Solo Leveling Episode 8 - This Is Frustrating - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Solo Leveling Episode 8 - This Is Frustrating - Review | Otaku Fanatic

Apr 24 , 2024

In episode 8 of Solo Leveling, Jinwoo accepts a dungeon mission in which he reunites with the people who left him alone in his life-altering double dungeon. After Song Chi Yul apologizes to Jinwoo for the unfortunate events, the team is ready to raid the dungeon; on the other hand, Kang Tae Sik brings three convicted criminals to join the team for the dungeon raid, but Kang Tae Sik has another fate decided for the criminals. 

A Brief Recap Of Solo Leveling Episode 7?

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In episode 7 of Solo Leveling, Jinwoo is being investigated by the higher-ups because an E-rank hunter is continuously surviving the most dangerous tunings that open up. While investigations continue about Jinwoo's newfound abilities, Jininho approaches Jinwoo to form an agreement to raid dungeons together.

Cha Hae: The Strongest Female Lead 

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We all love a strong female lead, but since Solo Leveling is a shonen anime, there is less of a romance element. As fans, we can't help but ship our most beloved characters.

Cha Hae Is Shipped With Jinwoo Because Of Two Reasons:

The reason first reason is her abilities 

As an S-rank hunter, she is most compatible with Jinwoo, and the second reason is that she is well-known to the manga reader. Let's hope the animators serve us the saucy and popular one-on-one training scene in this season of solo leveling.

Cha Hae is loyal to whoever she works with, so let's hope we see JinwooXCha Hae in action soon!

Song Chi Yul Is The Ideal Captain

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Every anime has an older and wiser figure with kind eyes who always makes good decisions while guiding their juniors. Dragon Ball Z had Master Roshi, Avatar the Last Air Bender had Uncle Ioran, and Solo Leveling had Song Chi Yul.

However, the scene where Song Chi Yul is talking to his student during Kendo training is altered from the original manga. The anime doesn't tell us that Song Chi Yul was Cha Hae In's mentor, and a random character replaces the person who asks about his retirement. Nonetheless, Solo Leveling Episode 8 served as great action scenes.

Song Chi Yul peaked as captain when he admitted his mistakes and asked Jinwoo for forgiveness. Noble-minded people act in this way, and it shows.

Feeling Sorry For Lee Joo Hee  

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Episode 8 of Solo Leveling shows us the non-healing side of trauma very well. We have seen many forms of trauma in animes, like Banana Fish, where Eiji deals with the loss of his best friend, Ash, and Kageguri, who is a whole psycho character, but all these characters cope in their own way.

In Solo Leveling, we have Lee Joo Hee, whose mind is still stuck within the walls of the double dungeon. Her PTSD and its aftereffects pushed her hard enough to coop herself in the room and even lash out at her loved ones.

Joo Hee is working on overcoming her PTSD in her own small ways by joining the low-ranked raids and avoiding anything intense. It helps the audience get a perspective on how differently people heal.

The Team Gets Reunited 

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The old double dungeon team finally reunited, and some due apologies were presented, and guilt cleared among the group. However, I just can't wait for the next epic battle. The audience is craving some Jinwoo action, but the animators of Solo Leveling know how to keep us tempted and hooked.

A small difference I noticed between the manga and anime regarding the reunion scene is that when Joo Hee meets Jinwoo, she has a happy expression on her face, while in the manga, she is in tears because of her reunion.

Was Episode 8 Solo Leveling Worth The Watch?

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Even though this Solo Leveling episode 8 focused on the plot more than the action, the story building to another epic dungeon fight has the fans in its clutches. This episode was necessary to understand the authority, limits, and abilities of all characters, especially Jinwoo.

Overall, I would rate this episode an 8/10 for its details and visuals. In next week's episode review of solo leveling at Otaku Fanatic, we will see what new battle awaits us.

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