Spring 2023 Anime Lineup! (Most Anticipated List) | Otaku Fanatic 

Spring 2023 Anime Lineup! (Most Anticipated List) | Otaku Fanatic 

Feb 26 , 2023

Most anticipated seasonal chart of the spring 2023 anime lineup is here! Get all spring anime information for your list.

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Winter is almost over, and we all have a pile of anime series saved up on our watch list. 

The animation quality and flow keep improving with each passing year; spring 2023 is right at the door with its anime lineup!

Some of these series are well-known, like Doctor Stone, The Ancient Magus's Bride, etc., but the rest are worth the hype. Let's start the spring 2023 anime lineup!

Hell’s Paradise, 

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The manga series Hell’s Paradise, won the most votes for anime adaptation, and the studio that animated Chainsaw man, Jujutsu Kaizen, and Attack on Titan have taken responsibility for the anime adaptation of Hell's paradise.

Spring anime 2023 will debut with a bang when MAPPA Studios handles the animation; stay tuned for this anime this April 2023.

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The show is based around
Gabimaru, a cold blooded ninja assassin. Tired of death row and betrayal. He seeks freedom from the hollow self.

Gabimaru's surefire way to freedom? Attain the elixir of immortality, but all is a gamble of life and death on the way to an island only believed to be heaven.

Doctor Stone Season 3 - New World 

It would be a sin not to mention Doctor Stone when discussing spring anime 2023.

I'm sure most of us have seen the protagonist of doctor stone as an otaku, even if we haven't watched the anime yet.

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After the petrification of humanity, the brilliant scientist starts the quest of rebuilding civilization after being mysteriously woken up.

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Senku Ishigami is the only genius protagonist with no superpowers. The unique time travel shonen anime will be available on Crunchyroll in April 2023

A Galaxy Next Door 

After the death of his parents, the responsibility to raise his younger siblings falls on the shoulders of young Ichiro. With just education up to middle school, Ichiro pulls the weight of his household by becoming a manga artist. 

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Ichiro lost his assistant and had no time to learn new skills or even operate a computer because he was slaving away to provide for his family. With the pressure of deadlines, manual work, and the anxiety of losing his job, Ichiro desperately needs a savior.

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Someone who is a great artist finishes work on time and beautifully appears. Hiori knows a lot about Ichiro, but what did she say to him that flipped his world around? Find out on April 9, 2023.

Oshi No Ko

What secrets lie in the world of showbiz? Are all their smiles fake? How long can these so-called stars follow the facade they created? What extreme demands will the fans follow for their idol's sake? 

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All these questions are answered when Goro- a gynecologist, and his patient are reincarnated as famous Japanese idols. 

Be ready to discover the extremities of the entertainment industry and the hidden realities of an idol's tiresome life. 

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Oshi no ko will premiere an exclusive 90-minute first episode on March 23 in Japan, while the anime is predicted to air on April 2023 worldwide.

Skip And Loafer  

Written by Misaki Takamatsu, Skip and Loafer is a romantic comedy bought to life by P.A works, the studio responsible for famous animations like Angel Beats, Charlotte, and many more!

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Being a child prodigy, having a great IQ, being a genius, studying in a top-tier high school in Tokyo, and having a tip-top life plan, all is great in the life of Iwakura Mitsumi except her people skills. 

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This is a classic anime where a goofy country girl chasing her dreams meets a slightly troubled and mysterious boy. The giddy and easygoing personality of Iwaka wins the hearts of her classmates one by one.

We all crave a happy school life anime, and spring anime 2023 will present it to you on April 2023 on Crunchyroll.

The Ancient Magus' Bride - Season Two 

The anime is unique in the sense of romance. It centers around classical supernatural romance along with self-growth and character growth. Wit Studio, Inc does the animation for this well-known anime

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Hatori Chise has neglected all her life until she was sold to a monster named Elias. She gave up on her life and submitted to Elias without knowing her worth.

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Chise is a very special being; only Elias knows her powers' true potential. Releasing on April 6, 2023, season two will carry on the storyline from season one and unravel Chise's true potential.

Ao No Orchestra 

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It's been months since we had a quality anime based on music. Well, the wait is over! If you have internet in music, get ready to be inspired even more!

Ao No Orchestra is about Aono Hajime, who is inspired to play the violin because of his father. However, trauma caused him to forsake his violin.

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Aono meets Ritsuko, a giddy redhead who wants to enroll in a well known school with a famous orchestra.

Ritsuko's passion has inspired Aono to pick up his violin again, will time befriend Aono and help him reach his goal of becoming the sensational violin prodigy, or will his trauma haunt him forever? Catch the premiere on April 9, 2023.

My Home Hero 

The new drama anime is wrapped with mystery, suspense, and a very dark plot. If you are a crime anime fan, this anime is necessary for your spring anime 2023 list.

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The story follows a salary man with a happy married life. All is a cliche in the life of Tetsuo Tosu until he discovers that his daughter was abused by his boyfriend. This awakens something dark in Tetsu as he searches for his daughter's boyfriend.

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He is now the sole protector of his wife and daughter. The anime has many twisted murders and quests of committing a perfect crime: a true delight for mystery lovers. Will Tetsuo succeed in saving his family? Find out this April 2023.

Ranking Of Kings - A Treasure Chest Of Courage 

The first season of the Ranking of Kings was a rollercoaster. With its wholesome and smooth animation and its life lessons hidden with Boji's quests and struggles, we are all eager for the second season/ova!

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The shounen anime is about Boji, known for his disability and weakness; he is determined to be the strongest of all kings even when no one believes in him. 

Traveling with a dark shadow monster and training till he becomes the worthy king, Boji is not stopping his life journey.

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The anime is set to be animated by WIT Studio, with the release of the whole season two or just two shot ova. Fans are still waiting for the announcement; however, the good news is that the anime is set to release in April 2023.

I hope you found what you were looking for! Stay tuned as Otaku Fanatic brings you more updates about spring 2023 anime lineup!

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