Solo Leveling Episode 3 Review: It's Like A Game | Otaku Fanatic

Solo Leveling Episode 3 Review: It's Like A Game | Otaku Fanatic

Feb 24 , 2024

 Solo Leveling Episode 3 starts with Jinwoo's survival from the double dungeon and walking up to realize he is the only one who can see a screen pop up in front of him, confirming that his nightmare is a reality. He is now a player in a secret hunter system.

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Episode 3 of Solo Leveling had a lot to offer despite its slow pace. Here are some hot topics for episode 3 discussion

The Prequel Here Here 

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Solo Leveling Episode 3 has a slower pace than the first two, but the best part is that the initial explanatory episodes are over. Right now, we stand roughly on chapter 15 in the manga, in case anyone can't bear the suspense anymore.

The Mana Calculator 

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Let's be honest; we were expecting some increase in Jinwoo's strength after we saw his limbs heal, but the anime sent a great message that we must work hard to improve. Jinwoo isn't getting leveled up as he breathes but is leveling up because of peak MC behavior and hard work.

 We also learn that he was a total noob, even when it comes to gaming controls. Solo Leveling Episode 3 has all the baby steps necessary to level up.

Testing The Limits 

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Jinwoo wanted to completely understand the system and its power, which meant he needed to test its limits. Since our MC wasn't too bright, he ignored the daily tasks sent by the system. What did the system do in return?

It sent him to a survival level of four hours with a snake-centipede monster. He did receive a survival gift, but it is a core memory for Jinwoo.

Fight Deprived Fandom

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The fandom has complaints from the animators about Solo Leveling; since we all know that Jinwoo will get his glow-up very soon, it has become harder to wait for it. However, the fandom has one more complaint: they are fight-deprived.

The fandom has expressed that the creators spent too much time building jinwoo'djinwoo'd characters while others enjoy the extensive character build. 

The current pace is the best because too many details will be left out if the anime is rushed. Plus, we can't have our character suffer major trauma for two episodes and expect him to overcome his trauma, become a bodybuilder, and bounce back into his hunting lifestyle. 

The Dungeon Fight 

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We all have been waiting to see Jinwoo in action, but Solo Leveling Episode 3 has to live up to its reputation and leave us hanging mid-fight. The idea of spoiling the manga for myself feels very tempting to me.

The fight scene at the end of the episode gave us an adrenaline rush. Even though we knew it was a low-level fight between goblins and jinwoo, we all experienced the adrenaline rush when the steel-fanged wolf entered the dungeon. Our expectations for episode 4 are immense.

Small Changes Found In The Adaptation

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  • The flashbacks of Jinwoo's mother collapsing were not included in the prequel chapters of the manga. 
  • There were more scenes of  Lee Joohee, including the scene that shows her trauma-coping phase, her hospital visit to Jinwoo, and more. 
  • The random employee with Woo Jin-Chul is changed to  Kang Tae-Sik. 

All these changes help us make the anime adaptation more complete because the anime hype indicates a demand for season 2 before the completion of season 1!

This concludes the review for episode 4 of Solo Leveling. The excitement for next week is more than ever; see you in the following review!

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