Why Fukuzawa Yukichi Is The Best Leader  Of Bungo Stray Dogs (BSD) | Otaku Fanatic

Why Fukuzawa Yukichi Is The Best Leader  Of Bungo Stray Dogs (BSD) | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 25 , 2023

Otaku Fanatic

Fukuzawa Yukichi is the founder of the Armed Detective Agency. He always has a serious and firm expression on his face. He was a former assassin, but what makes him a great leader?

Fukuzawa's past has been revealed in the latest season, and now he is more than "the stern leader." He is now a character with a mysterious past.

Other than this, 

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Fukuzawa’s ability is "All Men Are Equal." This allows him to regulate the abilities of the Armed Detective Agency. According to Dazai, his ability helps other gifted individuals to control their overpowering abilities.

To be qualified to use Fukuzawa's ability, one must pass A creatively constructed moral exam laid by the Agency.

The real-life Fukuzawa Yukichi may inspire the character of Fukuzawa Yukichi (BSD), but the same name is the only quality they share.

Why Fukuzawa Yukichi (BSD) Is the best leader:

Values The Welfare Of His Subordinates

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The Armed Detective Agency is always enveloped in the most serious crimes of Yokohama, and there is nothing that they can't handle.

All the Armed Detective Agency members have one thing in common - they are ready to risk their lives for the Agency.

This quality comes from their leader; I like to think they picked up leadership qualities from Fukuzawa. 

He always ensures the safety of his teammates and leaves no man behind.

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Like the time Fukuzawa fed Ranpo and offered him a job out of the goodness of his heart but rushed to help Ranpo when he learned his precious teammate was in trouble.

Another time Fukuzawa issued orders to halt all work of the Armed Detective Agency and focus on helping Atsushi even if it meant teaming up with Port Mafia and keeping his life on the line.

Always Calm And Collected 

As the president, Fukuzawa must maintain his character and take every step cautiously.

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As a leader and the owner of the license to operated Agency of ability users, Fukuzawa has seen his share of tight situations. He has always faced danger with a calm, collected mindset.

Fukuzawa's aura is filled with authority. Even in his youth, he talks maturely and gets the job done.

If you ask me, Fukuzawa Yukichi, BSD has the smallest range of animated expressions!

Even his chibi animation is stern, showing his seriousness with a cute little frown.

He Loves Cats

This was a surprise for all Bungo Stray Dogs fans. 

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Fukuzawa walks with a stern look and stays on guard with every move. His facial expression always stays still, but what changes his conduct?  A cat.

Fukuzawa carries small canned fish hidden in his yukata to feed the cute stray cats he encounters. This is the only glimpse of Fukuzawa slipping from his usual serious character.

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However, cats may not love him as much because we witnessed Mori mocking Fukuzawa for getting ignored by cats.

Loves Yokohama 

Yokohama used to be the prevalent city of crime. It used to bleed until Fukuzawa stepped in and built an agency to restore peace and order where the innocent could plead their case.

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Fukuzawa has overflowing love for his city. He believes what you protect becomes your responsibility and thus loves the city to death.

He loves this city enough to bend his morals for its safety and welfare. Fukuzawa shook hands with his mortal enemies - the port mafia, just to ensure the safety of Yokohama from the guild.

He Is Selfless 

A great leader understands the needs and feelings of the people he leads. He must have enough empathy to put the people he leads as a priority.

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The above perfectly describes our BSD superstar, Fukuzawa Yukichi.

Even at the expense of his health and well-being, Fukuzawa cares about his teammates and the city's peace.

To me, his selflessness is boundless. When Fukuzawa was infected with the cannibalism virus, he discouraged his subordinates not to fight the Port Mafia to protect him.

Rarely Smiles 

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As far as I have watched bungo stray dogs, I have seen Fukuzawa smile only once.

Fukuzawa never deviates from his stern aura. He always seems calm and collected but rarely smiles.

His facial expression fits too well with his role as president of the most powerful ability users. However, he still enjoys little pleasure in life, like tea with a stem standing upright, which mostly indicates luck and prosperity.

Has A Soft Spot For Everything Cute 

We will find only a few examples if we google 'Fukuzawa Yukichi - BSD' for his cute behaviors.

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He shows his soft spot rarely, but we all know what tickles his soft spot. 

Fukuzawa loves cute everything! So much so that he keeps food for cats hidden in his yukata sleeve.

Kyouka was instructed to use her cuteness charm to ask Fukuzawa to be hired as an agency member - guess the result? Kyouka was hired on the spot!

Has A Big Heart 

Fukuzawa's scary appearance sometimes makes it hard for people to own up to their mistakes in front of him.

His stern and focused look makes it hard to apologize to him, so how do we overcome this problem?

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The Agency's tactic to apologize to their president after disobeying him was simple and effective.

They made full use of their leader's weakness to cute things and sent Kyouka to present the apology.

Surely Fukuzawa's heart melted, and he accepted the apology, not only because cute Kyouka presented the apology but also because he cherishes his subordinates and appreciates their efforts.

Agency = Family 

A workplace that appreciates us? A safe space for employees? A place where you aren't judged for who you are?

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Such a workplace sounds like it exists in dreams only, but Fukuzawa Yukichi has created an area perfect for his subordinates.

Fukuzawa blends in with subordinates perfectly. He actively participates in agency parties and gatherings. He is never the sore boss but the light of the party.

His subordinates never shy away from inviting him to celebrations and gatherings.

The best boss award goes to? Fukuzawa Yukichi (BSD).

Picky Recruiter 

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Fukuzawa has constructed a small and appreciative family within the Agency. They are all lively, cheerful, understanding, and motivated.

Fukuzawas's hard work and leadership have created a family that always has each other's backs.

The armed detective agency has strong roots and teamwork, something Fukuzawa aimed to create.

The armed detective agency always showcases quality over quantity. Fukuzawa has a mandatory test for each new member that they must pass. The test is usually a display of selflessness. 

This concludes the list for Fukuzawa Yukichi (BSD), but if you crave another list or want to add your suggestion to the list, drop what you have to say here at Otaku Fanatic.

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