Top 12 Winter Anime 2023 (Most Awaited List!)|Otaku Fanatic

Top 12 Winter Anime 2023 (Most Awaited List!)|Otaku Fanatic

Dec 21 , 2022

 The list of 2023 winter anime is here! So get ready to mark your watchlist because this season is filled with epic animes, one after the other!

Which anime will be released in the 2023 winter season?

Otaku Fanatic

It's been a long wait for the anime fans eagerly waiting for their favorite manga and manhwas to be animated.

Finally, they celebrate the start of 2023 with the whiff of winter scent and their most awaited animes.

Let's start the list, so mark your days! The biggest 2023 activity this winter will be you and these most awaited cozy animes.

Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague 

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This anime has the greatest potential of a successful romantic comedy anime with the promise of uniqueness that rom-com fans can get behind.

This may sound like our usual rom-com, but this time, the title is more literal than we are used to.

Our protagonist  Himoro is a supernatural being that can bring about ice storms with his mood swings, so he tries to keep harmony by shutting out his feelings. 

Otaku Fanatic

Himoro meets the only exception who can make his heart flutter beyond his control. 

Will he be able to shut off those feelings for Fuyutusuki? Will she be able to see the buried emotions of Himoro?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 

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This anime is already famous for its action and heartfelt stories of members. The Tokyo Revenger animators didn't waste any time in getting a second season due to the fast gaining popularity of season one.

Season 2 carries the Christmas conflict arc of Tokyo avengers, and the anime is more like a special holiday treat you enjoy.

More specifically, this January of 2023, the Tokyo Revengers features the intense clash between the Manji Gang and The Black Dragon.

Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko 

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Tomo Aizawa and Junichiro have been the best bros duo since childhood. However, this story contains a twist! 

Tomo chan is a girl who has fallen for her best friend and even confessed to him, but he doesn't even think of Tomo as a girl!

What must she do to gain the attention of her thick-headed best friend and make him notice her true feelings? 

Otaku Fanatic

This anime is filled with comedic jinx because getting Jun’s attention is harder than teaching a rock!

This romance and comedy anime is the best among all the light-hearted anime of winter 2023 

High Card 

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For the lovers of tricky card games, underground societies, and mafia, all involved with superpowers that come with the possession of cards. This anime is here for the young and old lovers of anime.

Otaku Fanatic

The anime is similar to 91 days or death parade, so if you have watched these animes, High Card is a perfect choice.

Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season 

Otaku Fanatic

The cool superpowers based on literary works paired with battles between agencies and the mafia, this anime is predicted to top the charts of winter anime 2023. 

The exciting fights and loveable characters, each with their quirky sense of humor, will keep you completely satisfied and entertained.

Otaku Fanatic

Season 4 of Bungou Stray Dogs features The Canabilism Arc, in which our beloved agency will be face-to-face with The Hunting Dogs. A battle to behold!

Black Clover: Sword Of The Wizard King 

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Black Clover is well known for its unique arc. It has come a long way as the favorite anime of many. 

The anime has grown stronger because of its intense fights and classic flowing animation.

Otaku Fanatic

Although Black Clover has the hint of relating to our typical shounen, it still resides in our hearts for the classic action battles.

 If you are a Black Clover fan! This movie is a Christmas present from our amazing animators.

Finland Saga Season 2 

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Finland Saga topped the list of best animes in 2019. Finally, after the fan's long wait, it gets the much-deserved sequel.

The first season of Finland Saga had all the drama, action, and suspense, but this time the loving fans will experience the tranquil side of the characters in season two.

Otaku Fanatic

It is a surprise that an epic like this will be shifting its gears to a slower pace, showing off the intensity and tranquility of the Viking Era. 

Kubo won't Let Me Be Invisible 

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Everyone wanted their youth to be remembered differently, some wanted to stay alone in their own company, and some wanted to be noticed. 

Junta wants to be noticed by others; however, Junta’s personality is so dismissive that anyone hardly notices him.

 He can easily be mistaken as the background character with no presence.

Otaku Fanatic

Exactly one person notices Junta; this ray of sunshine is Kubo, his classmate who often stirs up a conversation, teases him, and puts him in a funny and compromising situation.

Junta is forced to change his mind about his goals for youth now that Kubo-san is this the fruitful youth he wished for?

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 

Otaku Fanatic

Amazing plot, goofy yet likable characters, superpowers, and amazing animation work by Mappa studio helped Jujutsu Kaisen gain popularity being the most awaited shounen series.

After the great success of season one and the movie Jujutsu Kaisen-0, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the second season.

Otaku Fanatic

The second season is promised to feature the Shibuya Arc, as the rumor has it! This arc promises engagement, higher stakes, and intense fights!

If you aren't a fan and want to watch this series, catch up to the released seasons before the winter anime 2023 arrival!

Demon Slayer Season 3 

Otaku Fanatic

How can we leave behind the mention of Demon Slayer when a list of winter anime 2023 is involved?

The new season of Demon Slayer brings us The Swords Smith Village Arc.

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All the previous seasons have left their mark with the greatest animation quality and unique stories and characters. 

Many fans have been waiting for the reunion of Genya and Tanjiro, and this reunion will help Tanjiro conquer the hardest battle so far!

This season will be just as glorious and epic as the last. With the studio that has handled fate/zero, I think we have another round of unimaginable animation ahead of us in 2023.

Solo Leveling 

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Leaving the best for the last. We have, The most awaited action-fantasy manhwa finally getting its anime adaptation.  

The animation of Solo Leveling is in the hands of A-1 pictures, which is met with a lot of excitement.

Remember not to miss the most goated manhwa series of the Korean industry in winter 2023!

This wraps up the list! Hope you found the most suitable winter anime of 2023 for yourself!

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