Solo Leveling Episode 7- Let's See How Far I Can Go - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Solo Leveling Episode 7- Let's See How Far I Can Go - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Apr 10 , 2024

 Solo Leveling Episode 7 finds Jinwoo being targeted by guild officials for suspicious activity within the dungeon. On the other hand, Jinwoo meets with Jininho to discuss forming a guild. While Jinwoo needs money, he likes his adventures to be solo. As Jinwoo explores the limits of his power, what the system wants from him still needs to be determined.

A Brief Recap Of Solo Leveling Episode 6?

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In the last episode of Solo Leveling, Jinwoo and Jinho are deserted by the hunter party and face the dungeon boss by themselves. When the greedy hunters return for the loot, the system orders Jinwoo to finish off the hunters. The news of the survival of low-ranked hunters spreads through the higher-ups, and now Jinwoo is their main focus of suspicion.

The System Analysis 

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Solo Leveling has a unique touch regarding system rules and regulations. We mostly see similar anime, like No Game, No Life, or Classroom of the Elite, with rules that don't care about their players. 

In Solo Leveling, the system wants Jinwoo as desperately as Jinwoo needs the system. It's clear that Jinwoo uses the system to get stronger, but it is still unclear why the system needs Jinwoo so desperately that it orders it to kill any opponent with bloodlust toward its player.

The system's secrets are complex, but they have us hooked. The subtle unraveling of small details is not only fun but also attention-grabbing for us fans.

The Meeting With Jinho  

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As Solo Leveling fans, we love to see the accuracy between the manga and the animation. While Solo Leveling, episode 7 follows the essential storyline. There are some subtle changes like:

Jinwoo doesn't make funny faces when meeting Jinho; their conversation has a more serious aura in the manga. 

Jinwoo didn't immediately accept the 19 raids. In the manga, he stalled at the decision and then put forth his conditions for the raids before accepting them.

Jinwoo had more severe aftereffects after killing the greedy hunter party, which caused him to sulk and isolate himself in his room.

The Elixir Of Life 

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What we love about Jinwoo is that he isn't pretentious. We love MC without ego. Look at Saitama; he is the best hero because of his humble behavior.

Solo Leveling gave us an MC that doesn't act arrogant after the power-up. The fight between Jinwoo and Cerberus was a thrilling experience. The whole fight had our attention in its clutches because Jinwoo barely survived. 

The best part about Solo Leveling episode 7 was that Jinwoo didn't act like a cliche and proceeded with the Elixir of Life dungeon. He knew when to give up, and judging from his drive to obtain the elixir, he knew when to return to the dungeon and complete it.

Was Episode 7 Of Solo Leveling Worth The Watch?

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Solo Leveling episode 7 was a hyper-coaster. It was filled with important plot information and an epic fight in the dungeon. The animators at A-1 Pictures are artistic geniuses. If you are one of those fans who has started reading the manga, get ready to be blown away by the accuracy.

Now that Jinwoo has the recipe for the elixir of life, things are about to get super interesting. I will rate this week's episode an 8.5/10 rating. I'm too excited for the next episode, so be ready for the next review at Otaku Fanatic.

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