Solo Leveling Episode 2 - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Solo Leveling Episode 2 - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Jan 27 , 2024

Solo Leveling is back with its sensational animation and plot twists. We were all eagerly waiting to know the fate of Jinwoo, but here we are with new anxiousness for the next Solo Leveling episode. 

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Lets get the review started!, here is what you need to know:

The Opening 

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The first episode of Solo Leveling didn't have an opening, but we have it now! We get a glimpse of all the cool action that will be witnessed this season. 

The song itself is a banger. I feel like it will be a new trending sound once our baby protagonist gets a glow-up. 

My heart started racing when I saw the swift action and epic fight sequence between the glow-up Jinwoo and the Giant. The opening of Solo Leveling has made me even more hooked on the anime. I might not stay for the plot, but I will surely stay for Jinwoo's glow-up.

Sense Of Imminent Threat 

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Sun Jinwoo ranks the lowest; his survival skill is bound to be polished. He is used to being the group's punching bag and being the only injured in the lowest-ranked adventures. My anime senses tell me that this acquired skill of Jinwoo is going to come in handy if he survives the ominous evil statues. 

Brutal Deaths 

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It is only the second episode of Solo Leveling, but the amount of brutal deaths we witnessed is immense. It's a great way to keep us hooked, and it works.

The same intense action tactic is used in Jujutsu Kaisen, where extreme action scenes grasp our interest. And it's working perfectly! 

I think the most brutal death of this episode was Mr. Park. The man wanted to be the hero and provide for his family, and he got sliced in half before even grasping he was in danger.

I felt bad for the other guy, the one that lost his hand and then got sliced in half, Gojo style.

The Most Anxious Moments

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The scene that made me literally hold my breath was when Jinwoo was running towards the singing lady statue to complete the second commandment and barely making it. I released the breath I didnt even know I was holding. 

The Cliche 

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Overall, this week's Solo Leveling episode was unique, with its new opening, ways of death, the creepy statues, and Jinwoo proving that he deserved to be the MC. Still, it had one cliche: blaming the captain for making the hunting decision.

All the weak teammates turned and called the captain hasty and blamed him for their misfortune, which was also somewhat predictive. Still, the way the captain took responsibility was something new.

We usually see teams turning on each other and taking the blame, but this captain proved his position by being responsible.

The Ending 

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In the end, all team members had lost patience, and as an audience member, I was very 

close to chewing all my nails; I wanted to know what lay behind the door.

Did the people who escaped have a chance at life? Did Joohee survive? We are all shipping her with Jinwoo.

We were all pleading for Jinwoo's life with him, and then the notification appeared.

"you have acquired the qualification to be a player. Will you accept?"

I'm still anxious about the next episode, and if you are not familiar with the manga, you will be tempted to spoil the next episode yourself. 

Overall, the score of animation quality, the artwork, suspense, and plot twist, the episode gets an A+ rating. 

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