and he started to sulk. It was cute and heartbreaking at the same time.

Itsuomi Flirting 

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I get the hype that all girls fall for Itsuomi in a few seconds, but this episode made sure we fell for him harder than the past episodes. 

Itsuomi is a girl magnet, and people genuinely enjoy his company. if I have to guess why, I think it will be because he casually wraps his arms around you to save you from falling and then says cheesy things like “target acquired.” At the pace at which Itsuomi is gaining fans, we must join an emotional support group for when A Sign of Affection Season 1 ends.

Was This Episode Worth The Watch?

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This week’s funny face award goes to Rin; her face and gestures are always genuine and on point. The whole episode gave up multiple shocks and even more cute moments. The animation was smooth, like a glazed doughnut. I would rate it a 9.6/10. 

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