Solo Leveling Episode 11 Review - A Knight Who Defends An Empty Throne | Otaku Fanatic

Solo Leveling Episode 11 Review - A Knight Who Defends An Empty Throne | Otaku Fanatic

May 22 , 2024

Solo Leveling episode 11 continues from Jinwoo’s journey to a clearing in the forest further away from the central city; as he gets ready to accept the job-changing quest from the system, he has accepted raids and leveled up to be strong enough to be able to conquer this dungeon, Jinwoo agrees with the system notification and strides into the gate to experience the most waited battle of this season, Jinwoo vs. the knight who guards an empty throne.

A Brief Recap Of Solo Leveling Episode 10

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Episode 10 of Solo Leveling picks up from Jinwoo and Jininho, gathering the hunter team members, including Han Songyi, and continues to the 19th raid as agreed upon. However, their raid method is unconventional. Only Jinwoo and Jininho enter the dungeon while the other members wait outside the dungeon. On the other hand, Jinwoo's sole motive in accepting raids with Jininho was to level up and be strong enough to enter the job-changing dungeon.

New Ability Stones 

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As we all know, Solo Leveling has a strong fanbase in the gaming community, but some of Jinwoo's habits give the gaming fans some unusual icks.

Some say that his spamming his points on his strength rather than agility or intelligence is a dumb move. We agree that having strength is not the key to success in any gaming platform. But if we look at Jinwoo's [respective], he has always been on the weaker side of the hunting business. He was so weak that he dealt damage to the goblin minions, so it's a given that he would prioritize strength over intelligence.

The second ick is that Jinwoo is not using the new ability stones that he gets; the curious gamers are eager to learn the new ability, but Jinwoo is also causing suspense in that case.

The Muscle Strength 

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For all the fans criticizing Jinwoo for spamming his points into strength, it was surely his best choice, considering he had to fistfight and rip off the heads of steel-armored soldiers with his bare hands. 

The funniest part of this fight has to be the fact that Jinwo gained steel armor, but it's invisible when equipped. I can't help but imagine the writer adding the armor equivalent for depth and showing Jinwoo's progress in the newest episodes of Solo Leveling. But the artist is just good at drawing hoodies and shirts, so we have the most fashionable armor of the series—the invisible armor.

One more thing. Did anyone else get flashbacks in this episode of Solo Leveling when Jinwoo was "dressing up" his new armor, or was it just me?

The Most Awaited Fight 

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All the Solo Leveling fans agree that we have been waiting for a particular Knight vs Jinwoo scene since episode 1 of Solo Leveling. Even though we witnessed many epic battles, the animation flow of this fight was ultra-HD. The way the knight dropped the sword for a fair fight sent chills down my spine. 

The average Shounen fan dreams of such fights, and to say the fight of Jinwoo vs. the Knight was a dream come true in understanding the stimulating fight we experienced. To see it finally being animated makes us want the release of the second season of Solo Leveling sooner. 

The Fan's Taste Buds 

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There are some animes, like No Game No Life, and Lookism, that would raise the animation standards and then end after a single season. These developed and refined tastebuds of fans now accept nothing other than the peak entertainment and serotonin rush that we got the time we watched these animes.

Solo Leveling is the type of anime that has refined our taste for anime, and it's going to take its second cour to witness the same threshold of serotonin again from a shounen anime.

Was Episode 11 Of Solo Leveling Worth The Watch?

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Every bit of Solo Leveling Episode 11 was worth watching. The fight between Jinwoo and the knight was hyped more than we know, but after watching the episode, we know it was not hyped enough. The swift animation and the complete transparency of every single punch delivered gave an immaculate experience. If we think of all the frames the animators drew for a single punch, we should gift them with longer breaks. 

Survival For The Fittest 

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I think I represent everyone when I say that my heart sank when the armored soldier army started pouring out of the portals. All the while, Jinwoo is stuck with the least HP, and to top it all off, he cannot access his inventory for survival time. This is the most intense cliffhanger in the whole season of Solo Leveling.

If you haven't watched Solo Leveling yet, now would be a great time to catch up on the best animation of 2024 here at Otaku Fanatic!

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