Solo Leveling Episode 5 - A Pretty Good Deal -Review | Otaku Fanatic

Solo Leveling Episode 5 - A Pretty Good Deal -Review | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 02 , 2024

Episode 5 of Solo Leveling is all about the cruelty of the real world. Jinwoo, along with a B-rank hunter, is trapped and left to die at the hands of the dungeon boss by an corrupt hunter party whose usual business practice is to leave low-class hunters as bait for the dungeon boss and then coming back for the loot. 

Significant Events Of Episode 4 

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In episode 4 of Solo Leveling, Jinwoo overcomes his first hurdle, the survival penalty against the snake centipede, and his first dungeon, where he wins against the snake boss.

He started healing his trauma with the drive to become strong enough to face the evil statue in the double dungeon.

The Relatable Fangirling 

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After all the years of fan service targeted towards the boys, we have finally entered the era of fanservice directed towards girls.

In this episode, we first saw a glimpse of Jinwoo's abs and new height. The nurses were not exaggerating when they were swooning over his physique, but the star of the show was his voice. 

We experienced a slight shift in the coarseness of Jinwoo's voice in the previous episode, but in episode 5, his vocal cords decided to shift the cuteness to bold hotness. The baby Jinwoo is all grown up, and the fans are more than happy with the animation.

A Friend With Half A Brain Cell 

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I predicted that Yoo Jinho would become Jinwoo's best friend by the way he introduced himself. Jinwoo's personality is transitioning towards mysterious black cat energy, and his character needs someone with golden retriever energy to debuff his dark aura. 

Jinho is a rich kid, but his behavior has proven him to be an intelligent man. He has the necessary survival skill, which will come handy in future. He is one of the rich kids whose daddy buys them extra expensive things. Even though we hate rich kids like him in the usual anime, Jinho's character is lovable and cute.

The Corrupt Older Brother 

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Hwang Dongsuk made Jinwoo and Jinho sign a contract that removed any liability from anything that can happen inside the dungeon. Moreover, he has no healer in his hunter party. Sounds fishy, right?

Solo leveling episode 4 is slipping into drama with each step, and since Dongsuk is the older brother of S-class hunter Baek Yoon-ho, I can smell a fight between Jinwoo and the two brothers in future Episodes.

The Anime Original Touch In Episode 5 Of Solo Leveling 

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In this Solo Leveling episode, the audience is introduced to the S-class hunter Baek Yoon-ho. The fans received some fanservice that showcased his abs during his training session, his immense strength and impressive back muscles. This episode gave us an idea of the physical power Baek Yoon-ho holds.  

The training scenes in the new episodes were out of manga, but these scenes merged very well with the storyline as well as the upcoming story.

A single punch from Baek Yoon-ho made a massive hole in a rock, I don't know about you, but this scene reminded me of a scene in One Punch Man when Saitama's single punch split the mountains in two.

This ends the episode 5 review of Solo Leveling; the end of this episode has become hype because of the anticipation of the next episode. See you in the next review at Otaku Fanatic!

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