Solo Leveling Episode 6 - The Real Hunt Begins - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Solo Leveling Episode 6 - The Real Hunt Begins - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 08 , 2024

 Episode 6 of Solo Leveling has a plot twist within plot twist; the anime starts with an epic battle between Jinwoo and the giant spider in the dungeon; this fight is just an appetizer for a more brutal fight, Jinwoo vs. the greedy hunter party that returned to collect loot after trapping Jinwoo and Jinho in the dungeon.

What Happened In The Last Episodes?

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Upon his discharge from the hospital, Jinwoo started searching for some hunting jobs to make quick money. Our protagonist was recruited by a hunter party that needed men to be placeholders to enter a dungeon. Upon reaching the boss of the dungeon, Jinwoo and Jinho were abandoned by the corrupt hunter party and left to fend for themselves against the giant spider. 

Spier Vs. Jinwoo

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Considering the nature of anime and the upcoming fight, the battle between Spider and Jinwoo would never make the list of top fights in the whole manga, yet this fight was animated so swiftly with precision that it became an accelerating experience.

Every move in the fight was swift; the dagger play, the use of fists and the facial expressions, the brutality by which the soldier was stabbed, the fighting tactic all these had our hearts in their grasp.

Almost all of us forgot about Jinwoo's daily quest reward, which is why our hearts missed a beat When Jinwoo's fatigue hit 70. I exhaled a breath I didn't know I was holding when Jinwoo received his rewards and gained full recovery. This whole episode was peak quality.

The Urgent Quest 

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As Shounen fans, we like to think that we are used to all the new plot twists that come our way in new animes, but as a Solo Leveling fan, I would confess that this episode left me speechless. 

We all knew Jinwoo would win against the spider, but neither we nor Jinho expected the emergency quest of wiping off the hunter party to be a big surprise. 

The new quest made Jinwoo a little more brutal and fearless than he was; he recognized his new potential, but more exciting than that was how Jinwoo decided to use the system just like the system used him as a player.

All this drama brought us to the funniest part of the anime: Jinho's survival skills kicking up and addressing Jinwoo as the boss will always remain the best part of this episode.

Was This Episode Worth The Watch Time?

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Solo Leveling episode 6 was a roller coaster; even though this episode didn't end with a cliffhanger, it left many questions unanswered. What would happen when the S-class hunter learns of his brother's death? What will happen if Jinho spreads the news of murders that occurred in the dungeon if the deaths are investigated? 

The last scene of Jinho and Jinwoo standing in the rain with the setting sun is cinematic and is an anime original content. It shows the characters' minds jumbled with guilt of being forced to kill and the mental progress they possess; overall, I would give this episode a 9.6 out of 10! A-1 animation has delivered what they promised.

This is all for the week; tune in next week to Otaku Fanatic for more juicy Solo Leveling content!

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