Top 15 Cutest Anime MC to Walk on Anime Universe | Otaku Fanatic

Top 15 Cutest Anime MC to Walk on Anime Universe | Otaku Fanatic

Jan 27 , 2022

These main characters have remained undefeated when it comes to being cute! All it takes is a little glance from them and you are captured by their cuteness.

What features do these characters have to be called the cutest?

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Japan is known for its high tech and animation. Anime as we know it has evolved so much that sometimes it's hard to distinguish between an animated scene and real scenery.

Just like the animation, the cuteness of anime characters has taken a new turn. 

They are soft, cuddly, sweet just like the little bundles of candy that bring happiness to us just by thinking about it.

Let's get the list of cutest mc started!

  1. Zero Two (Darling In The Franxx)

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Capturing personality with cute charming eyes, She single handedly has everyone wrapped around her finger.

As a precious asset of APE special forces, she leads the way when fighting.

  1. Rin (Shelter)

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Shelter is a 6 minute anime short film with the smoothest animation and a heartbreaking plot.

We see Rin as an energetic girl with the cutest dresses and makeup, with her device, she changes her surroundings with creativity and perfection to shelter herself from loneliness.


Even when Rin can craft anything she wants, she still wants to relive the precious time she spent with her father, before the apocalypse.

  1. Tamako (Tamako Market)

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A cute native girl with nothing but pure intentions in her heart. Tamako loves the art of making mochi and aims to handle the mochi restaurant her family owns. 

She is gullible and slow at picking up hints and romance but we can't blame that on her because with great cuteness comes great pure heartedness.

  1. Kyoka Izumi (Bungou Stray Dogs) 

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Kyouka is hands down the cutest anime character in Bungou stray dogs. She is the spotlight of The Armed Detective Agency. 

Everyone at the agency is obsessed with her cuteness, they even dress her up in different dresses and discover that her cuteness knows no bounds.

Kyouka is calm, collected, and sweet. With a traumatic experience with The Port Mafia, she is still learning to love herself as much as the others love and adore her.

  1. Marin Kitagawa (Sono Bisiq Doll Wa Koi Wo Suru) 

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A popular high school girl with an obsession with cosplaying characters from erotic games. 

She is outspoken and honest with her feelings which is why she is appreciated by all her friends. One thing she sucks at is her ability to sew her favorite costumes.

  1. Shiro ( No Game No Life )

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Shiro spends all her time with Onii Chan whom she loves intensely.


Being the smartest is truly a curse for her. She faces any challenge on her way, the biggest reason why she is bored of always winning.

This undefeated queen is the prime example of beauty with brains.

  1. Mafuyu (Given)

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The main vocalist of the boy band is Given. His melodic voice has the power to sweep you off the ground. 

He discovered his talent for singing and playing guitar after the death of his boyfriend. The sorrow from Yuki’s death left him emotionless and unapproachable. 

Uenoyama lured out Mafuyu’s love for music and helped him realize that his life is still filled with wild experiences.

  1. Kiyoko Shimizu ( Haikyuu)

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Kiyoko is a third year student. She is the shy and sweet manager of the Karasuno high school volleyball team.

She is also famous as The potential crush and idol of the whole volleyball team. 

Kiyoko has the adorable habit of becoming anxious when giving speeches. If you ask me, seeing her work hard and cheer for the team just makes us fangirl over her even more.

  1. Mikoto  (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun) 

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Mikoto plays the person who openly says cheesy lines to girls and calls them his princess.

He is idolized by every girl in his high school as a perfect flirtatious boyfriend.

Only his friends know that behind the mask of a charismatic and calm boy lies a nervous wreck who gets embarrassed easily by his own words. 

Mikoto draws background for the manga series his friends write. Mikoto may not be seen as the cutie pie of the school but he is the inspiration behind Nozaki Kun's cute anime character Mikorin.

10. Benedict Blue  ( Violet Evergarden )

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I know what you are thinking when you get a glance at benedict. He is too sexy and cute to be a postman. 

He is known for spraining his ankle because he loves wearing heels but sadly enough, he hasn't mastered the art of walking in them.

His style statement says everything about his personality. He is blunt and straightforward. 

He faces challenges head on and often flirts his way to the hearts of people.

11. Tanaka Kun  (Tanaka Kun is Always Listless )

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This Mr. Droopy and sleepy is the cutest when he is in his prime state - listless.

Tanaka hates losing his energy so much that he wishes to live in a house of his arm's length, just so he can reach anything without any extra work.

Tanaka Kun always has Ohta by his side like a guardian angel, protecting Tanaka from all the trouble laziness gets him tied up in. 

12. Komi San ( Komi San Can’t Communicate )

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Imagine a perfect girl with dark hair, big eyes, and pretty little lips. That's how Komi San is!


Her beauty has boys and even girls obsessing over her. I mean who can resist her?

There is a slight problem that she faces in her everyday life. She suffers from extreme social anxiety, it takes the courage of titanium for her to say simple words like ‘’yes’’ and ‘’ok’’.

13. Akihito (Beyond The Boundary)

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A calm and collected senpai in the literature club of high school. Sounds like a dream right?

This senpai is a human youmu hybrid that's immortal. He has seen time skip him and devoting his life to saving people from the attacks of demonic monsters or youmu.

He is a key character in the anime series, despite holding the weight of the world on his shoulders Akihito has a cute side that is obsessed with glasses. 

He believes that glasses can change the facial features of people. If you ask me, that's a decent fetish. 

      14. Honey Senpai ( Ouran High School Host Club)

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Honey Senpai is a third year high school student at the prestigious Ouran Academy. 

He is extremely short and attends the Ouran high school host club as a host. 

He may be adorable, cute, and cuddly but he is a killing machine. He is the undefeated heir of the Haninozuka Family that excels in martial arts.

He is popular among the girls due to his cheerful and optimistic personality. He enjoys playing with bunnies, eating sweets, and napping. That's an ideal way of life if you ask me.

15. Jun Furuya (Tsurezure Children)

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Furuya is a high school student who is in love with Yuki Miyagawa. He is shy and easy to read, especially when Yuki is in the picture. 

Yuki loves him for being nonjudgemental and considerate. She confessed her love for him many times but as much as she loves Jun and gets her daily dose of entertainment from teasing him.

 He only allows it because only Yuki has the right to stir up his emotions.

These cute anime characters may not be remembered for their role or their stories but they are certainly remembered for their cute character design. Which anime character is your first crush?

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