Solo Leveling Review Episode 1| Otaku Fanatic

Solo Leveling Review Episode 1| Otaku Fanatic

Jan 19 , 2024

 Let's start the Solo Leveling review by understanding the basics.

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A portal that could connect different dimensions has opened in the world; various magic beasts and monsters that reside within the portal can now walk through those portals. Common worldly weapons have no effect on these monsters, but they can only be fought by special ability humans: Hunters.

The Power Dimensions 

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Hunters are ranked based on their powers, the highest rank being the S- rank and then moving to A, B, C, D, and finally E.

Our protagonist, Jinwoo, is ranked E, but he wouldn't be ranked in it if there had been a rank below that. 

What I loved the most is the uniqueness of these ranks and abilities; in some animes, like One Punch Man or Mob Psycho 100, the heroes can develop their powers and rank higher, but in Solo Leveling, anyone who awakens their hunter abilities, their rank doesn't change once awakened. This may be called unfair, but it still adds to the thrill of the anime. 

The Anime Reputation 

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Solo Leveling is also a well-known manga; the fans are excited after watching the anime. As an anime fan familiar with the manga, I feel like I'm watching Solo Leveling for the first time.

The anime adaptation looks amazing; there may be some sequences that may not match the original manga. For example, the shot of Jinwoo staring at the statue is not the exact replica of the manga scene, but it fits perfectly with the animation sequence.

The Standard Cliche And Cliffhangers 

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The standard cliches are available: the weak MC, a love interest to which the protagonist is unaware, multiple responsibilities on the protagonist, strong characters, and a class system based on ranks. These are all hype-worthy yet cliche points of the anime. However, the basic premise is different. 

The MC doesn't enter a nice and cute Isekai and fixes everything. We don't see any hope for the hero's improvement. And these elements fueled the cliffhanger of the anime. Making us restless till the next episode. 

Some people have turned to the manga because they couldn't handle the suspense created by the first episode.

The Animation 

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The first episode is mostly informative to establish the characters' position and the anime's dynamics. So far, the fans are happy with the animation. I would rank it A+ for its swift movement and the fights.

It's a great responsibility of the studios to animate any manga with a previous reputation, and studio A-1 has done the job perfectly. Even the statues are so perfectly animated that the audience can feel the evil aura oozing out of their screens. The statue still gives me goosebumps.

Is Solo Leveling Worth The Watch?

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Solo Leveling is the best anime of this season, already ranking on the top charts. It delivers exactly what you want, with a great introduction and suspense. It's one of those anime that get you completely hooked by episode 3. 

If you want to experience the most trending and exciting anime of the 2024 winter season, this is the anime for you.

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