Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Ni Suru Anime Greatest Moments | Otaku Fanatic

Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Ni Suru Anime Greatest Moments | Otaku Fanatic

May 24 , 2022

My Dress-up darling has the quirkiest funny moments, and all these best moments of Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Ni Suru anime are compiled to enjoy.

This anime serves all the lovers of cosplaying, the fans of cosplaying, the people who enjoy a slice of life, the people who enjoy romance, tranquil feelings, and, most importantly, quirky and cute fanservice.

What's the anime about?

The anime is mostly based around cosplaying. Marin Kitagawa is a high school student with love for cosplaying. The only thing keeping her away from fulfilling he dream is her disability in sewing. 

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She turns to her classmate Gojou, a Hina doll artist. Together their love for cosplaying and each other grows.

The main reason for my dress-up darling to top the charts is that it has the best waifu of 2022 and the subtle quirky humor, and the carefree character she carries.

The series is a rollercoaster ride. Each episode contains fluid animation and graphics. 

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The best parts are the hardest to pick out from this series. No matter how many times you rewatch the series, it will always feel like the episodes ended too soon.

The Critique 

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Gojo is a perfectionist for clothes, make-up, and Hina dolls. Kitagawa asked for his advice on a dress she tried to stitch for cosplaying her favorite character. The result of asking for an honest opinion backfired in her case.

Most of us just choose to be humble in case of advice. Gojou? He chose brutal honesty.

Their interaction resulted in a friendship; it also served us Marin's puffy face.

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The woman was too stunned to speak. 

The word 'beautiful has a special meaning to Gojo because of his childhood trauma; whenever he called something beautiful, he said it from the depths of his heart and with all his courage.

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Kitagawa returned from the cosplaying event and earned praise from her special boy, calling her beautiful. That's the moment all her fangirling for Gojo started.

Dodged a… Button?

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What's the greatest problem you can face when you want to cosplay as the opposite gender but your bust size is too big?

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Inui's best idea was to hold her breath to fit into the button-up shirt. It didn't go as planned when she needed to breathe, and we can even call it busting a button.

No Contact Lens 

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You called your dream boy over to talk about cosplay and watch your favorite series, and you heard the doorbell. You run to open the door in a string sleeve sliding from one shoulder. 

What would you fix about your look when you look at yourself in the mirror?

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For Marin, the biggest concern in this situation is her opening the door without wearing her colored lens. 

Crazy Highschoolers 

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Anyone overhearing these two high schoolers talking is contemplating their life decisions and getting goosebumps crawling up their skin. 

What can they be discussing to receive this reaction? They talked about a guy who couldn't stop ejaculating in the school assembly.

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There are parts of Sono Bisque Doll anime where the writers are too open and brave, this scene being an example.

Stolen Sandwich Strategy 

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A person can save their burger from getting eaten by a seagull by baiting it with fries and funning away to eat the other burger. A toturial by kitagawa and Gojou.

It was refreshing seeing these two in a tranquil setting, spending time with each other and enjoying their company.

T-Shirt Trials 

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When the elders say that in love, people are truly blind. They don't just say it without proof. 

The love that shields Marin's eyes from seeing that her best boy looks bad in t-shirts is a masterpiece. 

When Gojou is in a state of existential crisis in the garments trying room Marin is fangirling over him. 

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"I love him! I wuv you, Gojou-kun! I wuv you to death." 

we all agree that Marin fangirling over Gojou scenes sits on the throne above all the other scenes.

How To Offend An Otaku 

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In the single scene where we see our sunshine protagonist throwing daggers from her eyes. We all love Sono Bisque Doll anime for our waifu.

Kitagawa is someone who doesn't hide her aura. She respects people's hobbies. In this scene, she represents all otakus when she claps back at the guy who called her favorite anime lame.

Unlocked Yukata Kink

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Kitagawa teases Gojou about being one of the guys who likes to look at the nape of girls as a secret kink.

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To her surprise, he doesn't deny it at all. The subtle confession from Gojou doesn't alarm Marin; it provokes her to show off the nape of her neck more than ever.


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The scene which is responsible for making several ships, canon. The fireworks scene. Gojou is living his best life, recalling the past days he spent, and experiencing new potential. 

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He turns and looks at Marin, standing next to her, slowly falling in love with her without knowing and- NYAH!

Marin has a blue tongue!

Out Like Light

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The moment every fan waited for was the love confession. 

Marin was too scared to sleep after watching horror movies on her own. To keep the imaginary ghosts away and fall asleep with ease.

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Marin builds up the courage to tell Gojou she loves him, but, Gojou is in deep slumber.

The anime ended on a happy note. It showed a world of courage and happiness. It teaches us that we can still unlock our hidden potential if we open ourselves to new experiences.

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The ending of the Sono Bisque Doll anime was perfect, ending on a sweet ending while keeping us hooked, praying for the release of the second season, and running to read the manga.

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