Solo Leveling Episode 10- What Is This, A Picnic? - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Solo Leveling Episode 10- What Is This, A Picnic? - Review | Otaku Fanatic

May 08 , 2024

Episode 10 of Solo Leveling picks up with Jinwoo’s hunting team returning from the dungeon after defeating Kang Taesik. Joohee declares her retirement as a hunter while Jinwoo and Jinho form a raid party and continue to raid their business plans. Meanwhile, Jinwoo catches the eye of the most famous White Tiger Guild for his recruitment.

A Brief Recap Of  Solo Leveling Episode 9

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In Solo Leveling episode 9, as Jinwoo enters the dungeon with his ‘double dungeon’ hunter team, three criminals, and Kang Taesik, the alarm bells in Jinwoo’s mind start to ring. On the other hand, Kang Taesik, a psychopath who unalives people for fun, killed the criminals as well as Mr. Kim and Mr. Kang. Episode 9 had an epic showdown of Jinwoo defeating Kang Taesik as per the system's orders.

Feeling Bad For Joohee 

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Solo Leveling has shown us how different characters heal, and it felt like a burden was lifted off Joohee’s shoulders when she decided to leave the hunting business for her mental health. The sweetest moment of the whole episode was when Joohee’s sole motivation for joining the raids was Jinwoo. Now that she has seen Jinwoo excel in fights and become powerful, she can finally move on without feeling guilty for Jinwoo.

The only difference between the manga and anime that we caught in this scene is that Lee Joohee doesn't say goodbye in the manga as she leaves.

The Big Brother Instincts 

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In Solo Leveling Episode 10, every aspect of Jinwoo is completely changed, but some things remain the same. 

All heroes are driven to protect, be it their family, like in Spy Family, or their friends, like in Banana Fish. In Jinwoo’s case, he has his mom and sister to protect. 

In Solo Leveling episode 10, Jinwoo’s big brother instincts are ignited when he sees a young high school hunter on the raid team. He had no problem with all the drunk and injured hunters joining the raid, but this man really inquired about the young hunter, also known as Jinah’s classmate, Han Songyi.

On second thought, is it just me, or did we all initially mistake the high schooler, Han Songyi, for Jinwoo’s sister at first glance? The artwork of both characters is very similar. If a high schooler appears with longer hair, we will all have problems recognizing them.

The Armor Chronicles 

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The Solo Leveling fans are comedy-deprived, but the anime makes up for it by including scenes that make up for a whole episode's worth of fun.

As we all know, Jinho is Mr. Spoiled Kid. He always has to make his debut with new, high-quality, and expensive armor. All the fans remember his gold and silver armor, and now he has the red and black custom-made armor, or what Jinwooo likes to call it: “I'm not trying to be mean here, but take this stuff off.”

Even after the “falling incident, “ Jinho insisted on keeping the helmet on throughout the raid. 

The Animation Of Raids 

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As Solo Leveling fans, we are always anticipating action and thrill, and episode 10 of Solo Leveling has sated everyone's hunger with its fire out in the background of the epic dungeon raid animations, which were not present in the manhwa.

The animation of the Juju Island Raid was unexpectedly flawless. There are rare times when a flashback makes people anticipate a future action scene, but the Jeju island arc animation for the future has raised our expectations of mountain peaks. 

Was Episode 10 Of Solo Leveling Worth The Watch?

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For a “ low priority episode,” the A-1 studio still exceeded the animating expectations; this episode alone is proof that people need the second Cour to be animated in order to survive since some of the Solo Leveling fans are already dreading the approaching end of season 1 or the first cour.

This week's Solo Leveling episode 10 experience is rated 9.8/10. It was a package deal of wholesome and swift animation, lightweight comedy, and a guild infrastructure explanation. Jinwoo overcame physical and psychological hurdles, but the saddest part of this episode remains the dame, Joohee, leaving the hunting business. 

There is more anticipation for future reviews, so join us again for the following review at Otaku Fanatic!

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