Top 5 Charming Anime Boys of All Time | Otaku Fanatic

Top 5 Charming Anime Boys of All Time | Otaku Fanatic

Oct 25 , 2021

It doesn’t matter if you are a new otaku or not the names you will find on this list of top 5 charming anime boys of all time is sure to take your breath away. So put on your seatbelts, grab some popcorn and sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered. 

Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman-Otaku Fanatic

 Starting on number one we have our all-time famous Levi Ackerman. It doesn’t matter if you are a newly sprouted otaku or not, you definitely know Levi Ackerman. And truly no surprise there because Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan has rapidly taken popularity amongst new and old weebs. The plot itself is intriguing no doubt about that, but the cherry on top is definitely MAPPA’s animation.  Levi Ackerman, The Survey Corps Captain steals our hearts with his narrow calculated eyes, his black locks and his deep obsession with cleaning and Oh! Did I mention black tea?( Honestly I’ve started drinking black tea because of this guy). His appearance itself is drool worthy with his striking gray blue eyes and his well-built body and for once we women don’t mind his height because who cares when you have a guy like Levi around you. We women are suckers for handsome faces and cool collected personalities after all. But that’s not all that stands out. Levi deeply cares about his subordinates, he has deep rooted hatred for titans sure. But we see his care a myriad of times when he tries to save Eren from being executed. We further learn that he is a traumatized man who has witnessed the brutal murders of his comrades and we realize that this is the reason for his cool harsh exterior. Honestly it makes you fall for this guy more. 

Oikawa Tooru

Oikawa Tooru-Otaku Fanatic

I know I know. Many of you might say ‘no way ! why is this guy on the list?’  but hear me out okay? Sure Oikawa’s childish personality and snarky comments get the best of us because let’s be honest we support Karasuno, period. How can we ignore his appearance though? In Haikyuu!! Itself our first encounter with Oikawa starts with many girls surrounding him giving him various gifts and flowers and him accepting them all( makes me feel so jealous though)  which makes him late to the match and Iwaizumi throws a volley ball at him in fury. The scene itself is funny but Lord almighty have you guys heard his voice? I’m a sucker for voices and Oikawa’s voice is like music to me. I can put aside his childish demeanors and antics and even his obsession over aliens despite his age, aside. His service ace gets me every time I have never seen a form that good in either real life volley ball matches or Haikyuu!! It’s just…. Mesmerizing. Oikawa’s well-built biceps and triceps are an eye candy for the viewers. Fan service as we call it. Fan service for women. His brown eyes and brown locks and his infuriating smirk are enough to take your breath away. Yes he is infuriating and childish but he also has a funny personality. His reactions are amusing, and his petty jealousy with Kageyama is a treat for us. All in all if you are a Haikyuu!! Fan you probably like every guy in the anime (like me) so it’s really quite hard to choose one to be honest.


Gojou Satorou

Gojou Satorou-Otaku Fanatic

Here is another one of MAPPA’s beautiful animations. Gojou satorou from Jujutsu Kaisen is a treat for your eyes. The show introduces him to us as a white haired jujutsu sorcerer who covers his eyes, this piques our curiosity from the very beginning of the show. His body is well built and he wears a track suit. His voice is a melody and he has a snarky childish personality, he likes to irk the people he dislikes resorting to petty means and trying to illicit reactions out of them . But everyone knows that he is much much more than that. When his face is revealed to us, his striking crystalline blue eyes paired with his white hair and knowing confident smirk are like an arrow to your heart. He is a very powerful and confident sorcerer and proof of that lies in the fact that he is easily able to take Sukuna and hence he is in charge as a guardian for Itadori Yuuji, Sukuna’s current vessel. We get to witness Gojou’s powers and domain expansion Unlimited Void, the beautiful and detailed animation has us hooked and craving for more. His childish personality brings humor to the show. And who doesn’t like a man who is attractive and funny and powerful at the same time?


Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis-Otaku Fanatic

This might be a new one for you (or not). Sebastian Michaelis is the Phantomhive butler from the show Black Butler. The show revolves around Ciel Phantomhive whose parents have passed away leaving the large property to their son who has sold his soul to a demon. The demon disguises himself as a loyal , capable butler who is flawless and extremely proper and he goes by the name Sebastian Michaelis. He protects Ciel from all kinds of corrupt people, helps him in his investigations and aids him in his work. His prim and proper personality coupled with his elegant style of fighting enemies all while wearing a tuxedo makes one drool. His captivating red eyes and the demonic mysterious aura around him makes him even more charming. His black locks and his obsession with any and all kinds of cats give a comic relief to the viewers. His ending line “After all I am one hell of a butler” is a pun in Japanese that implies that he is not just a butler but a demon from hell which makes you look forward to the ending every time.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma-Otaku Fanatic

It just feels wrong to crush on this guy. He is 16 years old after all. But despite this his character holds a lot of charm. His character serves as a comic relief in the show. He is a demon slayer who uses breath of the Thunder style. He is a timid character who always believes that he is going to die because of the dangers that lie in being a demon slayer. Never the less he is a very sweet character who has a strong sense of justice. The problem lies in his confidence department. We view him as a comic relief until we actually witness him falling unconscious and using the breath of the Thunder , he is able to easily take a high ranked demon and save not only his own life but the people around him as well. It seems that his body’s coping mechanism is to lose consciousness at times of immense stress and only then is he able to use the breath of the Thunder. This is the point where we realize that he is not just a funny character but he also holds main character energy. He is a charming character who loves to be a ladies man. Currently though his heart is taken by Nezuko , Tanjiro’s little demon sister. Unlike other characters we also see that his informant is a little sparrow implying that he has a very small fragile heart which is unable to bear any kind of stress. He is a fidgety and not quite a brave character. But his hidden abilities that he himself has no knowledge about are enough proof of his noble character.





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