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The Hottest Anime Guy With Purple Hair | Otaku Fanatic

Nov 26 , 2021

The purple color has the aura that yells elegance and royalty, maybe that is why we all fangirl over the anime guys that have purple hair.

If we read history, purple was known as a royal color, and those who possessed it were assumed to be wealthy.

Maybe that’s the reason the anime guy with purple hair makes our hearts flutter.

Purple hair in anime not only gives the aura of elegance and power but also shows the hidden authority of our purple hair guy. 

It is an unsaid rule in anime about anyone willing to mess with the purple hair guy who has already given up on their life.

Hirotaka Wakamatsu


From the anime Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun, Hirotaka is a character with calm eyes and the personality of a gentleman.

  • The anime guy who plays basketball and loves listening to music from the school.
  • Suffers acute insomnia because of the death god of basketball.
  • This purple hair guy is in love with Lorelei but doest know it’s the same girl he detests the most.

Hitoshi Shinso 


This guy debuted in episode 15 of the anime My Hero Academia, Shinso was initially known as the purple hair guy in MHA and then gained popularity due to his sleepy eyes and bed hair.

  • He has a quirk called brainwashing, it’s the main reason why he can start conversations in any situation. His quirk is activated only when his opponent replies to him.
  • Many fans create fanart on how he would look if he ever decided to wear his purple bed hair down.




This purple hair guy may look like a homeless man but he in fact is a god.

Yato threw away his former title of god of calamity to pursue being the god of fortune.

Since he chose to become the complete opposite of what he was before his journey to be the top-rated god of fortune posed many threats to him, luckily He:

  • Met Hiyori, the girl who gave him a purpose to keep pushing.
  • Has royal regalia - Yukine who would sacrifice his life Yato. 
  • Has a girlfriend who is the goddess of misfortune and supports whatever he decides to do.


 Ayato Kirishima 


He is known as the purple hair ghoul or Touka’s brother from the anime Tokyo Ghoul. 

Even though he doesn’t support the actions of his sister he still acts like a typical brother and is often seen to care immensely for his sister’s safety.

Ayato sounds like a teenager with purple hair, going through puberty, and thinks the world is against him. 

Even when he is part of Aogiri Tree, he still has a lot of fans that love his looks, especially his ghoul form. 


 Tooru Ishikawa 


This guy has been assigned the color purple in the anime Horimiya. 

Tooru has purple hair and initially showed interest in Hori. sadly, he was rejected.

He is regarded as a gentleman by not just his female friends but by his male friends too!

  • He got rejected by Hori and cried all night to come to terms with his unrequited love.
  • He is still best friends with Miyamura and Hori.
  • He falls in love with Yuki as the anime progresses, he even rejects Kono-san for Yuki.


Shuu Tsukiyama 


Shuu is the antagonist of the anime Tokyo ghoul . He is a ghoul that is popular and rich. 

This purple hair guy with sleek hair is a lot more dangerous than he looks. Even when he is a ghoul and only eats humans, we can say that he is a picky eater and psychopath.

Shuu goes through great lengths just to hunt down the ‘’meals ‘’ that he considered' ‘gourmet’’. 

He has many crimes pocketed like mass murder, kidnapping, cannibalism, an irrational obsession to eat Kaneki, and much more.

Even when he is the worst guy you can come across, he managed to make a human friend who cares for his sentiments of a gourmet meal.


Shorter Wong 


Shorter has a mohawk with purple hair. He was a great friend of Ash, the most trustworthy. 

If you ask me, shorter played the role of big brother to Ash and Eiji. His death saddened every fan of the anime, Banana fish.

Being a lively person, Shorter’s purple hair gave him a cute personality with a hint of mischievousness. Shorter was the only trustworthy person Ash could think of when he was in trouble.

When he was exposed to the drug called banana fish, he couldn’t hold back his body from following the commands of the antagonists, He managed to break through and ask Ash to shoot him. 

His death scarred the hearts of viewers the most.




This purple hair guy needs no introduction. He is known by every anime fan out there. the one and only James!

Even when he is well known to be the clumsy antagonist of anime pokemon, he is admired for qualities like 

  • Loving his pokemon and Treating them with respect and equality.
  • Cracking puns and jokes at every chance he gets.
  • Being clumsy while carrying out his mischievous plans and much more.


Hanzō Urushihara


He is also known as Lucifer in the anime Hataraku Maou-Sama!, also known as the devil is a part timer.

Lucifer has the appearance of a rebellious teenager with purple hair in the human world . He is a fallen angel and one of the generals of the demon king.

He lives off the negative energy of people. His powers are limited in the human world but he can whip out his black wings and fly when he wants.

Lucifer had no intentions to stay in the human work, in fact, he despised humans, he is seen warming up to humans and helping them in later episodes of the anime.


Soma Asman Kadar 


The prince of Bengal is often referred to as Soma by his close friends. Prince Soma is a happy-go-lucky person with purple hair in the anime Kuroshitsuji.

He tries his best to make Ciel act like the child he is by hanging out with him and joking around.

His butler Agni is also his best friend that he grew up with, Agnis death changed prince Soma's cheerful character to someone who longs for revenge for the death of his best friend.


Kanato Sakamaki 


The purple hair vampire in the anime Diabolik Lovers first seemed timid, calm, and childlike but he is a lot more brutal than you think.

Out of all his brothers, He is also known to resemble his mother the most. 

His child like behavior may fool you at first but he is a psychopath that moves around with a teddy bear everywhere that has a bottle of his mother’s blood stuffed between its stuffing.

His hobbies include eating anything sweet, which includes pudding and blood.

Lacus Welt 



This purple hair guy is a supporting character of the anime Owari no seraph. He works as a city guard. 

He may look like an ordinary vampire guy with purple hair but he works alongside the main character of the anime - Mikaela. 

He is a cheerful character who cares for Mikaela and often talks to him so that Mikaela can open up a little more about himself. 

Being the city guard, he is cocky and treats humans like livestock, and considers himself to be the superior race.

Even when he discards humans and their existence, he is still considered a good hearted character.


Yoshinosuke Suzumi 


This anime guy is a teacher with purple hair and good looks. He loves creating mind blowing pastries and dedicated his life to perfecting his abilities to become pâtissier.

He is often observed to be strict with his students and honest with his students. He has no problem in abandoning the students that aren’t serious about pastries and their delicacies 

The purple hair guys in anime are always favored by the fans, it’s a shame that there aren’t enough of them to drool over. Which one of these purple hair guys did you fall for?


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