The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague's Cutest Moments (So Far!) | Otaku Fanatic

The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague's Cutest Moments (So Far!) | Otaku Fanatic

Feb 07 , 2023

Himuro is a descendant of a snow deity. The little problem is the ice guy’s mood controls the cold weather. Here is the list of his cutest moments with his cool colleague, Fuyutsuki.

What Is The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague About?

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The illustrator of The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague, 
Miyuki Tonogaya, started the Twitter publishing journey. The manga was later compiled into seven tankōbon volumes.

The anime is based in a world where the human race is mixed with a human-diety hybrid, living in harmony.

The studio animating his masterpiece is Zero-G and Liber, under the director Mankyū. ( known for Mobile Suit Gundam-san (2014), Donyatsu (2013))

Himuro lives in a world where his superpowers produce more problems than they have perks.

 Himuro is the descendant of Snow Woman, so the slight flutters and stirs in his heart cause snow blasts into his surrounding.

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His love interest started when he met
Fuyutsuki with his feet frozen to the ground because of his nervousness, which for Himuro developed into a soft spot for the emotionally stoic Fuyutsuki.

The character of Himuro and fuyutsuki resembles a golden retriever boy and a black cat. These two are the cutest couple because of their constant and subtle work of getting to know each other better.

Hope To Meet Again

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For the first meeting of the ice guy with his cool female colleague, the cherry blossoms were in full spring bloom and a drizzle of snow, and a white-haired guy was frozen in a small iceberg around his legs.

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Himuro was moved by the generosity of the cool woman who calmed him down and helped him get unstuck from his nervousness ice with a cup of tea, leaving Himuro's heart yearning for a  second meeting.

Save Flowers And Himoru From Frostbite

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The perfect example of receiving a gift from your crush exists in The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague.

Himuro received straws from fuyutsuki to save his precious house plants from frost. The little considerate gesture bloomed a precious reaction that formed chibi-happy snowmen around Himuro.

Chibi snowmen

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Being in love brings out new feelings and gestures that were hidden before; such is the case with Himuro. Whenever he looks at Fuyutsuki or receives something from her, cute little snowmen form around the ecstatic Himuro, displaying the world how he feels.

Surf Drum Practice

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Himuro’s happiness at sea causes snowfall in the hottest part of Japan. To help cope with that, Fuyutsuki got to him surf drums to practice and control get command on his feelings.

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No matter how much Himuro tries to stay calm and control his busts of fanboying over fuyutsuki, he always ends up fangirling over her.

Fuyutsuki's confession of missing him in Okinawa got him practicing with the surf drum as if he would be in the next Olympics.

Little Himuro

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Himuro needs a cold environment to survive. Due to the scorching heat wave in Okinawa, Himuro transforms into a melted chibi version of himself.

The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague is filled with Himuro fanboying over Fuyutsuki at the small considerate gestures and nonconventional suggestions. This time, Fuyutsuki became a fangirl of the cute younger and melted Hiumuro.

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Melting away into a kid's body has its challenges for Himuro, but this time, it was a blessing from deities and a head pat from Fuyutsuki.

Same Department

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Feeling butterflies when you look at the person who goes the extra mile for your comfort and seeing them working next to you is the best feeling.

 Himuro is living his high school sweetheart life in his office when he gets assigned to the same department as his crush.

The First Date 

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Picking out a dinner place for the pickiest person can be the worst, but it gets harder when the person you want to date has no preference at all. 

In the end, all the overthinking was worth it because just staring at the happy Fuyutsuki was enough to make Himuro melt with embarrassment.

The real reason why Himuro melted?

Fuyutsuki overheard Himuro telling the waiter he loved the date.

Exchanging Numbers

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Getting your crush's contact number would be the first move to know each other better, not for Himuro. he got the idea of exchanging from eavesdropping.

 Guess who got the best advice from eavesdropping on his crush?

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Eavesdropping helped out Himuro in the best way; now he enjoys the cute pictures of his crush with her kitten and good night messages.

Word Chain Or True Feelings?

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To win the word chain game, one must stay alert with the fast replies; sometimes, the impulsive nature of the games brings the truth to heart. 

The slow-burn romance between The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague took a new twist with the word chain game. Was it Fuyutsuki's true feelings or Himuro is thinking too much about the indirect confession from Fuyutsuki?

Cute Desk Animals

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This scene introduces us to the best moment of our side couple, Komori, the fox descendant, and Sejima. They share a mischievous and caring bond though Sejima isn't too open with his feelings towards Komori.

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When  Sejima collected the prize from glucose tablets for Komori, that's when she knew true love, which was blooming in her heart.

I guess completing the prize collection is the new way to confess your feelings to your loved one.

Phoenix Confession

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There can be many reasons for liking someone, but “because they run fast” is a new list entry.

The phoenix deity Katori met his office idol Otonashi at his previs partime job. She was his inspiration that helped him secure many deals at his new office and work harder towards his goals.

This brings us to the end of the list! If you guys enjoyed these cute moments, visit Otaku Fanatic back because we will make a cuter list as further episodes air!

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