Solo  Leveling Episode 9 - You’ve Been Hiding Your Skills -Review | Otaku Fanatic

Solo  Leveling Episode 9 - You’ve Been Hiding Your Skills -Review | Otaku Fanatic

May 01 , 2024

Episode 9 of Solo Leveling picks up with Jinwoo encountering the three-passage dungeon and proceeding to the pathway that leads to the boss. On the other hand, the blood-hungry psychopath Kang Taeshik killed Mr. Kang and Mr. Kim for pleasure. As the rest of the team discovers their bodies, the audience experiences an epic battle between Song Chi Yul and Kang Teshik; Jinwoo finally ends Kang Taeshik. The dungeon incident is reported to the hunter association, where Song Chi Yul takes full responsibility for King Taesik's death as a payback to Jinwoo saving his life.

A Brief Recap Of Solo Leveling Episode 8 

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In the last episode, Jinwoo signs up for raids to level up and win the dungeon that holds ingredients for the elixir of life. He is reunited with his previous double dungeon team, along with Kang Tae Sik and three prisoners. As Jinwoo entered the dungeon, he sensed something fishy lurking from Kang Tae Sik.

What Happens In The Dungeon Always Stays In The Dungeon

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The fans debate whether Kang Taeshik is a good or bad guy in Solo Leveling. 

Most of us were rooting for him and even assumed he was good because Kang Tae shik looked like he was driven by his moral compass when he accepted the money to take revenge for the old man's daughter. However, as expected of Solo Leveling Episode 9, all the fans were shocked to see Mr. Kim on the brink of passing away.

We can all hear the manhwa fans giggling in the corner as the anime fans receive and live the plot twist and unexpected character turnout.

The Consistent Epic Battle That Occurs Each Episode 

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Most anime are known for their best fights, but many of them skip the smaller fights as their MC gets stronger. For example, in One Punch Man and Dragon Ball Z, the boss fights are always well-animated, but the smaller fights lose their taste as the MC gains more power.

Solo Leveling is the only anime of 2024 that has maintained consistent enthusiasm for all fights. All these fights feel elating and thrilling, ranging from boss battles to Mr. Song vs. Kang Taeshik. 

The best part is that we have yet to reach the best fight of the season. If Solo Leveling stays consistent with its aura, the expectations for cour two will be over the roof.

Song Chi Yul  Vs Kang Taeshik 

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Solo Leveling is the only anime that doesn't discriminate on fights. It is similar to the strategy One Punch Man uses by showing side character fights before the most awaited fight.

The Jinwoo and Kang Taeshik Fight prequel was as epic as ever. The battle movements and sword handling of Song Chi Yul against Kang Taeshik were immaculate. To think he held off a false rank assassin for so long, even after being a c class hunter, is an amazing appetizer for the main course battle. 

In my opinion, if Song Chi Yul were an assassin hunter rather than a mage hunter, he would have single-handedly defeated Kang Taeshik (literally).

Sung Jinwoo Vs Kang Taeshik

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Jinwoo started with holding the moral compass; the petty excuse of prisoners was just a cover for Kang Taeshik to go on a killing spree to sate his psychological hunger for killing, but we all know Jinwoo's intelligence points are keeping all his enemy's tactics in check.

The Jinwoo vs. Kang Taeshik fight ended a bit faster than it did in the manga. As a Solo Leveling fan, I wanted more fighting sequences. Still, nevertheless, the activation of abilities like killing intent and tracking Kang Taeshik by his blood lust with great moves was great.

Was Episode 9 Of Solo Leveling Worth The Watch?

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Solo Leveling episode 9 is rated 9/10 for its sentimental confessions, team reunion, sorrowful deaths of side characters, satisfying battle moves, and new abilities. 

This episode differed only slightly from the manga. For example, not all criminals are killed by Kang Taeshik in the manga, and Jinwoo does not drag the criminal to the boss in the anime. The boss battle of Jinwoo vs. the Goblin King was also completely skipped. Nevertheless, this episode of Solo Leveling has us anticipating Jinwoo's next adventure.

This concludes the Solo Leveling Episode 9 review; stay tuned next week for more updates on Otaku Fanatic!

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