Solo Leveling Episode 4 - I've Gotta Get Stronger- Review | Otaku Fanatic

Solo Leveling Episode 4 - I've Gotta Get Stronger- Review | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 01 , 2024

 In episode 4 of Solo Leveling, Sung Jinwoo overcomes his fear of staying idle during danger and goes headfirst into a fight with the steel-fanged Lycan wolf during his first dungeon quest.

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He learns that his strength has leveled up, and he can easily fight goblins. Nothing compares to the fear he felt when he faced the godly powered statue, and Jinwoo's aim became clearer. He wants to be strong enough to defeat the Evil Statue.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

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Episode 3 of Solo Leveling was mainly a filler. It told us about the consequences Jinwoo would face if he denied the system. The episode had an epic battle between Jinwoo and goblins; as Jinwoo leveled up, the episode followed its tradition to leave its audience on a cliffhanger fight between Jinwoo and the steel-fanged Lycan.

The Color Code Explanation 

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Solo Leveling episode 4 engages us in fights that will make you binge the whole manga. The best thing about the initial episode is our explanation of the system grading.  

Jinwoo sees the name of each enemy he faces in different colors. So when the name of his enemy is written in red, it means that it's stronger than him, yellow represents the same level as him, and white means the lower level than him. 

From the audience's perspective, it's a great way to let us have control of interpreting the enemy's strength; it also removes the cliche element of each enemy's power explanation before a fight.

The Snake Vs. Jinwoo 

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The highly anticipated battle of Solo Leveling episode 4 is finally here. After all the leveling up, Jinwoo dragged the strength of steel-fanged Lycan to a white-label category, but despite the multiple levels, the boss of the dungeon is still at the orange-label level.

Jinwoo has a unique way of recovering from trauma. He could have cooped himself up like Joohee, but he has turned his fear into an obsession to be able to return to that double dungeon and defeat the statue.

Time Travel And Precision Hit 

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We all saw how Jinwoo threw his worn-out, broken dagger at the monster after he got out of the dungeon. This scene is a great perspective on how fast Jinwoo's strength is peaking and how drastic the changes in his strength get.

Let's all agree that our hearts skipped a beat with that precision throw!

The Voice Shift 

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All the fangirls noticed a gradual choice change in Jinwoo's voice. The pitch of his voice got deeper than at the start of this episode.

The transition of his voice from king, gentle, and cute shifted towards bold, mysterious, and strong. All the credit falls to Jinwoo's VA Taito Ban. he gradually shifted the coarseness of Jinwoo's tone towards a deeper and sexier tone rather than a quick, noticeable change.

Jinwoo's voice change was captivating, and as a full-fledged Jinwoo fan, I'm waiting for his voice to be as deep and charming as possible. 

This concludes the review of solo leveling episode 4. The anime has just started picking up its pace, and now the audience is more hooked than ever! Return for more reviews, Otaku Fanatic.

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